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Hello Everyone,
Winter has arrived on our doorstep and there seem to be election campaigns everywhere you turn. Well, maybe that is a hint from “Upstairs” about these challenging times we live in. As “Upstairs” tells, we can be in the world, but the world is not in us. We can have our own “election” and remember the God-I-Am essence within, the Soul that Cosmic Sai Baba so often speaks of; it is the Source of All Creation within ourselves. A little like the light in our firefly, here. It is there, and it is light and love.

In this newsletter, we bring you material from the Afterlife Report, and reflections from Ken Page on Ascension or Insenscion. The man-made land bridge between India and Sri Lanka makes interesting reading. There was an earthquake in the surrounds of Uluru, and Alcheringa has given a message about this. In the light of this message, we share correspondence between Valerie with one of our writers. There is much talk of black holes, events surprising all the scientists about black holes, and we also share about Goddesses, 3D maps of the Universe and the Sound of the Sun. In these chilly days, we wish you happy reading!

Is Wealth a Hindrance in going to the level of the light


(In the Afterlife Report, Victor Zammit offers reflections about Wealth and the Goal of Life.) Spiritual laws apply to all, irrespective of wealth, poverty, gender, race or social status. What determines our state in the afterlife is our habitual consciousness: our desires, preoccupations and motivations.

One of the biggest lessons in life is that we gain higher vibrations (increase in spirituality) when we love and help others. If a person gains wealth as a by-product of his creativity or talent, or if a super-rich person unselfishly uses his/her wealth to help others and is not cruel, there would be nothing to stop him from going directly into the realm of the Light on crossing over. What matters, we are told continually, is how much love we have shown.

However, some people find that the way they have been making or preserving wealth restricts or even distorts their consciousness. After a near-death experience they say that in their previous occupations they could not experience themselves loving and helping others and make major life changes to enable them to do so.

Resurrected Millionaire does not care about Money

One of the best videos that illustrate the change of priorities about wealth that often follows a Near-Death Experience is the Gordon Allen Story featured in the BBC documentary The Day I Died at 41 mins. Gordon was a very successful businessman who says that he “loved making money”. When he came back into his physical body he felt that his heart was “on fire with love” and he felt he could no longer continue in his intense commercial business.

The Near Death Experience of Gordon Allen and its Life Changing Effect from GucciLittlePiggy on Vimeo.



Harry Edwards (1893–1976) began his journey to becoming Britain’s best known spiritual healer of the 20th century when he attended a meeting at a Spiritualist church in 1936. He was told by the mediums present that he had healing powers. In 1946 he moved his family and his healing practice to Burrows Lea, where he founded the ‘Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary‘ which still operates today. As his fame as a healer spread he was receiving 10,000 letters a week asking for help and distance healing and giving mass public demonstrations of his healing ability. In 1955 he founded, and was the first President of, the National Federation of Spiritual Healers (NFSH). Although the official medical establishment and the Church refused to endorse his healing, there are thousands of testimonials and medical records that support its effectiveness

An introduction to the work of the Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary, founded in 1946 by the world renowned spiritual healer Harry Edwards. The Sanctuary is dedicated to promoting health and wellbeing through our spiritual healing service and ensuring professional standards of healer training and practice.

You can read more of the Afterlife Report here

Ascension? or is it INscension?


Within the spiritual community, much of the current focus seems to be on the process of Ascension. Yet we feel strongly that our purpose here on Earth is not about ascension. Humans naturally got caught up in dissension while trying to achieve ascension and now the only way out may be INscension™.

Until we are fully present and conscious here on Earth, we are not going anywhere else. Why or how could we move on if we haven’t yet mastered this dimension? Maybe it’s not about going somewhere else to ‘find ourselves’. Maybe it’s about finding all of the pieces/parts/fragments of ourselves and bringing them back into our physical reality – Now.

