Valérie Barrow is a psychic medium who gives her gifts, writings and teachings in service as an instrument of The Creative Source of All.

Valérie spreads the sacred history of the Planet Earth with help from Sanat Kumar, Alcheringa, Jalarm the Atlantean, The Creative Source of All and other ascended masters and beings from the Angelic Realms.

Personal readings are not offered. However, Valérie does work with people to assist them to connect to their own soul consciousness and their own Inner Guidance. Connection to soul consciousness often brings healing. Valérie also occasionally works with groups.

If you would like to contact Valérie about Regression to Soul Consciousness, you may arrange a Skype Session with Valérie. To do so, please use the email address on the card below.



Or, you may write to Valérie Barrow at this address:

Valérie Barrow, 
PO Box 925 
Bowral, NSW 
Australia, 2576