August 2017 Newsletter

Hello Everyone,

We emerge from Winter opening our hearts to the warmth of the days – and learn that we have had the driest and hottest winter for many a year. Brrr! Hardly seemed like that here. Nonetheless, the renovations to our house go on while John and I get on with our work and excursions to family picnics. In this newsletter we bring you Andromeda and comparison to our local group of stars. We look to Magenta as a radio wave and learn why it is not in the colour spectrum. Japanese wooden statues remind us that miracles occur daily, and we look to a video about falling asleep quickly. We share with you suggestions that people with RH Negative Blood have DNA not from Earth. The human brain is a beautiful thing; scientists have found there are up to 11 dimensions in the brain itself. We look to facemapping, and put before you the matter of the theatre of illusion generated by those who would seek to trap us in their lower density.

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July 2017 Newsletter

Hello Everyone,

This past month has been exciting for many reasons. We read of suggestions that the really fast shooting stars come from another galaxy (Andomeda, we wonder?) and how researchers are finding the “missing link” between the hairy upstanding ape-like creature and homo sapiens, man, imbued with the Crystal Light within. We look at lucid dreaming and magenta colour cards, as Cosmic Sai Baba recently told that the colour magenta is a door to the higher dimensions. Once again, we look at Crop Circles, and note that the Wiltshire Police now claim that Crop Circles are criminal damage and urge people to ring 999 if they see anyone making one! Finally, we look to the Tutankhamen mysteries and consider a new tomb, possibly that of Egyptian leading lady Ankhesenamun.

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June 2017 Newsletter

June 2017 Newsletter

Hello Everyone! Brrr! It has truly gone past the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness! Welcome to the June Newsletter.

Much has been happening – Cosmic Sai Baba told us in the beginning that many would be coming out with news about life in the Universe, disclosure of UFO’s and star people, and the true story of human beings (those enchristed with the Crystal Light) on Earth. In this newsletter we look to the Two Saints called Brigid, we bring a message on being the Light of the World from Master Kuthumi. We have two articles on disclosure, and many messages have been seen around the world about NASA about to engage in disclosure… Is it a coincidence that President Trump signed the US SPACE PROGRAM on June 30th and that the US may be preparing for a disclosure event? You be the judge. We look to Uluru appearing on Google Street View, the Path Less Travelled and the secret of becoming mentally strong. Enjoy the newsletter!

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Newsletter, May 2017

Hello Everyone,

It is a time when all on Earth have to meet their challenges; the challenges of settling our differences without raising a weapon or setting off bombs where innocents are taken from life itself. It is a time when the challenges can be personal, and we have to slow down and take each day as a gift. It is a time of challenges when we are asked to use our discrimination with the information put before you. It is also a time of challenge when when spiritual realities are being manifest more and more in our world, and this is a sign of Ascension rapidly progressing.

In this newsletter we read of cellular changes, UFO sightings in the days of Ancient Rome, slow gaze meditation and of fair haired Egyptians. Ancient Egypt takes the focus due our earlier work on migrations of star peoples to Earth (the red heads from Mars and the deleted planet and the fair haired from Venus). We also know of the travels of King Tut to Australia to recover the mummy of a Royal Prince at Kariong, and hence announcements in Egypt draw attention. Jalarm the Atlantean, Alcheringa and the Angelic Realms have shared with us that information will emerge to reveal much more of our history. We hope you enjoy this newsletter.

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Newsletter, April 2017

Hello Everyone,

The future is with us now, with the 3D Printed Home. I do hope this will bring a solution for those trapped in the housing bubble. This morning, the electric jet-car which rises vertically was shown on the Internet so we are seeing the future unfold before our eyes. World Rainbow Serpent Day will be celebrated at Uluru on 12 January 2017. Much news has emerged that Lady Gaia – also known as Mother Earth – has released new energies. Some of you may have noticed this recent surge of energy during your morning meditations. We have, and we affirm this release of energy. Those of you who follow the work we do in the Mystery School will know that Jalarm the Atlantean and The Source have revealed on many occasions the mini-ice age that accompanied the Fall of Atlantis. Now, scientists are confirming this.

We look to the history of marriage, and to 130 million year fossils of human hands and their mysterious disappearance. As the post-war Boomers (the baby boom of WWII) grow and age, we take a look at the art of self-care for those who care for others. As Rumi tells, we must share from the well within us that is full. The Tulli Papyrus examines the presence of UFO’s at the Pyramids, and Robert Dean – whom I have met – shares about space vessels and proof of life “out there”. Robert is eminently believable. Aluna Joy shares the Holy Spirit – Dove Activation with us. It is long known that stone circles and rock arrangements are sites of energy. We bring you one article which confirms the magnetic energies of dolmens and circles. The Love Foundation, which exists to spread unconditional love, celebrates May 1 as Global Love Day.

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Newsletter, March 2017

Hello Everyone,

Once again, time plays its tricks, daylight savings comes and goes, and we witness evidence that the afterlife is real. The Soul comes and goes. We read that we are always one with our Oversoul, and more news of the glyphs of Gosford and how these are evidence of ancient civilisations in Australia. We read of mudras that will aid us in choosing our state of consciousness, and hence, our presence to the world. We also look to DNA studies of Indigenous Australians as evidence of their being the oldest race of hue-man, that is, the being imbued with the Crystal Consciousness, the hue-of-light from the Creative Source of All.

The Schumann Resonance has spiked and we witness extremes in the Earth’s magnetic shield with wildly gyrating geomagnetic storms of late. We look to synaptic pruning and how the brain deletes information.(The Angelic Realms has shared with us that the brain can be overloaded with information and data. It is like a computer disc, it can only take so much … ) and we go on to look at the significance of a recently formed crop circle. The International Space Station continues to show us new dimensions of life, weather and the Earth from above our skies, and we examine the soul purpose of pets. The Angelic Realms have recently commented on the role pets play in human life and the raising of consciousness; Pope John Paul II declared that animals have souls and are worthy of being treated respectfully. We look to the skies once again with Cyclone Debbie and offer our prayers. You many also listen to the message of the Arcturians with Ascension and how transformation may be integrated with our bodies.

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February 2017 Newsletter

Hello Everyone,
We have settled back home from our excursion to Byron Bay and the wondrous channelling from Archangel Mikael. We hope to have the Youtube video of this session to share with you very shortly.

In the meantime, we have experienced a heatwave down here in the Southern Highlands, and I am sure these have been hot and bothersome for everyone. There are a lot of challenges confronting us all in every country and we are One: we walk together into the future, the Golden Age with the guidance of the Angelic Realms – the place of no limit – and we can all walk holding the hand of the Creative Source of All Creation. This newsletter brings you water from thin air, the discovery of pyramids in Antarctica, foot chakras, black holes, the Milky Way and photograph of Uluru from the International Space Station. Whilst we all face challenges, we may walk into the Golden Age of Humanity with LOVE from the Creative Source of the ALL.

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January 2017 Newsletter

Hello Everyone,
Here is the January 2017 Newsletter. It seems to focus around Uluru, and you shall see why, quickly! We bring you news about discovery of the star-navigation skills of the Australian aboriginals, and expose (fake) news about an archaeological discovery at Uluru. Nonetheless, the Northern Territory Museum are doing a fantastic dig nearby with Flinders University. We bring you the colours of Egypt and news of the message given by Archangel Mikael at the Close Encounters Conference at Byron Bay, which I attended in the company of my husband, John.

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