One Shining Day

One Shining Day – A purple elephant tale.

Book Cover, One Shining Day

  • Author: Sondra, Anna, Rose and Carol
  • ISBN: 9781921883156
  • Format: Paperback
  • Year: 2011-10-08
  • Pages: 66
  • Publisher: MBS Press

One Shining Day

‘Wow,’ said Toby. ‘Did all that really happen?’ While on a camping trip, Toby and Stella get lost in the bush, bump into a wallaby and find themselves in the mystical village of Spudley Vale, where they are welcomed by the tiny potato folk. They meet Shepody the Windwalker who takes them to Rockring for the Shining Ceremony. This is the beginning of an exciting adventure, as the children learn to bridge the gap between the two worlds and, in doing so, fulfil an ancient prophecy.

‘One Shining Day’ is the first of a collection of stories revolving around the mystical village of Spudley Vale.

Book authors

ANSOROCA is a combination of Anna, Sondra, Rose and Carol. The authors Anna Dorling, Sondra Cracknell, Rose Klein and illustrator Carol Fairhurst who have been friends for many years, live on the New South Wales South Coast. They come from varied backgrounds but all have a strong interest in the arts and support community activities through their hobbies of music and various forms of dance. As mothers and grandmothers, they are very family oriented and have a keen interest in promoting strong personal, environmental and spiritual values for young people.

In the Purple Elephant Tales series, the authors’ vivid imaginations have created a delightful and ephemeral community with its own history, culture and values.

Carol is an accomplished artist and brings the whimsical characters to life in her colourful illustrations.




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