Our recent visit to Uluru for the Cosmic Consciousness Conference held 12th – 14th January, 2018

The year before on 14th to 18th January we were at Ballina – attending the Close Encounters Conference where Archangel Mikael had asked at our regular monthly meetings with Cosmic Sai Baba if He could speak at the Conference in January 2017. Archangel Mikael had made his entrance so loudly it almost knocked everyone out of their seat. He announced that the United Planetary Nations wished to present themselves en-masse at Uluru – and possibly at other Power Points around our Planet. The 12th of January 2018 was mentioned.

That particular message in January 2017 was recorded by a professional filmmaker. After the conference – He couldn’t believe he had no footage or sound recording. He was beside himself. It had never happened to him in his professional life and he came from Hollywood. I re-assured him that it was possible Archangel Mikael had decided the date had to be re-thought and deleted the footage – they were capable of such things.

The filmmaker asked if Archangel Mikael would come back and give another message and that has been recorded as a YouTube video.

Archangel Mikael explained more then.

Since then people had been encouraged to attend the Cosmic Consciousness Conference in 2018.

It has taken this looong for 100 delegates to give feed back and the speakers (I was one of them) to speak of their experiences. Many have shared on my Facebook page. We were all overwhelmed, including John with the power that was there at that time leading to the raising of energy through to the 13th Stargate Consciousness.
The star people were present in many ways but not en-masse yet.

There is to be another Cosmic Conference to be held at Uluru in January 2019 and another in 2020 – this will be assisting preparation of the land in the Red Centre.
This also correlates with the Australian Indigenous clever fellas saying there was a ceremony that took place in ancient times but was never finished – they say it is a time when (in 2020) that the Earth will be joined with the Heavens like an umbilical cord.

Interesting that our beloved Sai Baba says he will be leaving in 2020 and in 2027 Prema Sai will appear but not be speaking, so it is said. The star people have wanted to come en-masse for a long time – but they are waiting until there is much less fear and when they know they will be welcomed.

Sometimes people are fearful because many of the star people have chillingly different images from us as humans, even though they are (or most) are beautiful beings.

Maybe that is the reason Cosmic Sai Baba wants me to speak of my OVERSOUL – it is Androgynous and the image is human looking and they are calling her Andromeda Val for this work. All of her race is human looking from M31 Andromeda Galaxy and there is no need to be afraid or nervous at all.

The feminine energy is bringing change to earth at this time, I am sure everyone will have noticed. It will bring balance to not just a Patriarchal Society but with a Matriarchal Society it will find Peace at last.

Andromeda VAL actually awakened me about 3pm one morning standing over my bed and standing about 7 feet tall. I awoke and reacted with shock at first then she disappeared but she was excited about introducing herself. This was early 2016 not long after we had returned from our stay for 6 months in France.

When I first met Sri Sathya Sai Baba, He called me for a personal interview. There were about 20 others in His private interview room. There was talk and laughter. Then He focused on me and gave me a bit of a hard time, which made me nervous. Then looking at the ceiling, turning around in his chair, He looked straight at me with a smile and asked, ”What is you name Val?”

Everyone laughed, including me, …..25 years later I am only just realising what He really meant.

Andromeda Val is now borrowing my voice box and speaking the Light Language of her race. It is the energy of the sound that is so beautifully healing and joyous.

When John and I arrived at the beginning of the Conference – delegates were invited to meet the speakers at a late afternoon party in the garden area of the hotel. I was wearing a simple light pant suit on which I placed a pretty assorted beaded necklace I had been given as a gift. While we were eating light snacks and drinking a small glass of wine I had my necklace pulled away from my neck – knocking the glass of wine in my hand wetting my clothes and falling into hundreds of pieces into the grass. I was startled and wondered if a malevolent spirit had attacked me. But no, I was advised by ‘my voices’ that the necklace held an unsuitable energy and had to be removed. It had come from Krakow in Poland and held the energy of the Holocaust.

Another lady said she had seen the whole thing and told me the same reason it had happened. Although she hadn’t been told what the energy was. I should have known better of course, not only do we need to clear our energy field every day but the jewellery etc that we wear also. It was interesting it then rained and we were all cleared of unwanted energies – including the wine spilt onto my clothes.

