Cosmic Sai Baba Introducing Andromeda Val from the Galaxy Andromeda M31 with a Message April 2nd, 2019

Meeting April 2nd, 2019 – Moss Vale.

This month, Andromeda Val will address these three very important questions:

  1. Many people are worried about the 5G Technology – Can you please advise us?
  2. Are we heading into an ice age?
  3. What is the imortance of connecting to Divine Light on Earth?


Valerie Barrow: It is April 2nd, 2019 Tuesday, Moss Vale, Southern Highlands, N.S.W. Australia. We are calling upon Cosmic Sai Baba to make His presence among us to introduce us to Andromeda Val.

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December 2016, Newsletter №2

Hello Everyone,
We are home from our trip to the South Sea Islands, and we look to a restful Christmas – although Christmas can mean a lot of hustle and bustle for many.

In this newsletter we read about the extinction of the Australian Pygmies, listen to the Dalai Lama speak of our basic human goodness and consider the past and the hidden chambers in King Tut’s tomb room. We know of the Indigo children, the starseeds and the rainbow children – those children born with the full spectrum of light. They are the message bringers of the higher dimensions, these children, and we read about parenting and raising such children. We bring you images of a black hole swallowing a star, and you may listen to some music which reduces anxiety. 2017 as a numerology adds up to 1, and we examine this significance. What happens to the fish when lightning strikes the water? We bring you some data from the BBC about this interesting topic. (Be warned, don’t float in storms!) Christmas is a festive time for many and tables are generously laden with foods. We look to the Buddha’s Diet for clues about mindful eating. We celebrate the Christmas season and the origins of the Christmas Tree itself. And we wish you a Merry Christmas.

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July 2016 Newsletter №1


Hello Everyone
What is it about the cold days that brings so much more hustle and bustle? So much to do and so many places to go to, and we try and keep warm and keep the winter germs at bay. There is so much to share that we bring you an early newsletter for July; one and another astronomer mention the Sun has gone blank twice recently, and Cosmic Sai Baba chimed in, suggesting that not only was our Sun ringing the changes for all in our solar system, but also that there was much activity occuring in the Sun in the background!

Many years ago Oceangoing Team X found a circular rock-like formation on the floor of the northern Baltic Sea, and this has come into notice again; perhaps humanity has a great discovery about our past in store. We all know of the “Hole in the Ozone Layer” and how this has led to an increase of skin conditions, and to global warming; we bring you news of the reversal of the “hole in the Ozone Layer”, welcome as it is. We share beautiful visuals of the worlds longest carving, made from a single trunk, and some timely reflections on how you are not your illness. (Perhaps my husband John and I should attend, tsk, tsk) We take a look at a strange planet with three suns, join the BBC as they examine the meal Leonardo Da Vinci placed on Jesus’ table, and look more deeply into the esoteric 4th/5th Dimensional Battle of Britain, money in banks and the role of Brexit in the 4D/5D Europe and the rest of our planet, and its spiritual significance.

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Newsletter, June 2016


Hello Everyone,
Winter has arrived on our doorstep and there seem to be election campaigns everywhere you turn. Well, maybe that is a hint from “Upstairs” about these challenging times we live in. As “Upstairs” tells, we can be in the world, but the world is not in us. We can have our own “election” and remember the God-I-Am essence within, the Soul that Cosmic Sai Baba so often speaks of; it is the Source of All Creation within ourselves. A little like the light in our firefly, here. It is there, and it is light and love.

In this newsletter, we bring you material from the Afterlife Report, and reflections from Ken Page on Ascension or Insenscion. The man-made land bridge between India and Sri Lanka makes interesting reading. There was an earthquake in the surrounds of Uluru, and Alcheringa has given a message about this. In the light of this message, we share correspondence between Valerie with one of our writers. There is much talk of black holes, events surprising all the scientists about black holes, and we also share about Goddesses, 3D maps of the Universe and the Sound of the Sun. In these chilly days, we wish you happy reading!

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The Sun’s Magnetic Reversal, The Blue People

cmeThe Mystery School explores questions about the so-called “Blue People” and wonder if Lord Shiva is blue, and if he lives on Earth in the 5th Dimension. They learn that Lord Shiva is of the Angelic Realm. Questions are asked – and answered about “The Watchers” … their role, their presence here around the Earth. In this time of Ascension, there has been a delay to the cyclic 11-year magnetic reversal of the Sun. We learn that was delayed in order to avert destabilisation on Earth. You can read more about the Sun’s Magnetic Reversal and other topics here.

A Blue Sun

Our Sun is not a giant blueberry.

Since “Upstairs” arranges everything, nothing happens without coincidence. There are no coincidences in this world, so we present this image and the commentary by the astronomers as a hint of the energies – however imperceptible – being released by our Sun, which serves to open the gateways to the Fourth Dimension and higher dimensions.

Sun is not blue

Our Sun is not a giant blueberry.

