STARLADY – The True Story of Valérie and Mr Dickens and other lifetimes spent with John Barrow

The cover of the new Starlady book by Valérie

Valérie is a Starlady. Her mission is to speak of the sacred Aborigine Alcheringa Stone, the seven sisters of the Pleiades, the early evolution of Planet Earth and creation of the first humans. She also reveals hidden aspects of her and John’s story, such as the Egyptian Pyramids, Jesus’ Family, the missing manuscript of the Cathars, The Knights Templar, Jehanne d’ Arch and Mr Charles Dickens, to name a few. Valérie shares her mentor’s guidance and insights into many ‘mysterious’ unexplained events throughout history.

Part 2 Is about Valerie holding a sacred Alcheringa Stone, coming from the stars and owned by the Indigenous people of Australia. It speaks of a major Asteroid hitting the planet earth – destroying the dinosaurs and much later, another asteroid hitting the planet causing the major Fall of Atlantis period and how our Earth is now climbing back into the previous Dimension of Atlan when the starpeople often visited – some stayed and mated with the humans.

Part 3 Is channelling from the 8th sister, about how the Earth man was created and blessed and then became a Light man or Human with the 8th sister from the Pleiades returning to tell the story.

Valérie and John came to earth as two of the 144,000 souls from the galaxy Andromeda M31, who are on this planet to assist with the raising of consciousness and its new birth into the Golden Age, and to speak of the reality of other races who exist in the Star Worlds.

The Earth and human lives are not what they seem. Have you thought about why you are here, and where you came from?

Life here on Earth can be magic if we make the right choices…

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”I have read Valérie Barrow’s book ‘STARLADY’ and am astounded by the information contained within it. It is an open recount of the past lives that she and her partner, John, have lived before this one. Her openness and boldness is inspiring as she writes about their experiences of travelling to all corners of the world and the memories that are triggered by such events. Just two everyday people on a journey across lifetimes. Once I opened this book I could not put it down! Something about it resonated with me as truth, from the deepest of places within, and I just knew that Valérie was onto something here. This book includes aspects of history, culture, spirituality and individual perspectives that I have yet to find written elsewhere. I love the way that it is all put together so comprehensively. It is a story. A story of one woman and her soulmates’ lives and the way that each person has influenced them. But it’s more than a story too. Valérie joins the pieces of her life’s puzzle together to get a bigger picture of the journey of her soul. What I got most from this book is not just the words on the page or even the message. It spoke to my own soul. A deep sense of truth, a knowing, an ‘A-Ha’ moment. During the time it took me to read ‘STARLADY’ I started having some past life memories of my own being triggered. If you wanted to know more about yourself and the lives you have lived, I recommend reading Valérie’s book. Perhaps it will speak to your soul, as it has done with mine. –Jenny (Ancient Energy Healings)“