Pleiadian Mission to Seed the Earth

Valerie Barrow as interviewed by Althea Provost of InnerTV & Thea’s Heart

In this InnerTV interview, Althea Provost and Valerie Barrow explore Pleiadian involvement in the seeding of the earth as described in her book, Alcheringa.

Valerie Barrow is a Medium who transmits teachings from her guides – Sanat Kumara, Alcheringa and the Cosmic Sai Baba. She is the author of three books: The Book of Love by a Medium, Alcheringa, and Two Soulmates. Her numerous television and radio appearances, as well as Star People Revisited workshops have been featured in various countries from Australia to USA, Hong Kong to South East Asia.

Valerie Barrow states:

I have absolutely no doubt about the existence of star people. I remember being one. In fact, I am one that has walked into an earth body (with God’s permission). There are a lot of us that have come to assist with raising consciousness on Earth.

When you come here – you forget quite a bit – but the memory comes back as the frequency of the earth raises – that is why there is so much more talk about Starpeople these days. The younger ones coming to earth bodies now, can remember more easily.

Way back before, when Atlantis fell the earth was in the 4th dimension (about what we are now) Starpeople used to come and go easily but they had different bodies. Not Earth Bodies. Or earth race bodies – if that makes sense…

People have asked why don’t they come now? or are they all coming into Earth bodies this time?

And I can say Yes, they do come and go all the time in a different frequency that earth people cannot see as yet. AND they are coming into Earth bodies also – that is much harder for them. BUT they want to help you. They are our brothers and sisters – OUR FAMILY.

Even though there is a mixture of DNA that makes us look different from their races. We, meaning the Earth race, are a mixture of all sorts of DNA that has come from the stars in the first place. Some, shall we say are from a heavier frequency ready to learn and a lot with advanced frequency ready to move into the 5th dimension.

The Starpeople would come now, with greetings -straight away- if they were welcomed. At the moment they are being fired at…so they don’t see that as a welcome!!! The advanced Starpeople can easily disappear out of earth people’s sight.

The 5th dimension is the frequency of where all on earth, and the earth herself, are heading – it has the same frequency of Crystal or Christ or Christos – it is the level playing field for all Souls to attain – and is known as the GOLDEN AGE. There are already pockets of the 5th dimension on earth.

I would like to tell you about a time, nearly 1 million years ago in earth time, when Starpeople from the Pleiades came to this planet to help raise the consciousness of the planet and, even though they were attacked, they managed to uplift the ape-like, weapon wielding form of MAN – to a man of Light – our HUMAN ancestors.

Althea Provost is a Colorado-based writer, clairvoyant, intuitive counsellor and host of InnerTV. For more info on Althea Provost visit

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