It’s our belief that all of us co-exist throughout many dimensions simultaneously, and all of us have affiliations and aspects with what many would term ‘space groups.’ Let’s talk about this dimension for a moment. We feel strongly that many humans are actually two-dimensional beings existing in a three dimensional reality. The two-dimensional aspects are the polarities or dualities of our earth plane reality; such as: good/bad, light/dark, positive/negative, male/female, white light/black light. As long as there are polarities/dualities – it may not be fully possible for our planet as a whole to ‘ascend’. Our third dimensional reality is far more than we can ever have imagined.

When we can be fully present and BE in each moment, we can create and connect with any and all other dimensions and or realities, here and now in this third-dimensional space. This is because our dimension is actually holographic. Remember, this is merely our opinion: Our dimension is holographic because we know other beings from other dimensions are currently asking for and seeking us out for assistance. Why would other beings from other places be doing this? What is the reason the third dimension is so important? Perhaps it is that by our BEing in the moment, we have the ability to collapse time and have an effect on all other realities.

You can read more here

The Discovery of 1,750,000 Year Old Man Made Bridge

The Discovery of 1,750,000 Year Old Man Made Bridge (DOCUMENTARY) This short Documentary looks at the recently discovered bridge, currently named as Adam’s Bridge and made of a chain of shoals, 30 km long, in the Palk Straits between India and Sri Lanka, reveals a mystery behind it.

The bridge’s unique curvature and composition by age reveals that it is man-made. Legend as well as Archeological studies reveal that the first signs of human inhabitants in Sri Lanka date back to the primitive age, about 1,750,000 years ago and the bridge’s age is also almost equivalent.

This information is a crucial aspect for an insight into the mysterious legend called Ramayana, which was supposed to have taken place in tredha yuga (more than 1,700,000 years ago).

For more information about Dr. Rita please

Alcheringa Speaks: The Alice Springs Earthquake

On 21 May 2016, an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.1, unusually powerful for Australia, has struck outside of Alice Springs. The quake hit at 4:14am, 125 kilometres west of Uluru, at a depth of about 10 kilometres, according to Geoscience Australia.

The over-sighting spirit of Uluru, Alcheringa, has responded to Valerie’s queries about this earthquake nearby Uluru. Alcheringa and has also responded to thoughts about the Centre of All Creation.


Alcheringa tells that the black hole at the centre of the Milky Way is the Centre of All Creation – the large (Big) bang was just in one dimension. It goes to INFINITY

You can read more of what Alcheringa had to say here

Crop Circle


A most odd crop circle in Germany, on 15 May 2016. It somewhat appears to be like the shutter in the camera. Perhaps its saying we’re being watched?

Valerie reflects, “Could it be “The black hole” with LIGHT … at the centre of the Milky Way??? I believe the scientists say there is no LIGHT in Black holes. We need to ask ourselves where did the saying come from: “The Light at the end of the tunnel”??? Scientists are looking for The Big Bang — not exactly — unless you think like a holographic big bang

The suns are Light and the core is inside and inside-out of the black hole – if you look long enough to this symbol – it is moving in and out and round and round and is that symbolic in some way of the tunnel of light that people say they see when they die and come back???

You can see more here

Your Brain Has A “Delete” Button


There’s an old saying in neuroscience: neurons that fire together wire together. This means the more you run a neuro-circuit in your brain, the stronger that circuit becomes. This is why, to quote another old saw, practice makes perfect. The more you practice piano, or speaking a language, or juggling, the stronger those circuits get

For years this has been the focus for learning new things. But as it turns out, the ability to learn is about more than building and strengthening neural connections. Even more important is our ability to break down the old ones. It’s called “synaptic pruning.” Here’s how it works.

Your Brain Is Like A Garden

Imagine your brain is a garden, except instead of growing flowers, fruits, and vegetables, you grow synaptic connections between neurons. These are the connections that neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin, and others travel across.

“Glial cells” are the gardeners of your brain—they act to speed up signals between certain neurons. But other glial cells are the waste removers, pulling up weeds, killing pests, raking up dead leaves. Your brain’s pruning gardeners are called “microglial cells.” They prune your synaptic connections. The question is, how do they know which ones to prune?

Researchers are just starting to unravel this mystery, but what they do know is the synaptic connections that get used less get marked by a protein, C1q (as well as others). When the microglial cells detect that mark, they bond to the protein and destroy—or prune—the synapse.

