Newsletter, May 2017

Hello Everyone,

It is a time when all on Earth have to meet their challenges; the challenges of settling our differences without raising a weapon or setting off bombs where innocents are taken from life itself. It is a time when the challenges can be personal, and we have to slow down and take each day as a gift. It is a time of challenges when we are asked to use our discrimination with the information put before you. It is also a time of challenge when when spiritual realities are being manifest more and more in our world, and this is a sign of Ascension rapidly progressing.

In this newsletter we read of cellular changes, UFO sightings in the days of Ancient Rome, slow gaze meditation and of fair haired Egyptians. Ancient Egypt takes the focus due our earlier work on migrations of star peoples to Earth (the red heads from Mars and the deleted planet and the fair haired from Venus). We also know of the travels of King Tut to Australia to recover the mummy of a Royal Prince at Kariong, and hence announcements in Egypt draw attention. Jalarm the Atlantean, Alcheringa and the Angelic Realms have shared with us that information will emerge to reveal much more of our history. We hope you enjoy this newsletter.

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The Journey of King Tutankhamun to Australia

funerary-300x300The Mystery School examines the Journey of King Tut to Australia. Where did he land, did he interact with the Australian Aborigine tribes, and what was their response to these dark skinned travellers from ancient far-off lands? Questions are asked about King Tut and his array of sea vessels travelling south from Northern Queensland. They (the indigenous people) knew of the Egyptian/Phoenician people. They knew from where they came. You can read more about the travels of King Tut on the East Coast of Australia

Egypt and Australia: Part 2 of The King Tut link

sarcophagusThe January 2016 meeting of the Mystery School was planned to recover material lost from the earlier session. However, “upstairs” has a plan that more information needs to be uncovered for synthesis to come together about the journey from Egypt to ancient Australia (Lemuria) to be understood, and for this understanding to elicit further from the soul memories of those present. You can read Part 2 of Egypt and Australia: The King Tut Link here.

Egypt and Australia: The King Tut link

kingtutThe ladies of The Mystery School had conducted a session in November of 2015 during which part of the recording had been lost. Perhaps this was the purpose of “Upstairs” as media information emerged about discovery of a hidden room in the tomb of King Tut. We also discover that another of the participants in the Mystery School has direct connections with the narratives about Kariong and King Tut in their soul story. In this recovered session, once again we bring you an intriguing session of The Mystery School. You can read the first instalment of Egypt and Australia: The King Tut Link here