Our Sun can be made to appear similar to the diminutive fruit, however, by imaging it in a specific color of extreme violet light called CaK that is emitted by the very slight abundance of ionized Calcium in the Sun’s atmosphere, and then false color-inverting the image.

This solar depiction is actually scientifically illuminating as a level of the Sun’s chromosphere appears quite prominent, showing a crackly textured surface, cool sunspots appearing distinctly bright, and surrounding hot active regions appearing distinctly dark.

The Sun is currently near the maximum activity level in its 11 year cycle, and has emitted powerful flares over the past week.

During times of high activity, streams of energetic particles from Sun may impact the Earth’s magnetosphere and set off spectacular auroras.

Source: Astronomy Picture of the Day

Image Credit

Sunboats at Kata Tjuta

Sunboat at Kata Tjuta

A recent visitor to Uluru went to Kata Tjuta and took photos of the rising sun one morning, recently.

Sunboats at Kata Tjuta

These images—taken at Uluru on the morning of 1 May 2012—have been sent to Valerie by a friend, who has agreed to allow publiction of these images on the condition of anonymity. The Images have been enhanced to show definition, as it was quite dark. These images were taken looking from Kata Tjuta. Cosmic Sai Baba has made it known to us that he was there and had shown himself to the people.

Sunrise from Kata Tjuta


The sun has begun to rise a bit more


The sun has begun to rise a bit more – look to the left


The sun has begun to rise a bit more – more clearly visible on the left


The sun has begun to rise a bit more – the “sunboat” has moved to just ahead of the campers


The sun is now on the horizon – and the “sunboat” has moved to the right


The sun is on the horizon – and the “sunboat” has changed form to an orb


Turn around and look back towards Uluru during sunrise


Newsletter March-May 2012

Triangle in the Sun discovered by NASA

Hello Everyone,

Here is the latest newsletter from my website. In this newsletter we discuss some events which have stirred much interest, worldwide, including the appearance of the triangle in the sun.

The Triangle in the Sun

NASA discovered a huge triangle in the Sun during March of this year.

filter on image of the Sun shows a triangle

You can watch a video on Youtube which shows more filters being applied to this image.

On Purple Orbs:

purple orb in the garden

Some of you might remember the violet orbs I took photographs of one fine morning, when prompted by “Upstairs”. You can read the story here.

I was intrigued to note the similarity in colour with the recently discovered Fermi “bubbles”.

purple orb in the garden

We found this material about NASA being mystified by an enormous energy field and these strange bubbles on the ZenGardner Website. You will notice that the website begins with a picture of the Cosmos as a gigantic egg.

Nasa two year survey

I also wrote about the Cosmic Egg, the big bang, and the source of the Universe on my web page, Alcheringa speaks about the Ankh.

Planck Telescope image of the Big Bang

The Big Bang as seen by the European Space Agency’s Planck Telescope. To view a larger version of this image, click here

Solar Panels over a canal in India

Solar Panel in India

Gujarat is all set to become the first state in the country to generate solar power through panels mounted on a water body. Installation of panels on the canal will help in doing away with the need to acquire land. Evaporation of lakhs of liters of water will be prevented since the canal will be covered. And will generate clean energy. Generated solar power will be supplied to villages alongside the canal, which will lead to lower transmission losses and also help to reduce the evaporation of water.

Japanese Princess Makes Amazing Statements About 2012

Japanese Princess Kaoru Nakamauru

It is never easy for anyone to publicly speak about what we might expect to happen in 2012, but after her spiritual awakening, Japanese Princess Kaoru Nakamaru is on record for talking about how the Earth will change into a 5th dimensional reality for those who are spiritually prepared.


Check the Interviews – 3 part interviews on Youtube

The Buried Easter Island Statues and the Buried Sphinx

News has come to hand of a long-term project which has discovered that the so called “heads” of the famous statues on Easter Island (called Moai) are in fact a lot bigger than first thought.

Easter Island Statue buried to head line

It seems there is a lot more to these statues than what meets the eye!

excavation of Easter Island Statue

The excavation project has been going for some time and has done many excavations:

Excavation of Easter Island Statue

In fact, the statues appear to be quite deeply buried. Easter Island is an ancient volcano; there are no trees on Easter Island …

Excavation of Easter Island Statue

An excellent overview of the background to Easter Island and the discovery by the Dutch and Captain James Cook is available on Phil Coppens’ website.

Mysterious Alignment to the Sphinx

Gridline on the Planet showing exact line between Egypt and Easter Island

Gridline on the Planet showing exact alignment between the Great Pyramids of Egypt and Easter Island

Another puzzle is mysterious alignment of world’s ancient sites. Easter Island is exactly aligned along a straight line around the center of the Earth, with the Nazca lines, Ollantaytambo and the Great Pyramid of Egypt. Other world wonders that are within one tenth of one degree of this alignment include: Perseopolis, the capital city of ancient Persia; Mohenjo Daro, the ancient capital city of the Indus Valley; the Oracle of Zeus-Amon at Siwa; and the lost city of Petra. The Ancient Sumarian city of Ur and Angkor temples in Cambodia and Thailand are within one degree of latitude of this alignment.

