Our Alien Ancestry Conference – Chapter 3

The Earth seen from Apollo 17

Brief Overview of Important Evolution of our Planet Earth

Brief Overview of important evolution of our Planet Earth…..given by the Star People from the Andromeda Galaxy M31.


The reason ULURU as an asteroid was sent to Earth, was to destroy the Dinosaurs who were destroying Earth’s atmosphere.  The Dinosaurs had been created by the “Cold blooded star people.” – known as the Reptillian, Dinoids Draco etc. who had taken over our planet Earth from its early inception.


There were many star wars.

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Codes of Life: Divine Fire and Editing DNA

aegyptThe Mystery School continues with the new CURRICULUM, open to the nation of images (and feeling), and seeking the questions which elicit learning and understanding of the new dimensions. Their learning also includes the prehistory of Earth and awareness of the journey to the higher dimensions, the 5th, 6th and 7th dimensions and so forth. In this session, the third question is answered – which addresses the history and actual creation of this planet – with some surprising connections to what is happening on Earth in this day and age with the editing and placement of genes in cells. You can read this session of the Mystery School here (opens in new window).


Regression with Marjorie Lane – Galactic Fish Race

hoodieIn the year 2000, Valerie leads a regression with a woman who recalls being a fish. This lady recalls a return to Earth in the whale species and how the whales hold the structures of the oceans. Further in this recall, the whale sound – vibration is explained as helping the beings on land. The destruction of the dinosaurs and the removal of the Reptilians are also mentioned.

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Newsletter, May 2016


Hello Everyone,
There is so much to share on this Mother’s Day, 2016. Our Mothers are women of forgotten sacrifice in so many ways. Much of life is “done for us” in our early toddler days. We are bathed, clothed, breast-fed, burped, and held closely in those early days. Later as we grow, we are told not to play with our food, to wash our face and hands before meals, and not to get our clothes dirty, and take your fingers out of that drawer! There is so much that mothers do to help us grow and live, to flourish as wonderful light workers: all this is possible due the works of our mothers. ON this Mother’s Day, can I ask you all to send up light and love to the The Source and ask that it be sent on to mothers in need – mothers who suffer, mothers who worry, mothers who are doing it hard. The Source knows where to send our love ever so much better than we can imagine!

IN this newsletter, once again National Geographic share their work in exploring what is behind the walls of King Tut’s tomb. We bring you news of ancient papyrus manuscrips, reflections and evidence on life after death, and even more reflections – by way of video – on the existence of star peoples. We look once again to the Bird Peoples and go to the Temple of Hera for the lighting of the ancient Olympic Flame.

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Eagarinna Speaks: Survival and the First Hue-mans

Broken Bay, NSWEagarinna speaks directly about being an Angelic Being and the Mission of the Mothership Rexegena. There was a handover ceremony, for the Reptoids were to leave. There was betrayal, within and without. The mission – however – has a larger meaning and impact, as Eagarinna tells. Read here of a graphic account of the landing in Broken Bay, the assistance the starpeople received, the genetic engineering that produced the hue-man, the hairy up-standing ape imbued with the Crystal Consciousness, the crystal light of the Source within.

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The Mission of Alcheringa – When the First Ancestors were Created

John the Divine

My voices were telling me, ‘Its really The Lost Book of Love, a manuscript written by John the Divine, who was asked by God to eat it By that I presume it meant he was to hold it back, or even consume it. Strange!

“Yet The Cathars in France, around 1244 were said to have possessed a mysterious manuscript, “The Book of Love” written by St. John, in which “marvellous revelations” were recorded. It seems it was lost then, when The Cathars were attacked and destroyed by fire.

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