Cosmic Sai Baba Introducing Andromeda Val from the Galaxy Andromeda M31 with a Message December 3rd, 2019

Meeting December 3rd, 2019 – Moss Vale.

This month, Andromeda Val will address these questions:
  1. Understanding about “Ancient Lemuria” how that fits with the information of “Atlan” and the Venusians volunteering to live on planet Earth for 300,000 years before “The Fall” from 5th Dimension to 3rd Dimension when we then lost easy contact with the Star People?
  2. Are there Reptilian Races still living in the Middle of our Earth, and if so what is to happen to Humans and the Planet Earth?
  3. Are there still Wars happening in the Universe between some races from the Stars? And do the Reptilian Races/Draco Hierarchy still believe they own Planet Earth?
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Valerie Barrow: So with great love and respect we’re calling upon Cosmic Sai Baba for this day which is the 3rd of December 2019. It is a Tuesday and we’re holding the meeting at Moss Vale, NSW, Australia. And so we’re asking and welcoming Cosmic Sai Baba who opens the door for us to be able to communicate with Andromeda M31.

Cosmic Sia Baba through Valerie Barrow:
I am here and I am very pleased to be here my dear. Thank you for calling upon me. It always gives me pleasure to be able to come, to introduce you and help you and hold the platform that links you, like a radio station, with Andromeda M31 and of course to Andromeda Val. So with out any further ado I will call upon her, she has been waiting and we will welcome her. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Andromeda Val through Valerie Barrow:

I am Andromeda Val and I am very pleased to be here. I really enjoy coming and taking this opportunity to speak to the Humans in the galaxy of your Milky Way. I enjoy coming. And there’s nothing much I can say more then other times I have been here except I know I am welcomed and I appreciate that and enjoy the opportunity to answer questions. But for the moment I would like to make a greeting in my voice or my language from Andromeda and the part of that galaxy we live and come from which is that Adonis race that is very Human looking and it has been created so that we can actually make our appearances in the Milky Way to people and they will no longer be afraid.

So, my greeting is of course in my language…

[13 second recording of Andromeda Val in her own language as channelled by Valerie Barrow]
It is a greeting and I will at another time translate for you but for the moment we will now speak of questions that you may have from the work that we have done previously and what is ahead. So does anyone have a question?
Question: When we have understanding about “Ancient Lemuria”, how that fits with the information of “Atlan” and the Venusians volunteering to live on the planet Earth for 300,000 years before “The Fall” from the 5th dimension to the 3rd dimension when we then lost easy contact with the Star people.

Andromeda Val through Valerie Barrow:

Thank you my dear and that is a good question. People have often questioned or asked why it is we cannot communicate easily. We as Star People and with the Earth people and it has a lot to do with layers of consciousness. And of course also that the Human communicates through a voice box, which most of, I would say all of the Star people, communicate mind to mind or telepathy as you would describe it. And so that is why we use different mediums such as Valerie to be able to speak and communicate with the Human and we enjoy that but it takes a little adjustment and practice and changing of energies to match each other so that that communication can take place. Having said that you are asking about Lemuria which was a(s) time that existed even before what is known as the time of Atlantis, or the Atlan People, Atlantian People and we did discuss that in our meeting last time. So, I would say there were a time of Lemurians that were really, shall I say raised in consciousness that were more from the Indigenous people that really had this deep understanding of that they had come from the stars in the first place and they always lived and worked and communicated telepathically with the Star people and followed guidance very clearly from that point.

They were operating very successfully that way before the Atlantian people came. But they intermingled and knew of each other and worked with each other. They did not argue or raise weapons and so they lived harmoniously. And it would be very nice to see the Humans living that way again. But again because it has fallen now into a layer of consciousness that makes it hard to understand that in actual fact all Humans have come from other places. They have all come from shall we say the extraterrestrial area which is just outside your Earth. I will remind you the Earth is called terrestrial and anything outside of it is extraterrestrial. Though it’s that simple there may be one thing in some people’s mind as an ET, but really it is extraterrestrial and it requires a knowledge and understanding that there are many Star people, many races out there and many layers of consciousness, some not as understanding as others.

From Andromeda you are communicating with people that are understanding and wanting to help the little Human upon this planet because as I have said before, Andromeda is a place that created your planet Earth in the first place. And when the Human form took place it has always to tried to assist it’s evolution. And we have been down that track in speaking about that also.

