June 2017 Newsletter

June 2017 Newsletter

Hello Everyone! Brrr! It has truly gone past the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness! Welcome to the June Newsletter.

Much has been happening – Cosmic Sai Baba told us in the beginning that many would be coming out with news about life in the Universe, disclosure of UFO’s and star people, and the true story of human beings (those enchristed with the Crystal Light) on Earth. In this newsletter we look to the Two Saints called Brigid, we bring a message on being the Light of the World from Master Kuthumi. We have two articles on disclosure, and many messages have been seen around the world about NASA about to engage in disclosure… Is it a coincidence that President Trump signed the US SPACE PROGRAM on June 30th and that the US may be preparing for a disclosure event? You be the judge. We look to Uluru appearing on Google Street View, the Path Less Travelled and the secret of becoming mentally strong. Enjoy the newsletter!

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Uluru as Stargate

Hello Everyone,
I mentioned to my webmaster, the day before our usual meeting to receive our monthly transmission from Cosmic Sai Baba, that there seemed to be more about ET’s than ever on the Social media, news, and discussions, and that it could be leading finally to DISCLOSURE. That was on the 2nd January, 2017.  Then on the same day, my friendly webmaster wrote back and agreed especially when I had been reminded by ‘upstairs’ about the time in 1994 when a group of psychics visited Uluru. There had been a message received from Alcheringa saying The Star People were going to appear en-masse while we there, and it would receive world coverage.  It didn’t happen – although we did feel we had been in contact with them in a hidden way.

Then on the 3rd January, my webmaster wrote back to me and I have asked him to share his email with us – I hope he will include the strange clouds in the sky where he lives and also about the man who lives in his home town that has finally spoken out of what he saw as a young man: No co-incidence that my webmaster was getting all these promptings at the same time as I was … …

(This has all happened before we received the message from Archangel Mikael when he spoke at the Close Encounters Conference on 16th January and announced that the Star Planetary Nations wanted to show themselves at Uluru in January 2018 and they hoped they would be welcomed.  So please spread the news… … they also said they wouldn’t be coming if they were going to be shot at.)  Here is what my webmaster wrote, John and I had already been prompted to see the movie Arrival so don’t miss his review and understanding about it.

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