Stories of Kariong, Egypt, Past Lives and Starpeople: Reincarnation

the arkMuch of the stories connected to the Egyptian (and later, Phoenician) glyphs at Gosford has emerged since Alcheringa gave his first channelling at Kariong. In the many years that have passed, we have discovered links to the Great Pyramid at Egypt, the tale of the two Prince’s, the Westcar Papyrus and the links the original indigenous peoples of Australia, the Australian Aborigine have to the star people, and how they have stories of the starpeople coming to Earth and teaching them. In among all these narratives is the important element of time; time past cannot always be measured accurately, for there is much for the scientists to discover. More research into the history of Kariong and the glyphs is encouraged by great Spirit Mentors Alcheringa and Jalarm.

Further to my earlier article Kariong Research: Phoenicians and Egyptians in Australia the ancient Australian Aborigine used to know when the Story Teller for the Tribe was born or if a known soul had returned into a different body. They knew. They had greater knowledge from other dimensions.

Our stories are our Law. They are important learning and teaching for our People. They do not sit in isolation in a single telling. They are accompanied by song, dance and visual communications; in sand drawings, ceremonial objects and body adornment, rituals and performance. Our stories have come from ‘wanggatung waliyt‘ – long, long ago – and remain ever-present through into the future.

Alcheringa, the Creator Spirit Ancestor of the Australian Aboriginals – is well known to many of the tribes in Australia. He advises that John and I have shared many lives together and has given us many insights. I mention it here because when we were standing on the Great Pyramid of Giza we were separately given knowledge of my living a life as Queen Tiye and being grandmother to King Tutankhamen, – which is in my soul history. And John was her husband Amenhotep III, the Father of Akhenaten, who passed over before the birth of King Tutankhamen. We have been given a large memory of the Amarna Period. And of their belief in Honouring the Sun as the giver of life. Because of this we have been advised that we have been appointed to clear the mystery of what happened to King Tutankhamen and also the story of the Tomb at Kariong in addition to the story of Alcheringa, when the first ancestors were created who came from the stars.


The Great Pyramid of Giza at night.

Alcheringa also advised that not only does John have the Story of Amenhotep III in his Soul Story, but the story of Himel – a starperson who nearly lost his life from a snake bite when he came to save the Rexegena survivors, who were starpeople. He later reincarnated as the Prince who was bitten by a snake; only this time he lost his life, on the first mission to Kariong. John also has the soul history of the Prince who lost his life known as King Tutankhamen. (From time to time, John tells the story of “his coffin” in the Pyramid of Giza and how he unconsciously slipped back into the life of a Pharaoh.) This all sounds a bit unbelievable – but why are we the Ones who have been commissioned to help clarify the story? These stories are in our Soul History and Soul Herstory and we have been asked by the starpeople to write about it.

John in this life, as a boy suffered severe bone infection in his leg it took almost a year to heal. He still has a weak ankle and needs to wear boots for comfort. He has a very very slight limp. Often a past life trauma is re-opened again with a child to allow healing – it is not the same story but the emotions attached to that past-life trauma are experienced and lived through again by the personality. I, Valerie, also experience a recurring skin condition on my leg where the shackles were placed around the legs of Jehanne D’Arc – for Jehanne is also in my Soul Story.


Time Past, Time Present and Time Future

Time is a spiral of energy that acts differently in different dimensions. As we enter higher dimensions, due the vibration being faster, time is faster and difficult to measure accurately by conventional 3rd-dimensional linear time scales. It is not the same for the Earth has been in different dimensions over time. For example, at the Fall of Atlantis, the Earth fell from the 5th Dimension. Time is different and much faster in the 5th Dimension.



On the other hand, we have events recorded at an ancient time – this does not mean that (time) was when an event had occurred. It could be that a story is repeated at that time and written about long after the original event. Most histories are oral tribal narratives containing myth and legend and world-making. It is well known that the Old Testament emerged from oral history. For example, how many manuscripts speak of a Flood and of someone known as Manu? Manu is known in the Hindu Puranas, the Epic of Gilgamesh and the Hebrew Bible (where he is called Noah). And then we have Plato and other Greek historians who wrote of the fabulous city by name Atlantis under the water, and how the fall of Atlantis came about long after it actually happened.


The Westcar Papyrus

The Westcar Papyrus is an ancient Egyptian text containing five stories about miracles performed by priests and magicians. In the text, each of these tales are told at the royal court of Pharaoh Cheops (4th dynasty) by his sons. The story in the papyrus is usually rendered in English as “King Cheops and the Magicians” and “The Tale of King Cheops’ Court”.

The surviving material of the Westcar Papyrus consists of twelve columns written in hieratic script. Some researchers date the papyrus to the Hyksos period (18th to 16th century BC) and say it is written in classical Middle Egyptian. Others claim it may be possible that the Westcar Papyrus had already been written during the 13th dynasty. The papyrus has been used by historians as a literary resource for reconstituting the history of the 4th dynasty.

Colin Hayter gives a very interesting ‘observation’ on the story behind the Glyphs at Kariong and the links to the Westcar Papyrus. You can view these observations by Colin Hayter on Youtube.

You can also view an interview with Colin Hayter on the Gosford Glyphs done by Lisa M Harrison here.

You can read some interesting stories from the sons of King Khufu in the Westcar Papyrus on Wikipedia

Egyptian Hieroglyphs written during Ancient times–in Australia? Absolutely!

