The Source and The Story of the Earth


Since the hairy upstanding ape was encrystallised – or given the Christ-light within, humankind has tilled the fields, raised families and in times past, looked up at the stars knowing where their starpeople friends and guides had come from. Others looked at shells, cetaceans, the trees, birds and insects and wondered about the origin of life on Earth. Here, The Source (God) tells that everything on this Earth has been brought from some other place – another star, another planet – brought here, to flourish. Even the Earth once existed in another galaxy, another star system. It had no Moon, then two Moons, and then one Moon. The Source (God) is sharing something important, in order that we understand what is happening to ourselves and our planet, right now. Read on as the Ladies of the Mystery School ask their questions, here. (Opens in new window)


Afterlife by Barry Eaton

Book Cover, Afterlife, by Barry Eaton

While most people Barry Eaton has spoken with over the years have a belief in some form of life after death, it seems amazing to him that there are so many others who believe in absolutely nothing. After dying they appear happy to accept that the lights simply go out and we completely cease to exist in any way.

Perhaps it is fear of the unknown that makes so many people shy away from even thinking about what happens when we pass over. I wanted to investigate this often taboo subject to give another side of the story. Life continues, we never really die.

The idea that we can be born into such a wonderful world strongly indicates life is not a random event. The clockwork nature of the cosmos does not support the idea of chaos in any way. Life on earth is not some kind of biological accident on a random planet in the solar system. There is a meaning and a purpose to it all.

Finding this meaning is something too few people concern themselves with, unfortunately. It is much easier to let everyday life roll by, rather than look at the deeper questions, such as who are we, why are we here, where did we come from and where do we go after death?

Based on his own amazing experiences of life between lives and numerous communications with those who have passed over, Barry Eaton answers many questions about the spirit world you’ve been longing to ask.

* What happens when someone dies and what does it feel like?

* Do we all go to the same place?

* Can we communicate with those in the afterlife?

* What is the tunnel experience all about?

* Are we reunited with family and friends after we die?

* How does our grief impact on those who have passed on?

* Do people in the afterlife watch over us?

* How do people who die in accidents, war or disasters fare?

* Is there such a place as hell?

These questions and a lot more are addressed in Afterlife

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## Afterlife was published in Hungary in June and is released in the United States in December 2011

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Past Life of Ruth – half sister of Issa

Past Life Regression of Ruth, half-sister to Issa – Jesus

Issa-Jesus meditating in the Himalayas
Issa – Jesus meditating in the Himalayas

Transcript 1st January 2007 – Rosemary/Ruth – Time of Jesus.

PAST LIFE REGRESSIONitalics are Val asking Rosemary the questions.

We are asking that you be taken into the Halls of Records and you are asking to be led to the book – regarding the life you had with Jesus. When you saw yourself in the House of Miriam.

“I feel my choice is that I am being offered to be transported into a room and it is like that there is many photo albums on a desk. It is being suggested I have a look at these albums. Each one is open and seems to represent a Lifetime I have had. At the top of the desk above the photo album is an engraved nameplate of the year ‘from – to’

So he is suggesting I walk around the room until I find the one I want to look at. It is a large hall and desks are wooden with the albums opened on it.

I am naturally being drawn to the year 33 BC. I am just turning the pages of the album until there is something I want to stop. It’s funny because as I look at the pages they become alive and I could just walk into them if I wanted to. Farmers are going around with oxen. There is a wooden yoke on the oxen and they are plowing the ground.

I am being told it is Joseph the husband of Mary who is going to be my father. But he is not married yet. He is younger. (It’s like I am being shown my mother’s album. There are little white stone houses. They are whitewashed. They are small and people live in them. (She later said they belonged to the Essenes)

Just very ordinary country people and life.

She then sees Mary is carrying a child in her stomach and Joseph is walking with her.

They have a fair way to go. When they arrive in town (Bethlehem) they are greeted and led into a simple house – There is a place where water is boiled. And as time passes in the corner there is a huge bale of hay ready for the birth so that the after-birth etc. can easily be disposed of once the baby is born. (It is not a manger but something she can lean back on while giving birth.) She has 4 women acting as mid-wives attending to her. This birth is long awaited by many for they know the child is the prophesized one. They are all rejoicing – singing.

She was asked if she could see a date on the record.

I am just seeing the date the 29th February. And the year is in the reign of King Herod (it sounded more like Harold) and it was in the 16th year of his reign. Year one was in the first year of his reign.

When asked she said the country was Judea.

