Extraterrestrial Presence on Earth – Lessons in History


The Star People are here on Earth. Some have been born here. Some were born elsewhere and have come to live here. Some visit in space ships called Motherships, UFO’s, Cloudships, and in space vessels that appear and disappear, go fast, go slow, go up, go down in the skies – like this. There is a lot of evidence. Here we have one Australian author – Judy Carroll – who is a friend of Valerie Barrow and includes Valerie and the mission of the Mothership Rexegena in her new book, and is quoting Alcheringa many times. The path to knowledge and understanding includes the Indigenous Australians, also.

Extraterrestrial Presence on Earth – Lessons in History is the new book from Judy Carroll, detailing the ET Presence on Earth. This book principally addresses the work of star-people (sometimes called ET’s, Greys, aliens and ‘men in black’…) many of whom have been tasked to help the human evolve. The popular language is that of ascension, stargates, the higher dimensions such as the 5th and 6th Dimensions. All this is overshadowed by the chaotic nodes of misinformation, control, abuse of thought on the astral plane and manipulation of energy streams. Many higher planetary and inter-dimensional helpers are here to assist Earth and humankind’s shift from 4th to 5th world consciousness. The expansion of human mind/awareness is the key to this evolutionary process, albeit in the midst of massive interference and mis-information.

Overview and Introduction

It is instructive to pay attention to the dedication of this book, for this somewhat maps the terrain of what the purpose and contents of this book are. We are urged to understand our universe in terms of Oneness, understand our universe in terms of Energy, and to understand ourselves as Oneness and Energy, which enables us to choose love over fear. As energy never dies but simply takes new shape and form, all these are then statements about the human form, the energies and emotions with the cycle of life, which is unending. This is not a book about reason (for reason is circular and comes back to the place it started from) this is a book about experience of other dimensions, experience of other forms of human life and understanding those forms of life – choosing love over fear. One might be doing all this for their very own selves, if only to survive the depths of other compelling emotions. Can we do this simply by using our reason?

The Angelic Realms tell us that reason really only functions on this place, this Earth, this 3D – 4D reality. The third and fourth dimensions. What might we say about beings that live on Venus, Mars, and on our Sun? What dimensions do these beings live in? Certainly not the third dimensions with bodies that breathe oxygen, hydrogen and other trace gasses, and exhale carbon dioxide… definitely not on our Sun. Those beings live on energy, they are energy and form, they continue with existence because they connect to this energy they call Source or Oneness. And the author begins and ends this book on the topic of choosing love over fear, Oneness over separation and duality. These are learned lessons, integrated with the spirit within. So who is the author, what is her experience and what does this book have to tell us about the history of our planet?

This book comes from Judy Carroll, author of Human by Day, Zeta by Night. Judy Carroll also authored The Zeta Message – connecting all beings in Oneness with Helene Kaye. Both books give a first hand account of experience of the Zeta Reticulans, who are here to help the human, the earthling evolve and rediscover their nature as star people. The greatest message of the Zeta’s is that we are powerful and that our thoughts matter. This is contrast to the messages of those who control the public spheres of our lives, our actions and our beliefs: the Repterrans and the Controllers who do just that – control human belief and behaviours through transnational media, the international financial systems, the traditions and beliefs taught in religions and in education, and the so-called prudential management of society and culture by politicians. To understand this, we need to go back to the start, to the beginnings of creativity on this planet.

It is said that “In the West, the inhabitants of all lands are, more or less, adherents of the Christian religion. Though all of them adore one God, they have been slaughtering each other by methods far more horrible than wild animals resort to. Do they not wage wars in which people remote from the scene of conflict including innocent women, children and the aged are wiped off the earth by merciless fire-power?” This is an excellent summation of human behaviour and the reason for the author’s attention to the nature of God and Original Sin as myths propagated by the original life forms on Earth in order to keep man in their control. There have been at least two genesis events on Earth – the first resulting in a reptoid human species, the second resulting in a primate human species. Some members of this reptoid species called Repterrans or Controllers rebelled against the original group and took control of Planet Earth. Wars were fought over this, but the Repterran Controllers and their Blond allies (Reptoid/Pleiadian hybrids) remain to this day, still in charge. They are also known as the Elites or Illuminati.