So the Lemurians, as I would say, are very loving, compassionate people. They lived quietly, they lived with direction from the Star people, they did agriculture, they looked after the land, the Earth and they honoured all nature that was upon the planet and still do. They also, many of them, still have the ability to communicate telepathically with each other even on this planet until it fell to the 4th dimension and then the 3rd dimension which limited everything very severely. But, we’ll talk about that more if you would like. But I would like to suggest that the Lemurian were people that you would more or less find on islands in the Pacific and other Asian races. They just have this natural understanding of being part of your planet Earth and also their skin is a little darker and that helps them to handle the hot sun which does exist upon your Earth. Other races from other worlds cannot cope with the sun it’s a little too hot for them. But that is another story that was told in the story that was given to you and known as Alcheringa – When The First Ancestors Were Created, and it was 900,0000 years ago in your time. Because time, we have always worried about giving a time in that from us or Star people different time different measurements are slightly different or quite a lot of difference at times. So I’m using that word doubling in a way. However, I hope that answers your question about the Lemurian people. They were Human and very much in tune with your planet and it’s consciousness and the consciousness of every form, flora and fauna, upon your planet. They knew and understood about the consciousness that existed in everything and was from the source of all creation so they honoured that also. And they had God Beings in speaking of words they recognised in different ways from evolutions in the past. They still understood that in a way, the source of all creation, is a forcefield and coming from that place it creates people that evolve in that level, I don’t like to have used the word level, I’d say another layer of consciousness where there is wisdom and the people that you would call God beings.

So is there anything else you would like to ask my dear?

Question: Oh yes please. Are there Reptilian Races still living in the Middle of Our Earth, and if so what is to happen to Humans and the Planet Earth?

Andromeda Val through Valerie Barrow:

That is a good question and it is relevant. The Reptilian Races along with others very similar, I would refer to as cold-blooded but that’s not a judgement it’s just that they lived in the corner of your galaxy, it was quite cold and warm blood would not have been able to handle for them to live in this corner, this arm of your galaxy. And so it is one of the reasons of course that the hierarchy from which we govern all that happens upon your planet from Andromeda, chose ways to help and assist what was taking place upon this planet with always for the good of all not just the few. Understand that it’s always been for the good of all.

So yes, the Reptilians are people, who exist, and they do live in a layer of, can I say within the planet surface. Just slightly below it. And they live and come and go not easily seen by the Human with their eye in the 3rd dimension as you are now or moving into the 4th dimension you’re starting to be more aware. But they keep to themselves and that is an agreement because there where too many wars and arguments about who owned your planet Earth. And so that has been resolved. Although they live separately they where left alone.

So does that give some sense to you that yes they do and they are not going to harm the Humans that live in a slightly raised consciousness level and of the Earth level as well. The Humans live on the surface, the Reptilian people live slightly below the surface. Does that make sense?


So they come and go. And neither interfere, or worry, or interrupt, or anything that’s going to cause problems. However, there’s always individuals the same that you have on your Earth planet for Humans. There are those that still like to create and cause mischief and that excists within the race of Reptilian. But, I hasten to say also, that it does exist in other races within the star worlds but nothing so serious that great wars are fought any more.

So does that answer your question my dear?


As far as the Humans go they need not worry at all. So can I suggest another question?


Question: Are there still Wars happening in the Universe between some races from the Stars? And do the Reptilian Races/Draco Hierarchy still believe they own Planet Earth?

Andromeda Val through Valerie Barrow:

I really just, I think, answered that question in some ways. There are no more wars in the universe, no. Not in this universe. However that has been worked at for quite some time to achieve that and an agreement. And so I will remind people, I think I have spoken about this before, how there is a united planetary nation which gather from many races that come from a benevolent way of living and speaking and doing. And it is what was helped put in the minds of people that where willing to create the United Nations that you have upon this planet. For the same thing to invite all the different races, although they all come from the Human race, to actually gather, speak with each other, try to understand each other if there were differences to come to agreements and never to raise weapons at each other.

It hasn’t always happened that way but there is an effort and work at reducing the amount of weapons used upon your planet. It is one of the reasons that the Star people have not come too readily. The do come but they do not show themselves. And that is possible for them, particularly the benevolent beings. So I would say that there are always benevolent beings looking after the Human race. And each being that is born upon this Earth with a soul has a specific angelic, if I say that, or a celestial being that is here to help them and always look after them, take care of them, but of course because of the separation that exists upon your planet, things do happen it is difficult to live here, many Star people would agree with that, not all want to come, but when they do come, particularly from the cold-blooded races, they want to learn. They want to have that warmth, they want to have that and really experience the love of the Source of, or God if you like, of All.

And so is there anything else there that you would like me to expand on?


That is good my dear, thank you, thank you. I’m very happy to be here and I welcome these interactions of questions that take place. And I hope that my answers do help people. I’m not trying to tell people that something must be done. But of course there is a need for people to understand each other and to respect each other and their differences. Quite often, the differences are really not so different it’s just a matter of changing the way their words are expressed, in that they re-phrase and say something different. Sooner or later they find really it’s all leading to the same place. Which is of course, the Source of All Creation. Others would call it God. It is not a religion; it is science, although religions do refer to Gods.

So I thank you my dears, thank you, thank you, thank you. God be with you and peace be upon your Earth. Thank you.

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