July 2015 Newsletter

Hello Everyone,
Valérie and John are on the move, and have recently travelled to Chartres to do PENANCE for all this Templar thing. They then Maureguard (Paris) and met with a group of people. Afterwards, they boarded the Eurostar Train in Paris and travelled to London. Moving on, Valérie and John will be staying near the famous Rollright Stones. Well, you wouldn’t guess, a crop circle appeared adjacent to the circle of stones known as the “Whispering Knights” the day Valérie and John left Paris! Their trip has well and truly been oversighted by “Upstairs”.

Of course, Valérie didn’t have enough time to read the email properly, and when they got to the Rollright Stones and the Whispering Knights, they found the Crop Circle, and walked the circle in the rains! Tsk, tsk. John has visited the Church at St Sepulchur where he used to stand guard when he was in the Royal Fusiliers; he is now aware of just how much of the Templars narrative is wound into his own life story.

After the UK, Valérie and John will journey home, where they will have a stopovers in Dubai and Singapore. Valérie will be giving a special transmission in Singapore – from Cosmic Sai Baba.

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