December 2016, Newsletter №2

Hello Everyone,
We are home from our trip to the South Sea Islands, and we look to a restful Christmas – although Christmas can mean a lot of hustle and bustle for many.

In this newsletter we read about the extinction of the Australian Pygmies, listen to the Dalai Lama speak of our basic human goodness and consider the past and the hidden chambers in King Tut’s tomb room. We know of the Indigo children, the starseeds and the rainbow children – those children born with the full spectrum of light. They are the message bringers of the higher dimensions, these children, and we read about parenting and raising such children. We bring you images of a black hole swallowing a star, and you may listen to some music which reduces anxiety. 2017 as a numerology adds up to 1, and we examine this significance. What happens to the fish when lightning strikes the water? We bring you some data from the BBC about this interesting topic. (Be warned, don’t float in storms!) Christmas is a festive time for many and tables are generously laden with foods. We look to the Buddha’s Diet for clues about mindful eating. We celebrate the Christmas season and the origins of the Christmas Tree itself. And we wish you a Merry Christmas.


The extinction of the Australian pygmies

From the 1940s until the 1960s, it was fairly widely known there were pygmies in Australia. They lived in North Queensland and had come in from the wild of the tropical rainforests to live on missions in the region. This was a fact recorded at the time not only in anthropological textbooks and articles but also in popular books about the Australian Aborigines. There was even an award-winning children’s book tracing their origins. The more famous photographs of the Australian pygmies were reproduced in both the academic and the popular literature.

At the time, there was controversy about their origins but not over the fact of their existence. In 1962, the first volume of Manning Clark’s History of Australia recorded their presence on its first two pages and repeated the then influential anthropological theory about their origins and their place in the waves of migration of hunter-gatherer peoples from Asia who populated the Australian continent in the millennia before the British arrived in 1788.

Yet, since then, the Australian pygmies have been totally obliterated from public memory. To test just how complete this process has been, over recent months we have questioned a wide range of friends and acquaintances. Although most were well-educated and well-read people, none had ever heard of the pygmies, not even when we used some of their other, once-familiar alternative names such as “Negritos” and “Barrineans”. A few friends scoffed at the notion and demanded some evidence. They wouldn’t believe us until we emailed them the photographs.

The Encyclopaedia of Aboriginal Australia (1994), published by the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies, today does its best to disguise these people. It lists some of their tribes, including the Djabuganjdji, Mbarbaram (Barbaram) and Yidinjdji (Indindji), but does not mention a word about their stature. Only its entry “Rainforest Region” records the existence of “small, curly-haired people with languages which have distinctive features”, but the accompanying photograph of Yidinjdji tribesmen taken in 1893 does not give any scale or point of comparison to show that these adult males were only about 140 centimetres (four feet six inches) tall.

Read more about the Australian indigenous pygmies here


Dalai Lama: Our Basic Human Goodness

Tenzin Gyatso, XIV Dalai Lama

I believe that all human beings are of the same nature. At the mental and emotional levels we are the same. We all have the potential to become happy and nice people and we also have the potential to become very bad and harmful people. The same potential for these things is present within all of us; the important thing is to try to promote the positive and useful sides and try to reduce the negative sides.

Inevitably, the negative side will bring miserable experience. In the short term you may get some kind of satisfaction, but in the long run the negative will always bring some unpleasant experience. On the other hand, positive things always bring us inner strength. With inner strength, there is less fear and more self-confidence. With this inner strength, it is much easier to extend our sense of caring to others without any barriers, whether religious, cultural or so on. Therefore, it is very important to realise this potential for good and bad and to analyse it carefully.

This is what I call the promotion of deeper human value. This deeper human value is compassion-a sense of caring and commitment to others. These basic human good qualities are essential, and without them you can’t be a happy person. This is something very important, whether you are a believer or non-believer in any religious faith.

Among humanity there are some who have a mental disposition that suits religious faith, and utilising religious faith to promote these basic human values is something very positive. The different major world religions basically have the same message, the message of love, compassion and forgiveness. The methods to promote these things can be different, but as these traditions more or less aim at the same goal-which is a happier life, becoming a more compassionate person and a more compassionate humanity-the different methods do not present a problem. The ultimate achievement is what is important.

You can read more of the Dalai Lama’s talk here.


Nefertiti’s Tomb?

The Tourism Minister of Egypt Hisham Zaazou may have slipped up during a recent visit to Spain when he revealed startling information about the investigations into a hidden chamber in Tutankhamen’s tomb ahead of official press announcements due to take place in April. Zaazou said that the hidden chamber has been found to be full of treasures and will be the ‘Big Bang’ of the 21 st century.

According to the Spanish National daily newspaper, ABC, Zaazou made the sensational claims during a visit to Spain a few weeks ago.