There are many, many alternate evaluations of what is happening on Earth in this day and age, and the Internet can give alternate media sources to fill out the identities, background and activities of the Elites or Illuminati as they wend their ways seeking ever to control life and beliefs on Earth. Judy Carroll calls them Repterrans or Controllers. In speaking about the ET’s – who are here to help (and we need to use discernment about this) – (in other words we never let go of our sense of right and wrong, truth and untruths) – Judy Carroll says they’re teaching us to perceive things more deeply; to see past the shallow outer layer of any given situation. They tell us to always look for three reasons. The ETs don’t see reality in terms of physical matter. They see everything in terms of energy. Things are not always as they appear on the outside, but on Earth that is how we perceive reality to be, limited by our narrow 3-D awareness. The ETs are trying to help us to move beyond this, which can be very daunting for the human psyche. Just who are these ET’s who make things so challenging?

There are those called Zetas and Greys. The Zeta Reticulan culture is actually composed of a number of different planetary groups who reside in the Zeta Reticuli star system. There are blue-gray Arcturians height is around 5 feet for males and 4 feet for females. There are several different groups of Pleiadians, but the ones most closely associated with Earth visitation are the Meropians, whose home world is a large Earth-like planet known as Meropes, which is a forested planet with abundant water, and a climate similar to that of Earth but with less severe winters. Lyrans are a race closely related to the Pleiadians and Earth-humans. They are brown-eyed and tanned, with light gray eyes and reddish-brown hair, and are record keepers who maintain large storehouses of information rather like the Akashic Records of Earth. There are Reperrans and Controllers. Disappointed not to see the Leonines mentioned. They are represented on Earth with the Sphinx energy. These are the Lion people and energy and DNA comes from them in creating the human. There were different names of course – used by the star people at that time – but you can recognise this because their DNA was used to create all cats upon this Earth at that time. And also what you call bears.

This book opens with important references to Energy and Oneness, details misleading myths about God and Original Sin and the author has written earlier books about her experience of Zeta and the Zeta Message. She tells she has a blended – melded soul of both Zeta and Human. The ET’s challenge us to examine all matters carefully, and these starpeople come from the Zeta Reticulan star system. There are also starpeople from Arcturus, Pleiadians, Meropians, Sirians, Lyrans, along with reptilian creatures called Repterrans and Controllers. These were created by the Draco. Leonines are the peace keepers of the star systems, and there are snake beings from the Naga system and there are also the Hathors with the strange looking ears. We move on to the next section of this book.




Looking Deeper into old stories

Wandjina are referenced to the Garden of Eden, in which hominid beings were kept separate from other primate beings and retained a very pure and untainted understanding of their off-planet heritage, which has been faithfully passed down over generations. (This is true of the indigenous peoples, who were the first storytellers and preserved their narratives in artwork, the landscape, their totemic ancestors and in their Dreaming. It is still Dreamtime now. Their artwork still accurately depicts the Wandjina Creator Beings surrounded by their aura of Light Energy, and the traditional indigenous people still stay faithful to their role of Wisdom Keepers and Caretakers of the Land. Their languages are very complex, with deep underlying spiritual connotations and understandings that cannot be translated into modern Earth plane languages, so many misunderstandings have occurred. There are many leaves of the Creation story – these express separation, duality, Oneness and the challenges of the human after the Fall of Atlantis.




Controlling Beliefs

A lot of attention is given in this book to God, the Angels, the Bible stories, Genesis and Noah’s Ark. As we mentioned earlier, most of western civilisation is brought up with the story of the One God, the Christian narrative and behave atrociously towards their own kind. They are also severely limited by their beliefs and myths which have been interfered with and propagated by the Repterrans and Controllers. These stay in control if they can control what it is you believe to be true. And the Repterrans have put out stories about negative aliens, terrifying abductions, and interfered with memories, human and hybrid. Let’s look at the Biblical example.

The Genesis story is a mythological account of a theological truth; that is, Source, Oneness, is the key Source of the Creation of the ALL. Introduced into this narrative is the Fall from the Garden of Eden, the casting out of Man and Woman from the Divine Presence, and humanity having to suffer separation from God and to work and obtain their daily bread by the sweat of their brow and the labour of their hands. This is a simple story of Duality, separation.




