February 2016 Newsletter


Hello Everyone,
Phew! It has been a month of healing and visits to hospital for both John and I. Cosmic Sai Baba is fond of saying “healing takes time” and we certainly know about that! Ha! In these times of the faster (time) energies of the 5th Dimension, we wish the healing would be over and done with! A BIG THANK YOU to everyone for your good-wishes, prayers and wellness wishing for us both. We certainly appreciate your thoughts and loving energy!

In this newsletter, we look to the wonder and mystery of nature with the flock behaviour of birds, the white kangaroo and colliding black holes in the Universe. We examine ancient technology in Egypt and the Secret Sphinx Tunnels. The Sun provides a colourful corona, and once again, scientists and researchers explore the ancient links to the modern homo sapiens. One organutan at Melbourne Zoo outsmarts them all!

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Egypt and Australia: The King Tut link

kingtutThe ladies of The Mystery School had conducted a session in November of 2015 during which part of the recording had been lost. Perhaps this was the purpose of “Upstairs” as media information emerged about discovery of a hidden room in the tomb of King Tut. We also discover that another of the participants in the Mystery School has direct connections with the narratives about Kariong and King Tut in their soul story. In this recovered session, once again we bring you an intriguing session of The Mystery School. You can read the first instalment of Egypt and Australia: The King Tut Link here

Stories of Kariong, Egypt, Past Lives and Starpeople: Reincarnation

the arkMuch of the stories connected to the Egyptian (and later, Phoenician) glyphs at Gosford has emerged since Alcheringa gave his first channelling at Kariong. In the many years that have passed, we have discovered links to the Great Pyramid at Egypt, the tale of the two Prince’s, the Westcar Papyrus and the links the original indigenous peoples of Australia, the Australian Aborigine have to the star people, and how they have stories of the starpeople coming to Earth and teaching them. In among all these narratives is the important element of time; time past cannot always be measured accurately, for there is much for the scientists to discover. More research into the history of Kariong and the glyphs is encouraged by great Spirit Mentors Alcheringa and Jalarm.

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February 2015 Newsletter

colourful sun

Hello Everyone,
Welcome to our February Newsletter for 2015. In this newsletter we read about an odd tunnel in the Kariong-Gosford region and the research of Steven and Evan Strong. Wanderers is video we bring which has visions of humans diving and flying through ice rings and the atmospheres of planets and moons in far away places; it is a vision of things that might be, asking questions. Some of the research and information given to Valérie by “upstairs” concerns ancient history in Egypt and we bring you two articles about the Nile Delta and the discovery of the tomb of a pharonic queen.

The pop song goes “Money, Money, Money” … what would it be like to live without money? We look to a lady who has done just that. Rumi tells us we are never lonely and that the entire universe exists within. Alan Watts brings a video about how the universe lives through us. The Institute of HeartMath shows us the power of love; other researchers look to the role of the Annunaki in the past, and we look to a colourful Sun. We examine Leylines and give you a link to a narrative about walking a leyline.

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Hieroglyphics Experts Declare Ancient Egyptian Carvings in Australia to be AUTHENTIC

Gosford Glyphs

Based in Egypt, the continuing research of the Khemit School of Ancient Mysticism is focused on the implications of the evidence left behind for us to discover by the indigenous and the ancients of Egypt.

Drawing on the expertise of hieroglyphics expert Mohamed Ibrahim and Khemit School Co-Director Yousef Abd’el Hakim Awyan (who has studied ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs his entire life), the Khemit School Team worked tirelessly over recent months, deciphering the mysterious (and hotly disputed) set of around 300 early-Egyptian hieroglyphs carved into remote rock walls in bushland near Gosford NSW, on the east coast of Australia.

And the result? Not only are the Gosford ‘Glyphs legitimate, the scribes accurately used several ancient hieroglyphs and ‘grammatical’ variations which, crucially, were not even documented in Egyptian hieroglyphic texts until 2012, immediately disproving all long-standing ‘hoax’ theories. The specific style of hieroglyphs used also provides a linguistic time-frame that places an Egyptian presence in Australia at least 2,500 years ago, while the translated text is even so detailed as to identify the ancient scribes, by name and occupation.

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Alcheringa, Kariong and the Story of Humans – Part 2

Thumbnail, your mother is a star

Alcheringa, Kariong and the Story of Humans – Part 2

Continuing on from my last article Alcheringa has led us to the story of how the Star People came to this earth nearly 1 million years ago from the Pleiades (The Seven Sisters) and helped to create the first humans. He said that a group of souls would come together and speak of their past-life memory of being those Star People. This has come true – and the book Alcheringa when the first ancestors were created is a compilation of their memories.

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