 “We do not know if the burial chamber is Nefertiti or another woman, but it is full of treasures,” said Zaazou [via ABC] . “It will be a ‘Big Bang’, the discovery of the 21st Century”.      

Read more here .


Just for Laughs




5 Important Lessons for Raising Children in The New Energetic Paradigm

Children are still very close to their Divinity, having not been away from it for as long as we have. It’s easy and natural for them to remember who they are and why they’re here. They haven’t yet had the years of conditioning shutting them down. It is important to remember that they are here to equally teach us as well as learn from us.

It was 2 1/2 years ago that my then 8 year old daughter, Summer, stated that she no longer wanted to eat meat as it was making her feel sick. I supported her decision to become a vegetarian, although given our circumstances, it seemed an odd decision. I am a cattle farmer who also raises her own chickens and pigs and butchers them as well. The cycle of life and death is dealt with on a daily basis on the farm, and meat was something that was ate at almost every meal. It was to my surprise that within a year, meat had begun to make me feel sick as well. I quit eating it and have not had any meat for over a year now. I have never felt better – several health issues have disappeared as well as my psychic abilities have increased dramatically. It was Summer that shifted her vibration and I followed.

Another example of listening to our children comes from one of my closest friends. A couple of years ago she was out in the woods with her family for the annual chopping down of the Christmas tree. She was never very comfortable with this custom but she went along with it so not to upset her sons and their wives. But as her son began chopping down a spruce tree, my friend’s 5 year old granddaughter began screaming hysterically, “No! Stop! Don’t cut it down! You’re hurting it!” The little girl’s father scolded her for being silly as my friend tried to comfort her granddaughter.

As adults, we have become so desensitised and programmed by the old ways and traditions that we have forgotten our ability to hear and feel nature. Children have not lost this – yet. But with enough scolding they will. We cannot shut this down on them – the earth depends on us hearing her. Our ascension depends on us reconnecting and feeling our Earth Mother.

Sadly, this same little girl has also wanted to stop eating meat but has been assured by her parents that she needs to eat it. I have noticed vegetarianism and veganism becoming more and more common and I wonder how many children would naturally embrace it if their parents weren’t assuring them that they need meat to grow up strong. We have many other options available to us now. Meat is too dense in vibration for many of these souls.

Perhaps when our children come up with what seems at the time like a silly idea, before we respond we must first ask ourselves, “Is my response a result of my own conditioning, or is it truth?”

6 months ago my 9 year old son, Shep, felt the urge to stop eating meat as well. His mood changed dramatically from one of serious, brooding, anxious, and nervous to a much more relaxed, happy go lucky version of himself. Several nights ago as I was tucking him into bed he told me how he is so happy now that he quit eating meat and how he never used to be happy because he was always worried but he didn’t know why. He is a natural empath and healer and I now see that he was picking up on the fear vibration within the meat of the killed animals.

Of all my children, the most change has occurred in Shep and I am so grateful because he was prone to very dark, angry mood swings before. Another important element of his transformation leads me to number 2.

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Spinning Black Hole Swallowing Star Explains Superluminous Event

Readers of these newsletters will know that Valerie Barrow is one of the “Harmony Sisters” who serve all on this planet – and those in schools from beyond as both Jalarm the Atlantean and the Source of All Creation (God) have explained on many occasions. Much information about the formation of our planet, our galaxy and the Universe has been given, including the activity of black holes. In this light, we bring you some graphics of interactions between stars and black holes.



A Sun-like star gets into the area of influence of a rapidly spinning supermassive black hole in the centre of a distant galaxy. While its orbit gets constantly closer to the black hole the star gets “spaghettified”, creating an accretion disc around the supermassive black hole. When it finally gets ripped apart close to the event horizon it creates a bright flash, that could resemble a superluminous supernova. Source: European Southern Observatory

In 2015, the All Sky Automated Survey for SuperNovae (ASAS-SN) detected an event, named ASASSN-15lh, that was recorded as the brightest supernova ever – and categorised as a superluminous supernova, the explosion of an extremely massive star at the end of its life. It was twice as bright as the previous record holder, and at its peak was 20 times brighter than the total light output of the entire Milky Way.


This artist’s impression depicts a Sun-like star close to a rapidly spinning supermassive black hole, with a mass of about 100 million times the mass of the Sun, in the centre of a distant galaxy. Its large mass bends the light from stars and gas behind it. Despite being way more massive than the star, the supermassive black hole has an event horizon which is only 200 times larger than the size of the star. Its fast rotation has changed its shape into an oblate sphere. Credit: ESO, ESA/Hubble, M. Kornmesser

The gravitational pull of the supermassive black hole rips the the star apart in a tidal disruption event. In the process, the star was “spaghettified” and shocks in the colliding debris as well as heat generated in accretion led to a burst of light.