Mick Turner, White Orb covering his face and Kathryn Hand introducing speakers – I am on the right in navy dress minus the necklace. Is the spirit in the Orb the one who removed my necklace and its attached negative energy?

The next day was the Conference with compelling speakers from USA, UK, Egypt New Zealand and Australia. My role was to Introduce Alcheringa the Ancient Creator Spirit who tells us He resides at Uluru and then at the last minute Goolagaia the Black Giantess who tells us she is the 8th Sister from Mount Woolumbin who sleeps with the crystal at night. Then she travels first thing in the morning to Uluru with the sunrise. Both she and Alcheringa are from the Pleiades and hold the story of the creation of the first Humans. The Australian Aborigine know they come from the stars and they were created as the first Humans on the land known to them as Gondwana Land before known as Australia.

The following two days were workshops in which I was asked to run one for 3 hours. We had fun and a lot of questions were asked. Goolagaia made a short visit again and this time she really was at ease.

There were many stories and experiences received by all the delegates and speakers including the organisers Kathryn Hand and Mick Turner – a delightful and sincere couple.

John and I had hired a car and returned to our favourite place at Uluru – the Mutitjulu Waterhole. I have visited there 5 times now because it was where Goolagaia initiated me into the rainbow serpent energy.



It is interesting Alcheringa is also known as the “Golden One”

This is a photo taken by me at another time visiting Mutitjulu Waterhole when I was advised by spirit Goolagaia that the sacred stone (The book of Love by a Medium) had come from the stars – and was a like a little piece of Uluru and had been first found in the early white man’s settlement days. The man who found the sacred stone was attracted to a bright light coming from Cave Hill and took it back to the indigenous people – but at that time they were afraid of it. He was one of the Afghan Cameleers who travelled the outback selling goods off his camel. It remained with his family – respectfully – down through the generations until it found its way to me.

It is meant to tell the story of the indigenous people to create understanding between the black man and the white man. The Sacred stone has since found its way back to the clever fellas in Alice Springs.

At THAT time when visiting Mutitjulu Waterhole I called upon Goolagaia, the Black Giantess and the seven sisters to come to me and they did. This is what they did. Seven rainbow orbs with the 8th sister as a magenta orb who has been holding the energy of the 8th sister on earth from the stars until she returned – she advised me I was holding the energy of the 8th sister from the stars who would return when the time was right. Which is now. The Magenta Orb I have been advised just this last year is from the Galaxy Andromeda.

On the Saturday Night I was asked to conduct a sky watch on a nearby hill to the Sails Hotel. It was dark and I prompted everyone to join together in singing Om 9 times. They were also asked to call upon the angels (as there were visitors also there not from the Conference or thinking of ETs). The sound was magical and sounded so professional I was amazed. I have heard singing like that in my mind being a chorus of Angels. I didn’t want to disturb the peaceful energy that descended upon us all (about 80 or more) and ask if others had heard the sound of Angels. Later when I asked around, I found that they had. There was a definite feeling we were being watched from above.

Another evening….
I was prompted to move onto our verandah, room 371 at the Sails hotel, Uluru and thought that star – its different – it was just past sunset and it was so bright and sparkling and I felt it was moving very slowly upwards…knowing that the star people do sometimes pretend to be a star in the sky I decided to try and take a photo – but it wouldn’t let me. In the shot you can hardly see it but moving the camera away it was shining brightly. AND there were no other stars showing in the sky – yet. When I Zoom in towards upper – slightly to the left of the middle of this photo it shows as a crescent white light but not bright and very small????? Can you see it?

Came a time when we reluctantly packed our bags and checked out of our room. I asked John if I could stay for awhile alone to meditate as I focused out the window on Uluru in the distance. It seemed a good opportunity to call-upon Andromeda Val and ask if we could practice speaking her Light Language that is normally only spoken telepathically. I purposely did not record it. I wanted to just allow it to flow. So at last, she borrowed my voice-box and spoke her Light Language in a way that came through fast but joyous – if only I could remember how to speak it myself. I felt supremely up-lifted and grateful.