Extraterrestrial Presence on Earth – Lessons in History


The Star People are here on Earth. Some have been born here. Some were born elsewhere and have come to live here. Some visit in space ships called Motherships, UFO’s, Cloudships, and in space vessels that appear and disappear, go fast, go slow, go up, go down in the skies – like this. There is a lot of evidence. Here we have one Australian author – Judy Carroll – who is a friend of Valerie Barrow and includes Valerie and the mission of the Mothership Rexegena in her new book, and is quoting Alcheringa many times. The path to knowledge and understanding includes the Indigenous Australians, also.

Extraterrestrial Presence on Earth – Lessons in History is the new book from Judy Carroll, detailing the ET Presence on Earth. This book principally addresses the work of star-people (sometimes called ET’s, Greys, aliens and ‘men in black’…) many of whom have been tasked to help the human evolve. The popular language is that of ascension, stargates, the higher dimensions such as the 5th and 6th Dimensions. All this is overshadowed by the chaotic nodes of misinformation, control, abuse of thought on the astral plane and manipulation of energy streams. Many higher planetary and inter-dimensional helpers are here to assist Earth and humankind’s shift from 4th to 5th world consciousness. The expansion of human mind/awareness is the key to this evolutionary process, albeit in the midst of massive interference and mis-information.

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Inner Peace – a guide to meditation

Inner Peace – A Guide to Meditation.

  • Author: Gillian Young
  • Format: Paperback, 128pp
  • ISBN: 0 9581891 9 6
  • Publisher: Joshua Books: http://www.joshuabooks.com
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This book is desigend as a self-teaching workbook.
Each topic:

  • Examines a particular aspect of meditation;
  • Describes the techniques or skills involved;
  • Explains the desired outcome
  • Includes one or more meditation exercises where appropriate;
  • Summarises the main points to give a quick reference and reminder

My purpose in writing this book is to share my experience and to pass on the benefits that meditation has brought into
my life.

Many people are curious about meditation but are hesitant to explore it, perhaps due to fear of the unknown and lack of understanding of what meditation is. Some people are recommended to meditate as part of a health strategy, but don’t know how to begin. Others may associate meditation with cults or may genuinely believe that it is an anti-religious practice.

People who meditate regularly come from many diverse cultures and backgrounds. My own religious upbringing was in the Church of England, nowadays known in Australia as the Anglican Church. I attended a high school in England that had been founded in 1838 as a school for the daughters of missionaries and every school day began with prayers and hymn singing, which I enjoyed. Our religious education was Christian but non-sectarian with a healthy emphasis on responsible behaviour, honourable and respectful treatment of fellow human beings and acceptance and respect for the beliefs of others notwithstanding that such beliefs might differ from our own.

My introduction to meditation came through attending a course in Yoga and Stress Management run at the local evening college by teachers from the Satyananda Yoga School in Sydney. I enrolled in this course as a way of managing chronic back pain, but found that I gained much more than pain management from the tuition. It was my first experience of the philosophies and attitudes of non-Christian religions and became part of my on-going education in self-awareness.

Reflection set me wondering if the church services and Christian scriptures would become less meaningful once I began looking at the world through different eyes. In fact the opposite happened. I found more profound meaning once I started to listen in a different way. I also began to understand the similarities common to the major world religions and to appreciate different expressions of belief in a Divine Consciousness.

Once I began to meditate regularly, trivial conversation and gossip no longer interested me. This is evidently common amongst people who meditate regularly. I would sometimes find myself in a social situation feeling like a creature from another planet, with very little to say. At other times, unexpectedly, strangers would come and talk to me about spiritual matters and these would be wonderfully uplifting and joyful encounters.

The death of my mother, closely followed by that of a close friend, challenged my belief system, and forced me to confront my own mortality and find my own truths, rather than accepting without question the doctrines I had been taught.

In time the yoga practices, including relaxation, meditation and stress management techniques, enabled me to successfully manage my lower back pain. Since then I have met many people who find meditation contributes substantially to health management and lifestyle enhancement.

A background in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry led me to introduce relaxation techniques to students who were training for supervisory and management positions. The Hospitality Industry is a stressful, frenetic environment and I believe that employees need strategies to prevent them suffering from burnout and to help them handle the pressure of constantly dealing with people. I was often asked to make a recording of guided meditation, which I did after giving up full time work.

Eventually I was able to devote time to expanding my knowledge and working with other people. Teaching experience gave me the skills to teach meditation. Meditation practices have proved vital in dealing with a series of traumas in my life including the death of my daughter in a plane crash. This has been the greatest learning experience of all.

Meditation has opened many doors for me into areas of expanded consciousness and is now part of everything I do.

On account to the simple method, giving account of the desired outcome and allowing readers the freedom to have different outcomes, and the simple reminders at the end of chapters, many who are beginners in meditation and inner self management might find this book an important bedside companion.

Peaceful and Beautiful

2012 Messages: Predictions and revelations about 2012 and the Grand Shift of the Ages

Book Cover, 2012 Messages

2012 Messages is a collection of detailed predictions and insights from notable psychics, channels and intuitives about 2012 and beyond. One chapter contains the work of Valerie Barrow.