This artist’s impression depicts a rapidly spinning supermassive black hole surrounded by an accretion disc. This thin disc of rotating material consists of the leftovers of a Sun-like star which was ripped apart by the tidal forces of the black hole. Shocks in the colliding debris as well as heat generated in accretion led to a burst of light, resembling a supernova explosion. Credit: ESO, ESA/Hubble, M. Kornmesser

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2017 – Universal Year – 1

Universal Energy for 2017:   2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 10 = 1

A UNIVERSAL ‘1’ Year represents the start of a fresh new cycle – a new 9 year cycle of creativity, learning and growth.

A UNIVERSAL ‘1’ Year is a time to plant the seeds of intention for the forthcoming cycle – your deepest heartfelt desires, dreams and visions for every area of your life – relationships, health, finances, career, lifestyle, spirituality etc

The intentions & foundations you set in place during 2017 (preferably early in 2017), mould the field of potentiality and set the tone & flow of energy within your life over the forthcoming 9 years.

When we look at the breakdown of 2017, the numbers 2 + 0 + 1 + 7  firstly add to ’10’ which we then further breakdown to a single digit of ‘1’.  We can then look at both of these numbers 10/ 1 to understand more about the Universal energy of 2017 and how we can make the most of it.

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Buddha’s Diet

The Ancient Art of Losing Weight Without Losing Your Mind
By Tara Cottrell and Dan Zigmond
Running Press 2016; 240 pp., $16.95 (cloth)

By Cottrell and Zigmond’s own admission, the Buddha wasn’t concerned about us shedding pounds. What he wanted us to shed was greed, hate, and delusion. That said, if you’re looking to reach and maintain a healthy weight, there probably isn’t a simpler or more effective guide than Buddha’s Diet. Based on the middle way-a balance between unhealthy overindulgence and unrealistic abstinence-Buddha’s diet is essentially a modified version of what the Buddha recommended for monastics. There are no binding rules regarding what to eat; instead, the emphasis is on when and how. The Buddha taught monastics to eat only between dawn and noon and to eat mindfully. Buddha’s Diet likewise recommends bringing mindfulness to meals, but it broadens the window in which we can eat to nine hours a day. Citing cutting-edge studies, Cottrell and Zigmond explain the science behind why this diet achieves long-lasting results.

Available from Running Press or Amazon


When Lightning Strikes Water …

Lightning strikes the water at Bundall on the Gold Coast. What happens to the fish in the water??? The short answer: Lightning largely spreads along the surface
Fish, swimming beneath the surface, are less likely to be hurt than humans.

The typical lightning flash measures about 300 million volts and 30,000 amps, according to the US National Weather Service – enough to kill. Most of the electrical discharge spreads horizontally rather than vertically. This is bad news for people, who tend to float or swim on or near the surface. The lightning current is likely to radiate across the surface. Various different estimates have been given for the distance over which it would dissipate to the point where it would not be a harmful to a person.

“I wouldn’t recommend betting your life on that kind of calculation,” says Giles Sparrow, author of Physics in Minutes. “If you get out of the water and can’t find shelter, it’s best to crouch into a ball, rather than lay flat on the floor, as this also raises risks. If you stay in the water, you could try to go deep, but it’s unlikely you can hold your breath for long enough to avoid the danger.”

Fish, which usually move around at greater depths, are safer than human swimmers. Protruding heads or even entire bodies, such as those presented by surfers or paddle boarders, could put people in greater danger. “If you are in the open sea, rather like standing in an open field, you might become a target during a storm,” says Jon Shonk, a meteorologist at the University of Reading. “Lightning takes the path of least resistance.”

Boats can be fitted with lightning conductors, which direct the charge into the sea, while avoiding their most vulnerable parts, such as passenger areas or equipment rooms. It is recommended that these are fitted. Research by Nasa shows lightning is more likely to hit land than sea and that it is rare for strikes to occur in deep ocean areas. Waters just off coasts are more often affected.

Risks also vary according to seasons. “You expect more strikes nearer to land because that’s where the most heat and updrafts and storms build up, especially in the summer,” says Shonk. “That can change in winter, but that’s obviously a time when there are fewer people in the sea.”


Listening to This One Song Reduces Anxiety by 65 Percent, Neuroscientists Discover

Anxiety — that feeling of dread, fear, worry and panic — is certainly nothing new. Hippocrates wrote about it in the fourth century BCE. As did Søren Kierkegaard in the 1860s. And Sigmund Freud addressed the disorder in 1926. However, jump to the present and we’re seeing a significant uptick — especially with youth.