Easter Island Statue with boat inscription on the front

Easter Island Statute with inscription which appears to be a boat on the “belly” … (an enlargement below)

Easter Island Statue with boat inscription on the front

You can view the source page for this picture here – along with 24 other pictures of Easter Island and Moai statues.

The Great Egyptian Sphinx was built in honor of King Thutmose IV and has become the Egyptian landmark

The Great Sphinx is a mythical creature that originated in ancient Egypt. It combines the body of a beast (usually a lion) with the face of the ruling pharaoh. In Greek mythology a sphinx was usually made up with the head of a monster, breasts of a woman, and the body of a lion, having wings of a bird. The sphinx lay stretched out on a large rock.

The Great Sphinx buried in sand

The Valley temple of Chephren.
Cheops’ Pyramid is in the background.
Photograph by Henri Bechard, 1887

The Sphinx was just a head in the sand until the body was uncovered by Prince Thutmose (later King Thutmose 1V) because of a dream he had. In the dream he was told by angels that if he dug away the sand he would become the next king. There is a stele placed between the paws of the great Sphinx.

The Great Sphinx undergoing restoration in 1925. The Stele of Thutmose is visible in the foreground.

The Great Sphinx undergoing restoration in 1925. The Stele of Thutmose is visible in the foreground.

King Thutmose IV (1425-1417) placed a stela between the front paws of the sphinx. It gives an account of a young prince Thutmose, and how he fell asleep in the shade of the sphinx one-day. In the dream, the sphinx spoke to Prince Thutmose and told him to take away the sand because it was choking him. Originally built to guard the pyramid, this sphinx was later worshipped as the god Rahorakhty, “Ra of the Two Horizons.”

To read the meaning of the inscription on the front of the stele, go here

Sphinxes in Russia

Two sphinxes have made their way to Russia; Quay with Sphinxes (Sphinxes at the Universitetskaya Embankment) is a quay at the Universitetskaya Embankment in Saint Petersburg, in front of the Imperial Academy of Arts. It is remarkable for the two ancient sphinxes that were brought from Egypt to Russia.


The Saint Petersburg Sphinxes are about 3500 years old. They are made from syenite and initially were in front of a magnificent temple, which was built in Egypt near Thebes for the pharaoh Amenhotep III. Their faces are portraits of Amenhotep III and the shape of their headwear (crowns “pa shemti”) indicate that he was the ruler of two kingdoms—the Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt. It is intereting to note that the predecessor of Amenhotep III was King Thutmose IV, he of dreams and the Sphinx buried in sand.

Is there any link to the head-dress of the Easter Island statues, the Moai?

Moai with Headdress

Now wouldn’t it be interesting if there was some way of dating the time when the Easter Island Heads were covered in? Would it have been the same time the Sphinx head was covered in? If it was … that would suggest the ‘great flood’ did happen all over the Earth.

Carving in Egypt showing figure with hat similar to those at Easter Island

Carving in Egypt showing figure with hat similar to those at Easter Island

I remember Gerry Bostock in a Cosmic Past Life Regression said that the people on Arcturus reminded him of the faces on Easter Island.

Satori Springs is a stunning new home set in a parkland and natural bush setting in Canyonleigh in the heart of the Southern Highlands, NSW.

It has been built for the purpose of sharing peace and beauty and can accommodate up to 20 people in either luxury private rooms or family self contained accommodation. All the rooms have been fitted out with quality furnishings designed to bring a sense of calm, inspiration and balance.

Many of you will recall that John and I resided here at Satori Springs (it was then called Alcheringa) for 18 years. It has been the place of many sacred events, some of which I have written about on this website.

Last year, on 11.11.11, there was an 11-11-11 Ceremony conducted around the Alcheringa Crystal. You can read about the Blessing of the Alcheringa Crystal, which is located on this property. You can also view Pictures of this Blessing Ceremony. (This is the day that the Vesica Piscis appeared in the skies.) This was a great occasion; here is the picture of my husband and soul partner lowering a glass pyramid over the Alcheringa Crystal (note the shaft of light emerging!)

Shaft of light emerging from the Alcheringa Crystal

Shaft of light emerging from the Alcheringa Crystal

Owners Grant and Julie Blanchard have decided it is time to move on, and Sartori Springs is once again up for sale. Anyone interested in looking at Satori Springs to purchase can either contact Julie or Grant on 48789305 or Carmen Avila of REMAX Signature Properties. Email Phone 0438013438

Finally, the shipment of the reprint of my second book Alcheringa, When the ancestors were first created has arrived.

We are pleased to offer a promotion of 2 books for AUD $20.00 Alcheringa, when the first ancestors were created and The Book of Love, by a Medium.

So send me your order on our Contact page and I shall write to you.

Book cover - Alcheringa, when the first ancestors were created

I hope you will continue to join me in prayer for those suffering on the planet and the ‘difficult times’ many are experiencing.

Blessings be with you and Universal love. Val.


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