September 2016 Newsletter


Hello Everyone,

The Day of 9-9-9 passed an a bright spot lifted the Earth’s energies and sped us on the way to global transformation to beings of light and love. Like everything else in life, it is a journey to the light, and all journeys have their challenges. We welcome the bright spots with joy!

We seem to be looking at very large things in our newsletters, the Earth and all its water, Earth-like planets at our nearest star neighbour, Space itself, and the largest thing in the Universe. Rug up, it’s cold! We also look at the pride of Chinese social media, Yutu, the Moon Rover and experience Indigenous Australian places, like Dadirri, where we encounter the Earth’s narratives that give us a state of being … sometimes a self-discovery? I wonder. We look to the past again, with the discovery of another of Khufu’s solar barges, how Australia looked in the Ice Age and finish with a photographic story of a versatile koala.

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Alcheringa, Kariong and the Story of Humans – Part 2

Thumbnail, your mother is a star

Alcheringa, Kariong and the Story of Humans – Part 2

Continuing on from my last article Alcheringa has led us to the story of how the Star People came to this earth nearly 1 million years ago from the Pleiades (The Seven Sisters) and helped to create the first humans. He said that a group of souls would come together and speak of their past-life memory of being those Star People. This has come true – and the book Alcheringa when the first ancestors were created is a compilation of their memories.

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