The Hidden Mystery

The Hidden Mystery
by Dr Anthony Emmett

Book Cover, The Hidden Mystery, by Dr Anthony Emmett

This book is intended to be a practical guide for those engaged on the exploration of the spirit within. It is only a beginning, and in the list of further reading are the books that have helped us on this journey of exploration. Seeking the God within requires application and self-discipline but is fully rewarded. As Sai Baba says, he is showing the way to find God in this age, whether you wish to do this within yourself or whether you do so through whatever religion you were raised with, is your choice.”

This is the account of a young man from Ayr, Queensland, who followed his father into medical practice and qualified in the UK as a reconstructive surgeon (sometimes called a ‘Plastic Surgeon’). The author reflects that he has had spiritual guidance in unrelated compartments of his life, from a young man making boats, the practice of surgery, and after his surgery was discontinued, as an artist working with sculpture.

The reconstructive surgeon took one year off during 1986 from his practice and visited many ancient sites and spiritual places. He attended various psychic readers and learned of the spiritual realm, culminating in a visit to Sai Baba.

There is a diverse introduction to the spiritual life, commencing with reincarnation, the general karmic theory, divinity, inspiration, life after death, and the purpose of human incarnation. There is good integration between the author’s medical and surgical background and the broadminded introduction to spirituality.


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