Rocket science this is not. You can read more here, and, find out why sleep matters.

Our Galaxy Awakens! (And Science Confirms It)


If anyone needs a confirmation of this energetic change we’re experiencing as well as expecting more of, scientists have just confirmed it. This is big news and should be an encouragement to many that what we’ve been sensing does indeed have a confirmed, identifiable physical counterpart.

“Three orbiting X-ray space telescopes have detected an increased rate of X-ray flares from the usually quiet giant black hole at the center of our Milky Way galaxy after new long-term monitoring. Scientists are trying to learn whether this is normal behavior that was unnoticed due to limited monitoring, or these flares are triggered by the recent close passage of a mysterious, dusty object.”

“By combining information from long monitoring campaigns by NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory and ESA’s XMM-Newton, with observations by the Swift satellite, astronomers were able to carefully trace the activity of the Milky Way’s supermassive black hole over the last 15 years. The supermassive black hole, a.k.a. Sagittarius A*, weighs in at slightly more than 4 million times the mass of the Sun. X-rays are produced by hot gas flowing toward the black hole.

“The new study reveals that Sagittarius A* (Sgr A* for short) has been producing one bright X-ray flare about every ten days. However, within the past year, there has been a ten-fold increase in the rate of bright flares from Sgr A*, at about one every day.

You can read more here

The Sound of the Sun

NASA recorded the sound of the Sun, when the recorded sound was compressed to the frequency compatible to human ears, it is the sound of OM or AUM. The videos from NASA, they are only around 3-6 minutes long. This helps us to understand why the sound of OM has been given so much importance; and how the Sun is the life force. The sound waves of the Sun produces life in the universe, which is nothing less than OM or AUM of the Hindu Creation.

Precious Dagger of Tutankhamun Found to be of Meteoric Origin


Meteorites, have been important in religions and cultures of many civilizations . Ancient Greeks and Romans believed that they were gifts of the Gods. In ancient Greece, meteorites were held at Apollo’s temple at Delphi as objects of veneration. Even the shrine of Islam in Mecca holds a stone, which is believed to be a meteorite.

Top image: These daggers were from within Tutankhamun’s burial wrappings. The top one of made of gold and the lower, significantly rarer, made from meteorite. (

In an exciting new find, a team of researchers have confirmed that the iron in one of the daggers found in the tomb of Tutankhamun, as well as a number of other precious artifacts from Ancient Egypt, have celestial origins as they were made from meteorites.

According to, the research was undertaken by an international team of scientists from the Polytechnics of Milan and Turin, the University of Pisa, the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, the CNR, the University Fayoum, and the XGlab company. Archeologists had suspected for many decades that the iron used during the reign of the New Kingdom Dynasties and earlier, could come from meteorites, however, it was never known for certain until now.

You can read more here

11 Goddesses from around the world to invoke

Goddesses, or female representations of the divine, can be found in religious traditions the world over. They hold places of importance in Hinduism, Buddhism, paganism and the ancient cultures of Greece, Egypt, Mesopotamia, the Americas and more. In their ancient stories, these goddesses embody a mixture of warriors, mothers, magicians and lovers.

Every goddess has her own unique qualities, talents and associated rituals. Over the centuries — and to this day — people have conducted rituals to specific goddesses when they want to generate certain results in their lives. Having trouble in relationships? Try calling on Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love. Is money your concern? Consider making an offering to Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth.

There are dozens of different goddesses from cultures around the world, but here are 11 powerful deities to consider invoking in your life:

Brigid – Celtic


Brigid is a Celtic goddess revered for her many talents. She is considered a protector of livestock and the young, and she is a patroness of poetry, metalsmithing, healing and spring. She is celebrated on the pagan holiday of Imbolc, which falls on February 2 in the Northern Hemisphere. There are many wells named after Brigid throughout Ireland where people leave offerings of coins for healing.

