Cosmic Sai Baba Introducing Andromeda Val from the Galaxy Andromeda M31 with a Message April 2nd, 2019

Meeting April 2nd, 2019 – Moss Vale.

This month, Andromeda Val will address these three very important questions:

  1. Many people are worried about the 5G Technology – Can you please advise us?
  2. Are we heading into an ice age?
  3. What is the imortance of connecting to Divine Light on Earth?


Valerie Barrow: It is April 2nd, 2019 Tuesday, Moss Vale, Southern Highlands, N.S.W. Australia. We are calling upon Cosmic Sai Baba to make His presence among us to introduce us to Andromeda Val.

Cosmic Sia Baba through Valerie Barrow:

It is I, and I am very pleased to be here. Thank you, Thank you My Dear, Thank you. I do not have much to say today – It is Cosmic Sai Baba speaking and Andromeda Val is waiting, she is always very pleased to make contact with you. So I will take my leave and Andromeda Val will speak. God Bless everybody. Thank you.

Andromeda Val through Valerie Barrow:

I am Andromeda Val, and I am very pleased to be here, as always. I know you have 3 questions prepared for me and I will be happy to answer these questions.

As I have said before, I am in another Galaxy – Andromeda M 31. We do have a different language as I have spoken and I would like to speak that now, as a greeting to you all – you may not understand what I am saying. Hopefully it will give you a feeling of connectedness to us in Andromeda.

[18 second recording of Andromeda Val in her own language as channelled by Valerie Barrow]

Andromeda Val through Valerie Barrow:

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I know Valerie has been speaking and it has been said she is becoming much closer to me and so as I am her future self she is able to connect to that a lot easier. When she speaks it is often I that is interpreting or helping her to speak, if that makes some sense. So I think I would like to call upon a question that you have.

First Question: Many people worry about the 5G technology. They fear they will be ‘cooked’ by the energy. Can you please advise us?

Andromeda Val through Valerie Barrow:

We are aware about concern of this energy and it’s use. It concerns us also, actually. The 5G technology is very strong – you explain it as microwave energy. And it is not easily resonated with a human body. And so, people do need to take care, as they do with the mobiles that they use. For that is of the 4G technology.

There are different ways we have prompted those who are willing to listen to us and have made, with understanding and promptings from us, various things that people can use to help to keep their own aura field clear and safe. They will not be burned as people are describing it as being ‘cooked’.

It is not as severe as people may think, however, if they feel that they do need something to help clear and keep these energies from their auric field, they can. I have already prompted somebody to send information to Valerie and so she will send that on to people who are listening to this particular conference about the 5G.

And more is coming, and so I will keep you informed – or Valerie will keep you informed.

So I hope I can reassure people that they will feel if it is doing real harm to them – because some people’s bodies are more sensitive than others – more open to change and not good for them and so they need to be protected.

So I hope that this answers your question and also reassures you that this has not gone unnoticed by us as your star people who are always watching and taking care of your advancement as humans but be aware that it will be alright. But you can take some precautions.

So is there another question?

Second Question: Are we heading into an ice age, and if so, is it engineered by ‘Man’ or is it a natural cycle.

Andromeda Val through Valerie Barrow:

Well, in a way it is both. It is caused by man’s misuse of various products that are pulled from mother earth that is released into your atmosphere and it does cause problems with your climate and your breath – your atmosphere.

However, man is becoming more aware of that and it can soften the changes that they are causing upon the change – everything is changing there is no doubt about that and it is leading into the Golden Age. We have spoken about this before.

With that there is a raising of consciousness and a raising of energy and I might say the consciousness of everything upon this Earth. For everything has a consciousness. So if I could reassure you, there is a natural change also. So do not be afraid, or worried in any way, that is a normal transition for this planet to take place.

We have said, that the bigger picture is, that your Solar System and your Sun is coming into alignment with a core of suns that leads back to the Source of All Creation.

So that this is a natural transition. But be aware you can help that to take place, if you were to use things upon your atmosphere that do not impede that transition. Am I making some sense here? I hope so.

I would also like to add, that people sometimes have messages about a wave – and we from the stars sometimes refer to waves as energy – different kinds of energy – and that is happening, the waves are coming in, and helping that change and that alignment to take place. And it will affect your atmosphere, and your climate and your seas as well. But not to the problems that your earth planet has faced in past times. Just please be aware of that and do not be afraid. Always pray – “That all is progressed as naturally and as normally as possible.”

As I said, there is nothing really that you need to fear.

So is there another question?

Third Question: What is the importance of connecting to Divine Light upon Earth?

Andromeda Val through Valerie Barrow:

Well that is everything – actually. The Divine Light of energy is coming from the Source of All Creation. As I have just said, it is a Sun, if you like? It is a place of Light – and it is also a place of darkness but it is in balance. Much the same as your seasons or your day and night is played out here. Intent is important in what you do, and what you think and how you attempt or create anything in your lives. If you always pray, it sounds old fashioned, but there is a need to connect to that Source of All Creation – from where you have come – if everyone really realized and understood who they really are, they would understand it readily and not hesitate for one second, or nano second of holding back in calling on The Source of All Creation – The Force that comes from there is in everything upon your Earth.

There are many ways that you can help clear your auric field and that is by nourishing your Light Body and also your earth body. If you do that in a prayer every morning, and when I say prayer, I mean recognizing and accepting that you do come from the Source of All Creation and that it is Light, Divine Light, that is also fed through your sun – you will understand what I am saying. It is nothing to be afraid of – it is not something that is forced upon you – it is natural and it is everything. It is your Life Force as I have said.

So call upon it to be with you in it’s purest form and clear your auric field of any attachment that you may have picked up day by day, because your earth is polluted in some ways and so there is a need to be aware of that and to keep your auric field clear.

So if you have that intention in your mind, that is all you need. And the same for any one else that may need some help or anything upon the Earth herself.

And now, I must take my leave, I thank you, I thank you, I thank you for making me feel welcomed – I always enjoy this meeting. I send my love to you always. We are always protecting and looking over you. We have said the Angelic Realms have asked for help to create your planet Earth and there are those that are within your Galaxy who have helped us to achieve that. Remember that. That is why we are here and always interested in what takes place upon your planet earth and your solar system and your galaxy.

Thank you my children, Thank you. God Bless you.

ADDENDUM: Suggested ways to protect your auric field. Always use discernment……in your choices……

Here is a list of those websites and the products I mentioned (received from a friend).

The first one is for keeping the house secure from the 5G frequencies.

Gerard has many products on there, the one to look out for is called the Geo Cleanse, which plugs into the wall. He also has the wristbands / pendants to seal your auric field.

Here is the website –

The next one is another one of my Brother’s, making the most tremendous products…..These crystals, and their effect, has been synergised to enhance the energy field around us, in particular for 5G…..Brilliant stuff!

I also mentioned another product I was using to enhance the Crystalline structure in my body, Cellfood…..Fantastic stuff also…..Here is a link to more information –

And for the enhancement of the water, and a myriad of other “Higher Level” products, I find these people truly wonderful….They have an office here in Melbourne, as well as the USA, so you can order any products from here…..

And about the place in Bowral, where you can get the Cellfood, and also maybe the Orgone Effects products, if in stock –

That will keep you excited I’m sure, discovering how many brilliant people there are assisting us to claim Our Sovereiginty….I’ve got a few other “Special” ones I’ll share with you also, but thought I’d keep to what we talked about yesterday…..Wonderful to be amongst such wonderous times, with such gifted people…..Enjoy the reading!

Cosmic Sai Baba

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