Pharmaceutical drugs tend to be the classic treatment for treating anxiety. Cognitive therapy is a common approach as well. Those with a holistic bent often turn to meditation, yoga, massage and other relaxation techniques. Music therapy has also been used with some success. But now neuroscientists in the U.K. have zeroed in on a single song that results in a dramatic 65 percent reduction in overall anxiety…

Anxiety and Generation Y

A 2013 survey found that 57 percent of American female university students reported episodes of “overwhelming anxiety.” And in the United Kingdom, the charity YouthNet discovered a third of young women — and one in ten young men — suffer from panic attacks.

Marjorie Wallace, CEO of the charity Sane, believes that generation Y (those born in the 1980s and 1990s) is the age of desperation. “Growing up has always been difficult, but this sense of desperation? That’s new,” she says.

The Creation of the Ultimate Anti-Stress Music

Researchers at Mindlab International in the U.K. wanted to know what kind of music induces the greatest state of relaxation. The study involved having participants try to solve difficult puzzles — which inherently triggered a certain degree of stress — while connected to sensors. At the same time, participants listened to a range of songs as researchers measured their brain activity, heart rate, blood pressure and rate of breathing.

What they found is that one song — “Weightless” — resulted in a striking 65 percent reduction in participants’ overall anxiety, and a 35 percent reduction in their usual physiological resting rates.

Interestingly, the song was specifically designed to induce this highly relaxed state. Created by Marconi Union, the musicians teamed up with sound therapists to carefully arrange harmonies, rhythms and bass lines, which in turn slow a listener’s heart rate and blood pressure, while also lowering stress hormones like cortisol.

In fact, the music is so effective, that many of the female participants became drowsy — to the point where lead researcher Dr. David Lewis-Hodgson advises against listening to it while driving.

But don’t take their word for it. Experience it for yourself here:



Read more here .


The Christmas tree: From pagan origins and Christian symbolism to secular status

A Christmas tree adorned with ornaments and lights is a centrepiece of the festive season. But have you ever wondered where the tradition comes from?

Evergreen trees and plants have been used to celebrate winter festivals for thousands of years, long before the advent of Christianity.

Pagans in Europe used branches of evergreen fir trees to decorate their homes and brighten their spirits during the winter solstice.

Early Romans used evergreens to decorate their temples at the festival of Saturnalia, while ancient Egyptians used green palm rushes as part of their worship of the god Ra.


Pieces of evergreen fir tree were first brought into people’s homes to brighten spirits during the winter solstice. (flickr: chintermeyer)

“The idea of bringing the evergreen into the house represents fertility and new life in the darkness of winter, which was much more of the pagan themes,” Dr Dominique Wilson from the University of Sydney said.

“That’s also where the ideas of the holly and the ivy and the mistletoe come from because they’re the few flowering plants at winter so therefore they hold special significance.

“So the idea of bringing evergreens into the house started there and eventually that evolved into the Christmas tree.”

Read more about the history of the Christmas Tree here .


A Christmas Prayer

At Penrose Park in the Southern Highlands of NSW, there is a shrine dedicated to our Lady of Mercy, represented by a replica of the Icon of Our Lady of Jasna Góra, known as the Black Madonna. The Shrine is run by the Order of St. Paul the First Hermit known as the Pauline Fathers. The Pauline Fathers have been custodians of the original Icon of the Black Madonna since 1382.

We have a young woman staying with us for the last 6 months.  She comes from Poland and found herself in urgent need of accommodation in Australia.  A lovely girl and one who has been blessed with an audience with Pope John Paul.  She is surprised to hear of the Pauline Fathers being only half an hours drive from where we live – in beautiful surrounds of natural Australian bush.  We are not Catholic, although we are Christian and of course in our many past lives we have have been Catholic.

We plan to visit Penrose park for midnight mass on Christmas Eve with our guest.  We have visited this beautiful place many times and find the energy there Peaceful and Sacred.

We want to honour the Holy family of Jesus and say prayers for Peace, Harmony and Goodwill to reign upon this Earth.

We will ask Mother Mary for blessings to also be sent across the Earth.

I send Universal Love to all of our readers and promise to write a little about our recent visit to the South Sea Islands – John is struggling with health problems and my time has been taken with helping to care for him.

You can find out more about Penrose Park here.




An Affirmation:

I am the Pure Light of Consciousness
Penetrating everywhere
And bringing all into the Light of God.



Alcheringa … when the first ancestors were created

This is the story of fifty thousand people coming from the Pleiades in a giant starship to found the human race on Earth.

It is not a simple story, but one filled with intrigue, deception, and the planned destruction of a mission that left only ninety survivors to be cast upon the Earth.

Part of the story was about their survival on a planet whose atmosphere they could barely breathe, a sun they could not expose themselves to, and a dangerous and poisonous environment that took many of the survivor’s lives.

Their struggle and success in creating our race is the miracle they brought. It is our past and they are our heritage.

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Two Soulmates Book Cover

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The Book of Love

Book of Love cover

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Blessings be with you and Universal love. Val.


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