Links to other kindred spiritual websites

Narayana Oracle

The Narayana Oracle Website

Narayana Oracle is the sister website to The Mystery School, which has more information around material delivered via the work of The Oracle and Jalarm the Atlantean. Full posts from The Mystery School are given here along with material on Human Character and Energy, exploration of material given by Jalarm the Atlantean, the Rainbow Children and Cosmic Astrology related to matters contained the Mystery School Material. This is a website devoted to spreading information about Ascension and the 4th, 5th and Higher Dimensions. Click the image to visit the website.

The Cosmic Sai Baba


Cosmic Sai Baba is the website where Valerie Barrow gives the transmissions from the Cosmic Sai Baba, the Sai Baba without form, who is immanent and everywhere in the Universe, and the inner resident of every creature in creation. Transmissions are usually only given once per month, although from time to time, some additional transmissions may come through. Click the image to visit the website.

Relaxing Meditation

The Relaxing Meditation Website

Relaxing Mediation is the website of Gillian Young. Gillian lives in Port Stephens NSW Australia where she teaches meditation and facilitates meditation groups and workshops. Gillian’s interest in meditation developed from the need to conquer pain and manage stress. Teaching personal development and conflict resolution expanded her knowledge and stimulated her interest in understanding human behavior and how people build their belief systems. She also found that meditation expanded her spirituality and opened her mind to new and exciting ideas. Click the image to visit the website.

The Andromeda Council

The Andromeda Council is an intergalactic, interstellar & interdimensional governance & development body of aligned benevolent star systems & planets of sentient intelligent life… for worlds in both the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies. The Andromeda galaxy is also known as M31 to the people of Earth.

There are affiliated councils, groups or races, and the Andromeda Council, who are willing to help the people of planet Earth in its process of evolution. The time of Earth’s evolution has come. Visit the Andromeda Council

Shirley McLaine

Shirley McLaine's Website

Shirley MacLaine is an American Academy Award-winning film and theatre actress, dancer, activist, and author, well-known for her beliefs in new age spirituality and reincarnation. Shirley Maclaine has written a large number of autobiographical works, many dealing with her spiritual beliefs as well as her Hollywood career.

The Academy of Light


The Academy of Light is a centre for new energies, new learnings, balance, centering and is a place of learning. Staffed by John and Rosemary Butterworth, The Southern Cross Academy of Light have meetings at Neutral Bay on Monday Nights.

Hummingbird Healing

Hummingbird Healing Website

Hummingbird Healing is run by Belinda Pate, and together with the “team” in Spirit, their focus is to help you find your place in the infinite circle of life: to create a bridge between what is known and unknown. Hummingbird Healing invites you to explore the invisible which is pure creative essence and give it purpose and direction in the visible world.

Vara Maranda

Vara Maranda Website

Vara Maranda is an Aromatherapist working from the Northmead area of Sydney Suburbs and is a fellow traveller with Valerie Barrow on the path of light and love. Vara Maranda offers Bioenergetics, Aromatherapy massage, Pregnancy massage and is a Holistic Beauty Therapist and an Energetic Healing Practitioner. Var Maranda also offers Crystal Massage.

Afterlife Evidence


Victor Zammit, a lawyer, presents “Afterlife Evidence on his website. Mr Zammit has produced books and video about afterlife evidence. On this site you will get to know the findings of many of highly intelligent scientists, empiricists and other professionals who systematically investigated the afterlife and psychic phenomena over more than a century. AND you will get to know with absolute certainty that everyone survives death. The afterlife is inevitable and has huge consequences.

Friday Afterlife Reports

Every week receive by email a link to the latest FREE Afterlife Report containing news of afterlife research, fascinating interviews and videos. You can subcribe to the reports and read all the reports in the Afterlife Evidence Archives.

Cosmic Consciousness Newsletter

Will you consider for a moment that there are billions upon billions of galaxies in your universe? Now, consider the fact that most of your galaxy is unchartered territory for you, as humans. Now, take into consideration the diversity that exists on your planet. Now, consider that the kind of diversity you have on your planet is reflected out into the stars, the other worlds, and other galaxies in your universe. There is so much more, about laughter, about caring for the Earth, about climate change. There is a regular newsletter which brings new information weekly: Subscribe here.

Wake Up World


Those who are helping the Earth and all who reside upon her with Ascension to the 5th and 6th Dimensions speak of corporate greed and manipulation. Manipulation extends also to the media, which are owned by six large corporate conglomerates. Those who seek to know truth in the media need to resort to other sources. One such source is Wake Up World, which delivers news and information about the true history of our planet, our star-people visitors, how to detox and purify our bodies, how to eat good food which will nurture and sustain, and how to use precious metals to sustain and uplift our energy fields. There is so much more, about laughter, about caring for the Earth, about climate change. There is a regular newsletter which brings new information weekly: Subscribe here.

Blessings be with you and Universal love. Val.