She said she was being shown that after Jesus was born – it was after that Joseph and Mary got married. Or became husband and wife together. (You mean the marriage hadn’t been consummated up until then? Rosemary said “yes”.) Jesus was the first born – but Joseph was not the father. A Light from God had impregnated Mary and Jesus was born from that. So that she wasn’t of the lineage of Jesus but rather after his birth the family lineage came from Joseph.

Rosemary said “I wasn’t the first born of the family of Mary and Joseph. The children are James, Phillip, and John then they had a girl called Judith then Ruth. Then another two.

The house was communal living – the children belonged to everyone. You weren’t separate from your cousins or your relatives – it was tribal – everyone belonged to everyone. All were aunts and uncles and so on.

I loved Jesus – he was so much older than me. He was a grown man when I was born. He was 18 when I was born. He used to call me Esmeralda – and funnily my father called me that in this life when I was young.

I had to look after the stove – that was one of my chores. I can feel myself in the body putting the wood on the fire and not wanting to get burnt. Everyone is wearing brown cloth. They wore White on special occasions or if we were out.

(Cannot hear tape well)

Moving on – can you see yourself getting older?

Something has happened in the three years. I call him Issa (pronounced Eesa). He is always talking to men. It is not like when I was little he played with me more. Now is always busy and he goes away a lot and he goes to other places.

She was asked if He was happy.

She said sometimes he sings – other times he is serious – always teaching.

Sometimes he liked to be alone – it was then he said he was with his father. I thought Joseph was his father but he said no. He talked about God a lot He said I have come straight from the Father little one.

He had kind face. A big face. Dark brownish hair – (not dark) sometimes his beard was bushy. He had beautiful eyes – He would give my plait a jerk and say Wake up! Wake up! (She sounded young when experiencing this memory.)

Sometimes he would take my hand and take me walking when he wasn’t too busy.

Then it was like a dark cloud came. People were always talking about soldiers, And dangerous times. Sickness and death. And wanting to be free. They wanted my brother to be king. They wanted my brother to be a head of something. A government? To set the people free. He would say, “But this is not my work. You do not understand. You listen but you do not understand. That is not what I have come to do. You will be set free.

If you believe in me, if you believe and understand the truth will set you free.”

Ruth is upset, here. She is saying:

“Listen to him – it is the Light that will set you free“.

But they wanted their pain to go. They wanted the fighting to stop and the slavery. And the things they saw that was wrong with the world.

He was trying to show them another world. A real place. A real world. That everything that they believed was just an illusion of the mind. He was trying to show them they were trapped by the mind – not the soldiers. But they couldn’t hear him

And I heard him say “Those that have ears to hear – let them hear.”

And it would make me sad. For I thought that what he had come to do – wasn’t going to happen – because they couldn’t hear him (she was crying now). And that made me sad. And I thought that I could be like mother …

She was asked to move on in her memory – after Issa was crucified … There is danger and there is need to get away …

Ruth interrupted and said:

I must tell you, the Marys knew – and the Marys got together to leave that country. The Marys were empowered by the Word. And the Word was with them. And the Word was not (as I can see it) with the men. The Word was with the Marys. And the Marys took the Word to France.

She was asked if they had other traveling with them:

There were several boats. But the Marys held … (I have grown now – I am older – I feel I am about sixteen.) I am one of the servants or the handmaiden of the Marys.

Val comments: this makes sense – if Jesus was 18 years old when she was born and she is now sixteen after Jesus was crucified at age 33, then this would make it that Jesus would have been 34 had he lived.

She was asked who the Marys are?

The Marys are the Mary Magdalene, My Mother (Mary of Jesus) and there is one called Miriam – she is Mary also. She seems to be a cousin to Jesus.

There is another one called Mary. There seems to be 4. I don’t know if there is 3 plus 1 and she has a different function – but there are 4 women. I don’t know if she is supporting the 3 women that hold the Word or whether the 4 hold the Word. So – Oh my God – they have the Holy Grail.

Ruth says she is looking at the Light coming out of it. It is metal and has configuration of other metals forming a design.

It reminds me of a trophy cup. There is engraving on it. It has been designed by someone back in the village.

It is always higher than my eyes – I am always looking up to it.

Do the other Marys talk about it, then?

They seem to worship it? Jesus used to drink out of it.

Is this the one that was said to be at the Last Supper?

I think so – but I don’t know, for I wasn’t at the Last Supper.

I think it is the only thing we have that belonged to him. I … Oh! … I think you will find that his hands touched it after the resurrection.