The deepest level of the Genesis story, of Adam being created out of clay, is symbolic of the opposite polarities of yang and yin, positive and negative, male and female, Adam and Eve. The further down the Human Ladder humans descend, the more polarised into duality they become, and this includes the genders of male and female. Oneness as it’s known and expressed on higher levels of human consciousness simply cannot exist in the denser and more solid matter frequencies of coarse 3D density, so in this sense, Adam and Eve are symbolic of the opposite polarities of positive and negative as expressed at this level of the Human Ladder. Speaking of ladders, we need to return to the ET ladder and the activities of so-called “aliens” on Earth.

We mentioned earlier that Repterrans are putting out material about “negative aliens” on Earth. Judy Carroll goes on to say, “No negative “aliens” are invading Earth. All negative interference is from right here and is being carried out by the Repterrans and Blonds, who consider themselves to be the owners of Planet Earth. This group was originally from off-planet, is highly advanced technologically, and – as we have summarised earlier – have clandestine links with military, church and other authorities, and operate both on the physical and astral planes of Earth. The Repterrans are determined to remain in control, keeping the younger human species (modern man) controlled and disempowered. It is for this reason they either officially deny or else demonise genuine ETs such as the Greys and others who are here to help humans evolve to higher levels of conscious awareness, which is the path of human evolution. Many “UFOs” that are seen, especially around underground military bases, belong to the Repterrans, and many negative “alien abductions,” particularly those with black magic elements or a human military presence are Repterran-controlled rather than genuine ET encounters.

The Repterran Controllers are disempowering and interfering with peoples’ energy bodies through many diverse channels such as putting out fear-oriented “channelled” information and predictions of gloom and doom, war-mongering, racism and religious intolerance, religions based on fear and damnation, books, movies and video games which focus on violence, sex and fear-mongering, popular songs which promote feelings of aggression and anti-social behaviour, materialism, consumerism, alcohol, tobacco and illegal drug industries plus much more.

This is material that lightworkers – such as those who are interested in what this book has to offer – this misinformation, this misleading material is what lightworkers have to deal with daily.




We have been told that there are many starpeople living here on Earth in different dimensions. There are the Blue People from Venus, there are Hathors, there are Leonines, all resident in the higher dimensions. They may even be occupying the same space as human, and no human may notice nor understand. In this book we are told that there are no negative ETs currently visiting Earth to cause trouble – they have been here all along, since Planet Earth was “hijacked” many millennia ago. The ETs coming here now are not invaders, but rather a “rescue party” who are attempting to free humanity from this ongoing interference that has continued over the span of millennia. There is, however, major interference coming from Earth’s own astral plane, which does contain some very negative energies and “thought forms” created out of all the vices, fears, superstitions and war-like tendencies of humankind on Earth.

The Ladder of Ascent

There is the Ladder of Divine Ascent scribed by John Climatus in 600AD at the request of John, Abbot of Raithu, a monastery situated on the shores of the Red Sea. It is addressed to anchorites and cenobites on the 30 rungs of the ladder of ascent to Oneness with the Divine. Some call it a ladder to Paradise, however Paradise is really a term from other traditions for a place, loka, domain of existence, limited dimension. It is a place of closure and not openness. Humanness in duality resides on the bottom three rungs of a ladder of density, in the 3D world of separation. There are higher, more refined levels of the ladder with greater awareness and different motivation within. Higher again, one is not attached to the physical form. Judy Carroll shares that evolution up to these higher levels of the Ladder is a return to the Oneness of Source (God). It could be likened to a river system with many tributaries converging as they enter the main river, and that river eventually merges into and becomes one with the ocean, which is symbolic of the God Source. The tributaries represent the thousands of different human-type life-forms that exist on the lower levels of the Human Ladder.

Some say the goal of life is to “look after №1” … the bills are paid, the mortgage is finished, one has wife, children, grandchildren and all pleasures at one’s hand. Many live with rampant selfishness, immersing themselves in the physical world of duality and seeking no higher goal. This is the dimension of ego and fear. These are physical beings ignorant of the spiritual experiences. Spiritual evolution up the Human Ladder entails the raising, refining, expansion and leavening of the vibrational frequency of our consciousness to higher and higher levels, which enables us to eventually reunite consciously with these higher aspects of Self. This is what self-realisation is all about. Fear is the lowest frequency and unconditional love is the highest, so facing up to and overcoming fearful and ego-centered thinking patterns and mind-sets is the key to spiritual evolution (ascension). Fear/ego can be buried and hidden away on very deep levels of the psyche, built up as “excess baggage” over the span of many lives. This is the limiting factor to human evolution, so in order to enable spiritual growth to take place, a cleansing and “detoxing” process needs to take place. This is where the so-called “Greys” come into the picture, as “triers” and “testers” of souls.




