Newsletter № 1 March – May 2009

Hello Everyone,

I am writing to welcome you to our new website – separate from the website. I plan to share other experiences and knowledge I have received from other worlds and to answer any questions you may have.

I am a psychic medium that has been trained in the early years to allow unseen Light Beings from The World of Light, to use my voice box to speak through me. It has been an agreement made with them long before I came into this physical body. Please ask me questions about that if you wish – there is a contact page on this website.

This web page is showing an infra red photo of myself in 1994 when the Light Being ALCHERINGA began to make his presence and use my body as an instrument. The Ancestral Spirit Alcheringa is well known to the Australian Aboriginal people and is described by them as a time of creation. Please see website and transmission dated 11.11.2008

He first introduced himself to me when I was given a sacred Tjurunga Stone, or Alcheringa Stone as it is known by the Indigenous people and who say the Alcheringa Stones come from the stars.

There is another page on this website devoted to the story of the sacred Alcheringa Stone that was given to me to care for, until it could be returned to its rightful place.

The Stone was given to me carefully wrapped in paperbark peeled from a tree and tied with string. I knew I was never to unwrap it, but I had been told by the one who gave it to me, that the Stone really looked more like baked clay, molded into an oblong shape and had been painted and marked with sacred symbols by the original owners. It has come from another world.

I soon found when I sat with it on my lap that it lifted my consciousness to another frequency and I was aware that I was surrounded by a blue-white light that was both beautiful and comforting. Each day I was encouraged to sit with The Stone and just speak. Speak about my own experiences until that time and later to allow Alcheringa himself, to borrow my voice box, as he put it, and tell me of certain events in our planet Earth’s evolution.

They asked me to write a book, to name it The Book of Love by a Medium and have it published. ‘Upstairs would help me.’ I was very inexperienced in writing, and not confident at all. It was only after I took the manuscript to India with the thought, “If Sai Baba blesses it, I will stop worrying and do as I was being asked.”

He did call me for an interview, along with 16 others in the group with whom I was travelling. I did not seek Baba’s blessing of the manuscript, thinking, “If I really have been communicating with Him telepathically, then He knows about it and will ask to see it.” Then after much laughter and talking to everyone, He turned to me and said, “Where is my green ring.?” I was taken aback, I hoped He wasn’t going to ask me to give it back to Him. He smiled and then extended His hand towards me, saying “Give it to me.”

He placed the manuscript on His lap and opened the folder then, taking the small photo of my new granddaughter, He removed it from the folder pocket and gave it to me with a big grin saying, “Granddaughter?” Nobody else in the room knew that I had asked him telepathically long before I arrived, would He please bless the new little baby if I included her photo with the manuscript.

I stopped worrying after that and had the book published in Hong Kong. If anyone would like to read about my experiences sitting with the sacred Stone it can be ordered from the order page under ‘Books by Valérie’

Please write to me if you have any questions about what I share with you.

Until then…

Blessings be with you and Universal love. Val.

The Alcheringa Crystal at Sartori Springs
Alcheringa is the Crystal still at Satori Springs. It shows a beam of light coming from the earth and crystal
on the day of the Blessing. Photo by Ross Perry.