We are headed into new territory where there are new rules. Humanity and the Earth itself are evolving now—a lightening fast quickening—and we are being offered the chance to take back our power and use it to create a New Earth.

We are waist-deep in this transition and the road ahead may be rough for a time, but through foreknowledge, spiritual understanding and the release of the fear of change and the unknown, we will all be a part of the birth of a new consciousness.

Gathered from over a dozen psychics and channelers, intuitives, even the Mayan Elders themselves, comes needed information about the time period we are living in right now – 2012.

Valerie Barrow has been a light-worker for many years. Author Craig Howell has included material from the Cosmic Sai Baba, as channelled by Valerie Barrow. The author also mentions how helpful the messages given by Alcheringa have been.

Is this the “End Times”, or just the end of a time and the beginning of another? The sources say we are at the threshold of the birthing of a new consciousness, but with birth comes upheaval as the old ways struggle to remain in a new world where they have no place. We are in this transition from the old to the new. It is coming on so quickly, we will barely have time to catch our breath between the massive changes that are about to occur in our economic systems, on the earth and within ourselves.

This time has been foretold in prophecy after prophecy for thousands of years, but known mostly through the attention on the Mayan Calendar called The Tzolkin, which some say ends on December 21, 2012 after over 5200 years. This has caused great fear and uncertainty among the masses.

This book answers many questions about this year and this time period we are in: A Grand Shift of the Ages. There are many possibilities, but one thing is certain: after the transition is complete, things will never be the same again.

  • What may happen on December 21, 2012?
  • Will there be a pole shift or magnetic pole reversal?
  • Is time speeding up as the Earth’s rotation slows down?
  • Are we entering a “time of truth” where all will be revealed?
  • Will this be the year of almost instant manifestation of our focus?
  • Are we at a crossroads in our evolution and which path will we choose?
  • How could releasing fears about 2012 be your best protection?
  • Could the world financial system shift to a new model?
  • Will we witness the start of the collapse of the political system in the U.S.?
  • What wild weather or earth changes could occur and where?
  • Are we shifting along with the Earth into a higher dimension?
  • Could a massive solar flare create havoc with our grid?
  • What are the Mayan Elders messages to the world from their own prophecies and teachings?

Craig Howell has been a published writer since 1993 when he created and published his holisitc/metaphysical monthly publication, “The Wheel” He has since created four books: “A Flower Unfolds” (spiritual giftbook), “Through the Eyes of Kwan Yin” (Q&A with a Kwan Yin channel), “Spiritual Teachings for Young Souls” (basic teachings for teen empowerment) and “2012 Messages”. He has contributed to many publications online and in print, most recently in Dell Horoscope Magazine.

This book is available in several versions. You may order this book online.


Valerie says that she has also listened to Craig’s CDs and found the sound was from another world. Valerie shares, “I immediately, when listening to Mayan Days of Sound felt my eyes clear and my body buzz all over. The sound I felt was clearing and balancing my energy field. I asked John to listen and he shivered and then said, he felt his body buzzing also. Highly recommend people to listen to his work.”

Afterlife by Barry Eaton

Book Cover, Afterlife, by Barry Eaton

While most people Barry Eaton has spoken with over the years have a belief in some form of life after death, it seems amazing to him that there are so many others who believe in absolutely nothing. After dying they appear happy to accept that the lights simply go out and we completely cease to exist in any way.

Perhaps it is fear of the unknown that makes so many people shy away from even thinking about what happens when we pass over. I wanted to investigate this often taboo subject to give another side of the story. Life continues, we never really die.

The idea that we can be born into such a wonderful world strongly indicates life is not a random event. The clockwork nature of the cosmos does not support the idea of chaos in any way. Life on earth is not some kind of biological accident on a random planet in the solar system. There is a meaning and a purpose to it all.

Finding this meaning is something too few people concern themselves with, unfortunately. It is much easier to let everyday life roll by, rather than look at the deeper questions, such as who are we, why are we here, where did we come from and where do we go after death?

Based on his own amazing experiences of life between lives and numerous communications with those who have passed over, Barry Eaton answers many questions about the spirit world you’ve been longing to ask.

* What happens when someone dies and what does it feel like?

* Do we all go to the same place?

* Can we communicate with those in the afterlife?

* What is the tunnel experience all about?

* Are we reunited with family and friends after we die?

* How does our grief impact on those who have passed on?

* Do people in the afterlife watch over us?

* How do people who die in accidents, war or disasters fare?

* Is there such a place as hell?

These questions and a lot more are addressed in Afterlife

To order your copy of “Afterlife” online please contact the publishers Allen & Unwin – www.allenandunwin.com

## Afterlife was published in Hungary in June and is released in the United States in December 2011

Copies are now available on Amazon in both printed and e book versions

* It is also now distributed in the UK and Europe, South Africa, Asia and India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan…distributor details on publisher’s website

One Shining Day

One Shining Day – A purple elephant tale.

