July 2017 Newsletter

Hello Everyone,

This past month has been exciting for many reasons. We read of suggestions that the really fast shooting stars come from another galaxy (Andomeda, we wonder?) and how researchers are finding the “missing link” between the hairy upstanding ape-like creature and homo sapiens, man, imbued with the Crystal Light within. We look at lucid dreaming and magenta colour cards, as Cosmic Sai Baba recently told that the colour magenta is a door to the higher dimensions. Once again, we look at Crop Circles, and note that the Wiltshire Police now claim that Crop Circles are criminal damage and urge people to ring 999 if they see anyone making one! Finally, we look to the Tutankhamen mysteries and consider a new tomb, possibly that of Egyptian leading lady Ankhesenamun.

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Newsletter, March 2017

Hello Everyone,

Once again, time plays its tricks, daylight savings comes and goes, and we witness evidence that the afterlife is real. The Soul comes and goes. We read that we are always one with our Oversoul, and more news of the glyphs of Gosford and how these are evidence of ancient civilisations in Australia. We read of mudras that will aid us in choosing our state of consciousness, and hence, our presence to the world. We also look to DNA studies of Indigenous Australians as evidence of their being the oldest race of hue-man, that is, the being imbued with the Crystal Consciousness, the hue-of-light from the Creative Source of All.

The Schumann Resonance has spiked and we witness extremes in the Earth’s magnetic shield with wildly gyrating geomagnetic storms of late. We look to synaptic pruning and how the brain deletes information.(The Angelic Realms has shared with us that the brain can be overloaded with information and data. It is like a computer disc, it can only take so much … ) and we go on to look at the significance of a recently formed crop circle. The International Space Station continues to show us new dimensions of life, weather and the Earth from above our skies, and we examine the soul purpose of pets. The Angelic Realms have recently commented on the role pets play in human life and the raising of consciousness; Pope John Paul II declared that animals have souls and are worthy of being treated respectfully. We look to the skies once again with Cyclone Debbie and offer our prayers. You many also listen to the message of the Arcturians with Ascension and how transformation may be integrated with our bodies.

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September 2016 Newsletter


Hello Everyone,

The Day of 9-9-9 passed an a bright spot lifted the Earth’s energies and sped us on the way to global transformation to beings of light and love. Like everything else in life, it is a journey to the light, and all journeys have their challenges. We welcome the bright spots with joy!

We seem to be looking at very large things in our newsletters, the Earth and all its water, Earth-like planets at our nearest star neighbour, Space itself, and the largest thing in the Universe. Rug up, it’s cold! We also look at the pride of Chinese social media, Yutu, the Moon Rover and experience Indigenous Australian places, like Dadirri, where we encounter the Earth’s narratives that give us a state of being … sometimes a self-discovery? I wonder. We look to the past again, with the discovery of another of Khufu’s solar barges, how Australia looked in the Ice Age and finish with a photographic story of a versatile koala.

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Eleanor of Aquitane Part 4 – England and Arriving Home

John, Valérie and KnightArriving in England, the intrepid explorers of the paranormal set off to explore John’s memories: Army, Royal Fuselier, and Charles Dickens. John and Valérie travel to Oxford, England, where they encounter Eleanor of Aquitane and the marker for the Beaumont Castle. Travelling to the coast to see the Rollright stones, they encounter crop circles. After alarums and excursions with John and the dental plate, more time is given to walk through John’s soul story.

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August 2015 Newsletter


Hello Everyone,
We have had lots of rain in the Southern Highlands, and our meditation room is flooded. Waiting for the Sun to come and dry us all out! We have been involved in much discussion and passing of information about how the original indigenous peoples of Australia, the Aborigine, sailed the Earth. So in this newsletter we bring you news of DNA links have been discovered between Aboriginal Australians and tribes living deep within the Amazon rainforest. Speaking of DNA, we all have ability to see colour. What colours are there that we cannot see at present? We explore the recent discovery of BLUE as a recognisable colour.