This is after he had arisen – after the resurrection?

Yes – It has a sound in it.

It emanates a sound.

It’s like a higher sound

In a cave, there is a ledge in the cave and The Marys have made that part of their altar – they give thanks to it – because it carries the Light and it represent the Light to them – it holds the power – it is a focus for them.

It’s like a vortex to another World.

… It is like a doorway. It is iridescent. It is shimmering!

… It has all the colours in it.

She was asked where it was.

She doesn’t know where she is.

We landed and we were met by shepherds. But Mary calls them wisemen. They only look like shepherds to me. They knew we were coming. They took us to this cave for the grail had to be kept safe.

She was asked if they were away from the water?

Ruth said yes.

It was mountainous; there is a cave there.

She had to come back (from the past life regression) then.

We asked first if she could ask if she knew where the Chalice is now?

As far as I can see, the Chalice has been de-materialised. It has returned to its real world. But it can be gifted back.

Just one more question?. Do you have Baba with you?

He says keep the Pyrenees in mind.

Copyright Notice

Dear Reader: Kindly be aware that the material shared on this page is a past life regression and thus, the experience of a person in this lifetime. It is copyright (“Rosemary”) and the work of Val Barrow. This material is NOT to be copied and posted elsewhere on the Internet or in any other media.

The Ghost of Jehanne D’Arc

The Ghost of Jehanne D’Arc

Icon of Joan of Arc

“Death is just a transition – I was confused as Joan – I was very confused as Joan (now in tears) I came to teach of the ‘voices within’ Even the Church was wrong , they did not understand… they taught people to look and praise other idols and it was not right. (upset) And I failed – I failed – I was so confused – I don’t know – (shaking her head and crying) – they made me sign something that denied God Within and it was not right. I signed and I immediately felt I had betrayed God. I had a choice – I had the choice. I was afraid of the Fire. I was afraid of being burned – I was not afraid of anything else – Being burned was something else – it wasn’t of Earth, it was something different – and I was confused for a while (sigh) After I went to the other side, I didn’t move on, I was caught – caught and confused and very unhappy, but the angels had a Light and then they came for me and then I was alright – But I had to come back again and that is when I came back as a Nun in France (Please see article about Mont St. Michel to come later) to again speak of God Within the Heart – but I was young and I became confused again – I suppose that is how many people are … afraid and confused…”

Jehanne D'Arc - Signature

The above is what Jehanne said when she manifested her spirit into my body and spoke to our group. Her gentle female voice had a tone to it that was commanding and compelling. This was back in 1990 when a group of three females had been meeting in a small circle every week and learning…. our experiences had been extraordinary, leaving no doubt in our minds that a teacher from other worlds was teaching us, and introducing us to spiritual medium-ship – along with knowledge of other worlds and many past life memories.

I have been asked by ‘my voices’ to write about my experiences with Jehanne D’Arc as it happened to me. Now, I have collected my research material about her over the years, I am amazed that I have so much – notes dating back to 1982. Spirit teaches in a convoluted way – not linear, but lateral in thinking. One receives information from time to time, often over years, with ‘this’ going with ‘that’, and another ‘that’ going with a different ‘this’ until a beautiful tapestry of realisation reveals itself.

I have a suitcase full of material – recorded audio tapes and the transcriptions typed and filed, as per date, in ring sprung folders. A book by Vita Sackville West of Saint Joan of Arc which my husband John and I were prompted to follow when we were asked by ‘upstairs’ to journey to France in 1991 to re-trace her steps. There are tourist brochures, a video, notes of many spontaneous memories awakened during our travels, all in the suitcase.

Cathedral at Rheims
Rheims Cathedral

When travelling in Europe with my husband, re-tracing Saint Joan of Arc’s footsteps, and driving towards Rheims (pronounced Rance) Cathedral, I was overcome with tears remembering spirit had taken her over and marched her on her horse right into the cathedral. Jehanne kept worrying that the horse would poop onto the hallowed floor. This was where the Dauphin was crowned. Another visit was to the Castle where the Tower was, where she was held captive. She tried to escape, falling from a great height and survived, through the intervention of the angels. I remember she was feeling indignant that history had recorded she had tried to commit suicide. Then there was the little church where the sacred sword was found at Fierbois. The doors of the church were closed but John found the Town Clergy to open the door for me.

