Regressions to Soul Consciousness

The beings from the Angelic Realms – with whom Valerie Barrow works with frequently – often speak of a soul consciousness and a soul path (or soul contract) for the lifetime that is taken up in the body. While the scientists and philosophers may argue that we are born tabula rasa (with a blank slate) it is not so. The mind and the soul are brought into the new body. The child is born, grows and flourishes with the love of family. Who we really are, however, is another consciousness that has always existed. That is known by the Soul. Valerie Barrow works with people who seek to know their soul consciousness.


What is a soul consciousness? An explanation:

“Not everyone realises that their Soul has a consciousness that has been with them their whole life in an earth-human body.  The Soul consciousness is always connected to the Light Being of who you really are and knows everything about you and your past and your future.  Remember you are just a small aspect of your Soul – the personality that you are living in this earth-human body.  Regression is only a word describing how you can enter an ‘altered state’ of consciousness and link to your Soul Consciousness – which lives in the World of Light at the feet of The Master Creator.  Or God if you like – or you could call it The Force of Life that dwells in the Consciousness of the Creative Source of All and is Universal Love.  We are all born from that – thus we are all God Beings and thus we are also Creators.  There is a need for us to gently realise that… and free ourselves from any belief patterns or emotional pain that keeps us from connecting to who we really are.”


Sri Sathya Sai Baba has told in various interactions with his devotees that:

  • the soul weighs 13 ounces
  • the soul resides on the right side of the body
  • the soul is found between the 9th and 12th vertebrae on the right side opposite the heart
  • this is a most sensitive region, if anything penetrates this region, stab wound or bullet, etc, then the soul leaves quickly.

As a light worker, Valerie Barrow goes on to develop the teaching of Sai Baba in a practical manner:


  • My understanding is that the Soul comes into the same area (or overlays) the hypothalamus said to be in the centre of the brain.  The energy of the Soul Light then spikes to the heart of the little embryo when the time is right for it to begin beating.  This is all very early in the creation of the little Earthling/Human.
  • (Also, incidentally I have come to realise the images received in the centre of the head are perfect truth – clairvoyant messages from the Third eye can be tricky but useful!)
  • I have no doubt that when fully grown the human Soul weighs 13 ounces.
  • That it resides on the right side of the body when we are older – this is how the Soul/spirit operates the physical earth body. (I work with the Soul/Light Heart to open when working with regressions with people)
  • The Soul is found between the 9th and 12th vertebrae on the right side opposite the heart.  (Of Course the Soul / heart is on the right side – it is in our Light Body)    (Our Light Body also needs a heart to keep it going until we return to to where our SOUL COMES FROM.)
  • The opposite side to the earth heart is on the right – I can readily accept if the Soul Light heart is stabbed or shot – it would readily leave the earth body because all the function it is performing as the Soul heart, would cease immediately.
  • It would be better to say the Soul BEGINS in the head.  (See the Soul as growing to a photo copy of the human personality.)
  • Don’t forget that is why we all have a  light aura around us.  AND that is why Jesus encourages us to shine like a lamp – meaning to free ourselves of shadow and allowing Soul Light (A gift and blessing from the Creative Source) to flow out from our heart (earth heart receiving Divine energy for our Soul heart.)

The Light Work:

Valerie Barrow works with people to help them access their soul consciousness. This is a non-invasive technique which encourages relaxation, awareness of deeper levels within, and approaching the Soul Consciousness itself with respect. Here, one person provides a testimonial to this approach.




Dearest Valerie,

Firstly, thank you for trying a whole new approach to your work and sitting in session with me via Sskype. Having been recommended by a valued friend and feeling that somehow we needed to connect, I trusted that and simply felt that it was needed at the time as regardless of my own work over many years. There seemed to be “something” I simply could not access on my own. I do not really know how to explain our session, or wish to even try to, … all I can say is that for the first time I completely dissolved out of the current reality and allowed / entered into something far greater which profoundly assisted in the integration of “my whole self’ over the ensuing weeks … 

I have no wish to detail my experience as I know that each person will have their own journey with you – however I would simply say to those wishing to relax and release into the beautiful presence and light that you bring … to trust you – and themselves – as they are in divine hands. I am deeply honoured and grateful for that connection and session, and know that it indeed helped to bridge something that I could not possibly access on my own. Your gift is innate, humble and powerful – all at the same time.

In love and blessings

Valerie Barrow works with people to help them access their soul consciousness. You may contact Valerie Barrow as per the information on the card below. (or on the Contact page.)