Book Cover, One Shining Day

  • Author: Sondra, Anna, Rose and Carol
  • ISBN: 9781921883156
  • Format: Paperback
  • Year: 2011-10-08
  • Pages: 66
  • Publisher: MBS Press

One Shining Day

‘Wow,’ said Toby. ‘Did all that really happen?’ While on a camping trip, Toby and Stella get lost in the bush, bump into a wallaby and find themselves in the mystical village of Spudley Vale, where they are welcomed by the tiny potato folk. They meet Shepody the Windwalker who takes them to Rockring for the Shining Ceremony. This is the beginning of an exciting adventure, as the children learn to bridge the gap between the two worlds and, in doing so, fulfil an ancient prophecy.

‘One Shining Day’ is the first of a collection of stories revolving around the mystical village of Spudley Vale.

Book authors

ANSOROCA is a combination of Anna, Sondra, Rose and Carol. The authors Anna Dorling, Sondra Cracknell, Rose Klein and illustrator Carol Fairhurst who have been friends for many years, live on the New South Wales South Coast. They come from varied backgrounds but all have a strong interest in the arts and support community activities through their hobbies of music and various forms of dance. As mothers and grandmothers, they are very family oriented and have a keen interest in promoting strong personal, environmental and spiritual values for young people.

In the Purple Elephant Tales series, the authors’ vivid imaginations have created a delightful and ephemeral community with its own history, culture and values.

Carol is an accomplished artist and brings the whimsical characters to life in her colourful illustrations.




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The Magic Alchemy

The Magic Alchemy – Forgiveness
by Anthony Emmett

Book Cover, The Magic Alchemy - Forgiveness, by Dr Anthony Emmett

Alchemy was the ancient practice of seeking by chemical means to change base metals of little value into gold, the most precious of metals on Earth. Sir Issac Newton, the distinguised British physicist, mathematician, astronomer and natural philosopher, was also an alchemist.

Alchemy is both a philosophical and spiritual discipline wherein one attempts to transform that which is base into that which is of the highest purity. What is the highest purity? That purity is purity of thought, word and action or deeds.

Here, Dr Anthony Emmett, a retired reconstructive surgeon from the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, ponders and explores the greatest of all alchemical transformations within the human person: that of Forgiveness.

This book is filled with simple, one page reflections in decorated and bordered text, reflections on the alchemy of Forgivness.

The secret alchemy of
Converting the dross metal
Of hatred and bitterness
To golden joy of love
Comes with embracing
Forgiveness within.
Of findign infinite life
In our consciousness
In the many levels of knowong
We can access with
Giving some insight to
The wider life of love
Through this lovely earth
To wider dimensions beyond
As we learn the lessons
We came here for.


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Love is the Way

Love is the Way
by Anthony Emmett

Book Cover, Love is the Way by Dr Anthony Emmett

We are all beings of very Love itself. Our bodies, our thoughts, all our actions manifest love in one form or another. Everything else that is not love, is a self-deception.

Love, in its many forms is the basis of our lives. This book is about self-realisation through love. It is also about healing ourselves and the world, in these troubled times.

Here, Dr Anthony Emmett, a retired reconstructive surgeon from the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, writes and delineates the simple spirit of love within which gives the strength and courage to deal with this life, this place, these circumstances that we find ourselves in.

This small, pocket-sized book is filled with simple, gentle, flowing reflections on love. An excellent little tome to keep in the shirt pocket or the purse, to take out for reflective reading from time to time.


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The Hidden Mystery

The Hidden Mystery
by Dr Anthony Emmett

Book Cover, The Hidden Mystery, by Dr Anthony Emmett

This book is intended to be a practical guide for those engaged on the exploration of the spirit within. It is only a beginning, and in the list of further reading are the books that have helped us on this journey of exploration. Seeking the God within requires application and self-discipline but is fully rewarded. As Sai Baba says, he is showing the way to find God in this age, whether you wish to do this within yourself or whether you do so through whatever religion you were raised with, is your choice.”

This is the account of a young man from Ayr, Queensland, who followed his father into medical practice and qualified in the UK as a reconstructive surgeon (sometimes called a ‘Plastic Surgeon’). The author reflects that he has had spiritual guidance in unrelated compartments of his life, from a young man making boats, the practice of surgery, and after his surgery was discontinued, as an artist working with sculpture.

The reconstructive surgeon took one year off during 1986 from his practice and visited many ancient sites and spiritual places. He attended various psychic readers and learned of the spiritual realm, culminating in a visit to Sai Baba.

There is a diverse introduction to the spiritual life, commencing with reincarnation, the general karmic theory, divinity, inspiration, life after death, and the purpose of human incarnation. There is good integration between the author’s medical and surgical background and the broadminded introduction to spirituality.


The price of The Hidden Mystery is AU$15 plus post and packaging. Currently orders can be despached to addresses in Australia, provided payment is in Australian funds.

This book is available for $15 plus postage and packaging. Payment options may be either through Paypal or Cheque/Money order Please use the contact page to make your order. You will be advised the amount to pay (Postage rate is on distance sent – you will need to give us your postal code and location;) go to the Book Order Page