The Khemit School Team has visited, documented and completed an in depth study of the now famous “Gosford Glyphs” located near Kariong, about 60 km north of Sydney, Australia.

“Last February, Beatrice Awyan and I embarked on a journey of discovery to both New Zealand and Australia as I was invited to present a series of lectures in Auckland, NZ and Melbourne, AU. After we announced our journey, we were delighted to receive invitations from Sonya van Gelder and Steven Strong, to visit the Gosford Glyph site with them to view what many believe to be very ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs carved on 2 very large sandstone rocks in a remote area in the forest.”

Reports of these enigmatic glyphs date back to the early 1900’s, and there has been much controversy about whether they were placed there as a hoax,—or that they were in fact, carved by one or more Egyptians in ancient times. You can read more of this adventure and discovery by the Khemit Team here.

It was Sonja James van Gelder who sent copies of the Gosford Glyphs to the Khemit School,for their views. Patricia Aywan made a trip from Egypt to Kariong and then returned home presenting them to the Khemit School of Mysticsm having them analyse the Gosford Glyphs in Egypt and they gave a great deal of their time to it.

It is recommended you watch the 3 parts in video of the analysis of the glyphs. Note they had never seen them before. In particular the images almost at the end of Part 3 are a beautiful gift of knowledge.

All of these clever people mentioned in this Overview are of the opinion that the Gosford Glyphs are real – that they are not a hoax and that the site should be protected and researched more.


Soul Stories – “His Story” and “Her Story”

Alcheringa has also advised that Valerie (male in that life) was an assistant to the 1st Prince, who had been bitten by a snake. And he was very distressed in that he was not able to help him in that life as she had been able to help him in the life as a starperson.

“So there was a different outcome in the two lives but you understand – the outcome was the existence of a tomb – a tomb was a resting place actually for the stories of what had taken place and so it continues on up until this time now – although there was a return, over a thousand years after the first death, then but something like 3,323 years ago now, when the Egyptians, with the Phoenicians again returned to this place in Australia and reclaimed the bodies that were buried at the Tomb and then they were taken back to Egypt in ceremony. More Hieroglyphs had already been written by proper Egyptian scribes on the tomb walls at Kariong, recording the story before they left in ceremony with the bodies.

There were many recordings actually; this is why it sometimes seems to differ – but then they are karmically all connected if you think of humans with souls having many stories karmically linked with different lives and different historical – different time – stories but with the same emotional experiences.

The Ancient Egyptians thought highly of gold because gold and the energy from that was thought to raise consciousness. Gold in Egypt has been linked with gold found in Australia. Consider the gallery of objects found in the tomb of King Tutankhanamun.


Jalarm Speaks about the Phoenicians – Through the Modern Day ORACLE

Note: Jalarm (pronounced ‘Yalum’) is a member of the Hierarchy and has been visiting Valerie and The Mystery School providing insightful information about the history of this planet and the various races that have lived here. Such history goes back millions and millions of years. In the messages of the Mystery School, Jalarm has given much information about life in Atlantis, the various races of star people who lived on Earth and helped the earthling to evolve. Jalarm has also spoken of the Fall of Atlantis, along with information about humans falling from the 5th and 4th Dimensions and once again, evolving from a place of darkness to a garden of delights. Here, Valerie shares another message from Jalarm working with the Oracle:

Jacqui: Asked if the Phoenicians had been coming and going for thousands of years why did they not settle in Ancient Australia?

Jalarm: They did actually make a request to the indigenous peoples but they were asked to remain as visitors and students only, if I can put it that way.

Jalarm: The Phoenicians also brought knowledge and other information from around the world that the ancient indigenous people relished and were eager to hear.

Jalarm: Because in earlier days when the humans were first created, which was a long time before … (pause) … they had members of their own race (the Australian Aborigines) – with their own DNA who had spread out all around the world, and that is a different story again. There are races around the world that have the original DNA of the original Aboriginal race of Australia that began the interaction and creation of more races with Light around the world.

Jacqui:, Jill: ask: How did the Phoenician sailors first get here?

Jalarm: “There have been records of the Phoenicians visiting in many many places around Ancient Australia. So it is not just the existence of their visit in Kariong but also in other places and with the Egyptians also. The Indigenous people speak of it. Indeed so they had ways of tracking by the stars, by the currents that exist – they have already spoken of currents that exist like a figure eight and find its way around the world. They knew a lot because they were able to communicate with the star people and receive the information and direction from them. Also directions were marked and inscribed in stones which the energy spoke to them if you like. And helped guide them on their way around the oceans.”

(Steven and Evan Strong have been working with some of those stones)

Jalarm: “There has been many of these stones that have been found and, er, still confusion and wonderment among scientists – who tend to put them aside into a too hard basket. But when you understand psychic understanding within people – (you all have it) – that it is very easy to read the stone and use it as a guide to find its way around the world – or this Earth. It is a planet that is part of the Universe – it is not really separate at all.

Jalarm: Although many people think of it as separate – they also think they are the only race in the whole of the Universe. Does this make sense? Because there is no proof. But the proof is … (pause) … shown to them but is ignored because the technology is not yet always understood by scientists. Science and spirituality are closely aligned – in fact there is no separation at all. Spirit is in humans and the science of that, once readily understood, will give answers to everything. Thank you my friends.”


Alcheringa Speaks at Kariong about the Keys being ‘opened’