Love is the Way

Love is the Way
by Anthony Emmett

Book Cover, Love is the Way by Dr Anthony Emmett

We are all beings of very Love itself. Our bodies, our thoughts, all our actions manifest love in one form or another. Everything else that is not love, is a self-deception.

Love, in its many forms is the basis of our lives. This book is about self-realisation through love. It is also about healing ourselves and the world, in these troubled times.

Here, Dr Anthony Emmett, a retired reconstructive surgeon from the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, writes and delineates the simple spirit of love within which gives the strength and courage to deal with this life, this place, these circumstances that we find ourselves in.

This small, pocket-sized book is filled with simple, gentle, flowing reflections on love. An excellent little tome to keep in the shirt pocket or the purse, to take out for reflective reading from time to time.


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