Kuan Yin – Buddhist


Kuan Yin is a Buddhist deity who embodies compassion. Her name translates to “perceiving the sounds (or cries) of the world.” She is a goddess of mercy, dedicated to relieving the suffering in the world. Offerings are made to Kuan Yin in the form of sweet cakes, lotus incense, fresh fruit or flowers, particularly when one hopes to invoke her blessing or conceive children.

Isis – Egyptian


Isis is one of the most powerful deities in the Egyptian pantheon. Her name means “throne” and she is often depicted with the hieroglyphic sign of the throne or a solar disk and cow’s horns on her head. Her magical abilities are believed to be so great they could heal the sick and bring back the dead. In her role as mother of the god Horus, Isis is viewed as a powerful protector and a role model for mothers.

You can read more here

Mapping the Body’s Emotions


Emotions coordinate our behaviour and physiological states during survival-salient events and pleasurable interactions. Even though we are often consciously aware of our current emotional state, such as anger or happiness, the mechanisms giving rise to these subjective sensations have remained largely unresolved. Brilliant research by Finnish scientists has mapped the areas of our body that are experiencing an increase or decrease in sensory activity when we experience a particular emotion.

Researchers around the world are slowly integrating research on how our energetic and emotional states cause health and/or disease. How we connect emotionally to our overall wellness and well-being may indeed be more relevant than any supplement, food, exercise, medical intervention or health treatment. Finnish scientists have for the first time mapped areas of the body activated according to each emotion (happiness, sadness, anger, etc). This map was compiled following a study of 700 Finnish, Swedish and Taiwanese volunteers.


The emBODY tool. Participants colored the initially blank body regions (A) whose activity they felt increasing (left body) and decreasing (right body) during emotions. Subjectwise activation-deactivation data (B) were stored as integers, with the whole body being represented by 50,364 data points. Activation and deactivation maps were subsequently combined (C) for statistical analysis.

You can read more here

First Version of a 3D Map of Universe from the FastSound Project

This is the first version of a 3D map of the Universe from the FastSound Project, which is surveying galaxies in the Universe over nine billion light years away. Using Subaru Telescope’s new Fiber Multi-Object Spectrograph (FMOS), the map includes 1,100 galaxies and shows the large-scale structure of the Universe about 4.7 billion years after the Big Bang. The area covers 2.5 times 3 degrees of the sky. The colors of the galaxies indicate their star formation rate, i.e., the total mass of stars produced in a galaxy every year. The gradation in background color represents the number density of galaxies; the underlying mass distribution (which is dominated by dark matter) would look like this if we could see it. The project is ongoing and will eventually include 5,000 galaxies over ten billion light years away.

For more information on the 3D map and FastSound Project, go to: here

Earth had thin atmosphere 2.7b years ago


In the work of the Mystery School, we learn from Jalarm the Atlantean, that the Earth was not always in its present orbit, and was moved to its present orbit to enable warm-blooded forms of life to exist. Just as Jalarm told in the Mystery School, science is now beginning to discover more about Earth’s origins. This article, suggesting a thinner atmosphere prevailed, is indicative of a planet populated by cold-blooded animalia.

Air bubbles trapped in 2.7 billion-year-old lava flows in the Pilbara suggest the Earth’s atmosphere weighed less than half that of today and was far thinner than previously thought. The discovery has forced a rethink of how the Earth managed to stay relatively ice-free during that period, despite the Sun being much cooler than it is today.

Early Earth had flowing water and similar climatic conditions as today even though the Sun was much dimmer. Previous hypothesis suggests Earth had a thick atmosphere to compensate for weaker sunlight. Analysis of bubbles in Pilbara rock in outback Western Australia overturns this idea.

You can read more here


Alcheringa … when the first ancestors were created

This is the story of fifty thousand people coming from the Pleiades in a giant starship to found the human race on Earth.

It is not a simple story, but one filled with intrigue, deception, and the planned destruction of a mission that left only ninety survivors to be cast upon the Earth.

Part of the story was about their survival on a planet whose atmosphere they could barely breathe, a sun they could not expose themselves to, and a dangerous and poisonous environment that took many of the survivor’s lives.

Their struggle and success in creating our race is the miracle they brought. It is our past and they are our heritage.

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