We also share news from Chief Arvol Looking Horse about how sacred sites hold energetic keys. and we revisit the recent flourishing of crop circles. Ancient Australia is in the news with an exciting archaeological find in Derby, WA, and core samples correlate the legends of the Luritja peoples about meteors striking the Earth in our ancient past. Many are awaiting something amazing to happen; for others, it is steady-as-she-goes (we need balance, we need the Feminine!!!) as the Earth passes through an energetic and dimensional portal.

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July 2015 Newsletter

Hello Everyone,
Valérie and John are on the move, and have recently travelled to Chartres to do PENANCE for all this Templar thing. They then Maureguard (Paris) and met with a group of people. Afterwards, they boarded the Eurostar Train in Paris and travelled to London. Moving on, Valérie and John will be staying near the famous Rollright Stones. Well, you wouldn’t guess, a crop circle appeared adjacent to the circle of stones known as the “Whispering Knights” the day Valérie and John left Paris! Their trip has well and truly been oversighted by “Upstairs”.

Of course, Valérie didn’t have enough time to read the email properly, and when they got to the Rollright Stones and the Whispering Knights, they found the Crop Circle, and walked the circle in the rains! Tsk, tsk. John has visited the Church at St Sepulchur where he used to stand guard when he was in the Royal Fusiliers; he is now aware of just how much of the Templars narrative is wound into his own life story.

After the UK, Valérie and John will journey home, where they will have a stopovers in Dubai and Singapore. Valérie will be giving a special transmission in Singapore – from Cosmic Sai Baba.

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Newsletter, June 2015

Sunrise at Stonhenge, Solstice 2015Hello Everyone,
It has been quiet days for John and myself, since our recent adventure with the steps inside our homestay house in Montignac. Much releasing has gone and John has also been deeply affected by our experience – which goes much beyond words and presence. I do believe that John and I are much more aware of and alert to the need for our world to release all that is hurtful, all that is negative, and to celebrate love and light everywhere you see. You will see how one young lass does so at the end of my newsletter. Choice for light is so powerful.


We have shared in many articles news of Uluru and how this is the home of the oversighting spirit by name Alcheringa. It is also the home of the Indigenous Mother Goddess Goolagaia. The Dalai Lama has fulfilled one of his wishes and finally visited Uluru. Last month we brought you giant sinkholes- this month we have the ocean whirlpools. We also have wonderful photographs of the recent Aurora Australis caused by the geomagnetic storms. We have news of a new crop circle from Wiltshire (nearby Stonehenge) and a Russian Scientist – using advanced Kirilian photography taking photos of the soul leaving the body! The Solstice has passed as this beautiful photo of sunrise at Stonehenge shows. The European summer has finally arrived and now we can venture outside in light clothes and enjoy the climate!

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November 2014 Newsletter

leo 256

Hello Everyone,
Welcome to our November Newsletter for 2014. It is a time of postive relations with the Indigenous Australians, and we bring news of a sugar mill in Bundaberg, Queensland, returning sacred objects to the local indigenous peoples; these objects (rather large rocks) were used for mens business and womens business. It is so good to see this recognition for the indigenous peoples.

We have witnessed to unfortunate failures of space adventures with rockets failing on the lift-off pad, and Virgin Galactic trials having an unfortuate result. We share some information about space debris and all the bits of various satellites and other launches around the our home, Earth. The images of debris give pause for thought. We bring you news of discoveries of ancient temples, and ancient flying devices. The language of the Ancients, the hieroglyphs, is taken up on one article. We reflect on the importance of the work that Dr Emoto brought to the world.

More and more material comes to light about the language of crop circles, and those who come with the messages; they come with love and peace to assist us in moving forward. The coming full moon meditation is an auspicous time for focussing on Divine Love and spreading this around the world. We hope you take the opportunity to serve all on our planet with light and love.

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