Star Children and Hybrids

Star Children, Indigo’s and Rainbow Children, terms we have been hearing for the last 30 years, if not more. Some are born possessing the full spectrum of light. Some are born with additional strands of DNA activated and so perception and thought are enhanced immeasurably. Star Children are essentially Earth children who’ve been energetically upgraded with ET genetics and enhanced DNA. Hybrids are essentially ETs who have some Earth human genetic material in their make-up. Since quite a number of the Star Children are being interfered with by the Repterran Controllers, more hybrid children are being introduced on Earth at this time as preparation for eventual disclosure. Having a higher percentage of ET genetics in their make-up, they have more protection on the energy level to block such interference from occurring.

Good, Bad or Indifferent

Much negative and fear-oriented information being put out through books, magazines, movies and the internet, as well as a huge amount of conflicting information from channelers, psychics, shamans, researchers and “military whistle-blowers” that people get very confused about what to believe or disbelieve. The Grey Guardian teachers have given some very good advice on what to link into and take on board or not. It was suggested that we should always tune into the information and the person who is giving it out on an energy level, rather than simply listening to or reading the words, and to ask ourselves the question: “Is this information based on fear or on love?”

Human evolution

Human evolution is not so much a physical process but rather a mind/spirit process of expanding and deepening conscious awareness. As humans, we create our own reality by the way we think, so learning to think in a positive rather than a negative way is the key to ascension/evolution. Fear is the limiting factor in human evolution, creating a “false ceiling” of perceived reality. If we wish to evolve as humans we must move past the fear barrier. Humanity is in the process of stepping up to a higher evolutionary level, but help is needed with this process, hence the presence of a large number of benevolent ET and inter-dimensional beings on Earth at this time. This assistance has been requested by many humans on deeper subconscious levels of their psyche. The call went out after the first atom bomb was detonated. This is the reason why the ET presence has been stepped up greatly since the Second World War.

Hybrids and Full Disclosure

The best-case scenario that everybody “up there” is hoping for is that full disclosure of the ET presence will eventually take place on Earth. When this happens, these hybrids, some of whom are living on Earth already, will be the first ones to come forward and declare their presence, helped along by those of us who are Greys and Zetas living down here in fully Earth human containers. Many of us, including some of the hybrids, have been born here, so we understand both the Earth – human and ET perspective, and will be able to assist in bringing both sides together in mutual respect and harmony. We also understand the desperate need for unconditional love and deeper spiritual awareness on Planet Earth, and are ready and willing to share this with our fellow human beings. We try as best we can to “walk our talk” and to set a good example.





This book principally addresses the work of star-people (sometimes called ET’s, Greys, aliens and ‘men in black’…) many of whom have been tasked to help the human evolve. The popular language is that of ascension, stargates, the higher dimensions such as the 5th and 6th Dimensions. All this is overshadowed by the chaotic nodes of misinformation, control, abuse of thought on the astral plane and manipulation of energy streams. Many higher planetary and inter-dimensional helpers are here to assist Earth and humankind’s shift from 4th to 5th world consciousness. The expansion of human mind/awareness is the key to this evolutionary process.

We commend this book to all who seek to know what is happening on our Earth, what the truth of the UFO matters are and who seek to acquire an understanding of where the human race has been, where it is going and how we have been thoroughly misled upon the journey. It takes much courage to wake up and assess 3D life on Earth as so much misinformation has been fed to us. And much of this has been based on fear. Judy Carroll has been fearless here, and shared both her journey and her learnings of life in other dimensions, and life with other life-forms (called human life by the Rishis) on other planets, principally the Zeta Greys, and also to some extent, the presences from Arcturus, Venus, the Sirians, Lyrans and Pleiadians. As Judy Carroll tells, the purpose of this book is To understand ourselves in terms of Oneness and Energy, thus enabling us to choose love over fear.

How to order this book? Electronic version of this book is available from Judy Carroll, at this link – send a message. (Opens in new window – this is the contact page on the Zeta Message website.)