Church of St Catherine at Fierbois
Church of St Catherine at Fierbois

I sat in there for a long while alone, thinking about how Jehanne had received a message from her voices that the sword was behind the altar. It was found by her equerry and brought to her. At another place, when I saw where she had signed her name, I wept … because of the overwhelming feeling that I had failed.

sword-altar (10K)

At Chinon, I found the road up to the Castle where Jehanne had first met the Dauphin; telling John I knew the way. Then I discovered the cobbled road was named after Jehanne D’Arc.

The Castle of Chinon
The Castle at Chinon

We visited Doremy, which looked very similar to the country side of the Southern Highlands in N.S.W. where we live now. It is where Jehanne lived as a child; it still looked almost the same as it had over 500 years ago – except there was a large Basilica built, in her honour. It was John, my husband, who was overwhelmed with looking at the larger than life size paintings of chapters from her life. He used to joke that he had burnt me in another life, and has always spoken of being the Duke of Burgundy and astounding his schoolmaster when writing in detail about him at school.

Basilica of Bois Chenu at Doremy

Oh! And when in Rouen we visited the modern church built on the site of where she was burnt on the stake. I went to sign the visitor’s book and found a ‘spidery scrawl of writing.’ of the name Helen and nothing else, as the last entry…I just knew it was my friend Helen’s spirit that had just written it. Our mentor had said that we would all be going to France; he obviously meant some of us in spirit.

Interior of the Basilica at Doremy, showing scenes from the life of Jehanne
Interior of the Basilica at Doremy,
showing scenes from the life of Jehanne

In 2002, I downloaded from the Internet The Trial of Jeanne D’Arc – Translated into English from the Original Latin and French Documents by W.P. Barrett – with an essay on her trial and Dramatis Personae. The translation took place 1932, the year this body was born into this life.

Another download from the Internet was Mark Twain’s “Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc.” It is a work of fiction by Samuel Langhorne Clemens (i.e. Mark Twain). The pseudonymous author’s name – Sieur Louis de Conte (SLC) Derives from Samuel Langhorne Clemens (initials SLC). Joan of Arc herself was illiterate, thus needing a page and secretary. I believe his name was Louis, and the French word conte, means tale … hence the name adopted for this story by Clemens.

Book Cover -  Mark Twain's Joan of Arc

Our friend, a hypnotherapist, named Peter and his wife Doreen where having dinner with us one night when I suddenly saw him overlaid with a spirit from his past life. I asked him, “Has anyone ever told you, you were Mark Twain in another life?” Peter even looks like him now – at the time he had been back and forth to U.S.A. and travelling on the Mississippi River experiencing many things that were similar to the life of Mark Twain. Mark Twain wrote a fictional story about Jehanne’s page and secretary but I prefer to think I remember Peter as Jehanne’s page and secretary. Reading Mark Twain’s obviously well researched work on the Trial and Rehabilitation of Jehanne after her death, has given great comfort to Jehanne’s Ghost. That is why I recognised Peter from another time when I first met him giving a lecture at Sydney University on reincarnation.

From the beginning of my being awakened by spirit from a deep sleep, I heard an authoritative male voice asking me to stand up ‘three times.’ The voice told me to go back to bed but that I would be awakened from time to time and taught many things and given many messages.” It was a ‘calling from God’ for I saw in my inner scene a long white hand with an even longer white finger pointing at me and saying, “You have been chosen.” This was in 1982.

The first message I received after that was, “You were Joan of Arc in another Life.” I responded, saying, “Don’t be silly go away.” I didn’t really know much about her then except that she had been a female warrior, and was burnt at the stake in France…but despite my denial, spirit persisted in bringing me reminders over the years that she really was part of me.

All different personalities from past lives are held in one’s soul memory or the higher vibration of their oversoul. They are a different person but how they think, feel, and many of their characteristics filter through into one’s present life, giving opportunity to release and heal any emotions that haven’t been dealt with. Strong, positive and creative abilities can be inherited from those other lives as well. Jehanne came to earth with a particularly strong and high vibration to carry out a special mission. She readily received assistance from the angelic realm and had been gifted in that life with clear inner hearing from the ether. The Angels often took over her physical body to assist her to achieve what she had been asked to do, even to ride a horse, speak boldly and to lessen the impact of her dangerous fall from a high Tower.

As a child Jehanne was devoted to God, prayed always, a simple, non educated country girl who loved her parents and siblings. Something hot … boiling over fire in the kitchen accidentally spilt onto her shoulder and chest causing nasty scarring – once it healed … it was then she decided not to marry because of that disfigurement.

There has been much written about Jehanne, what I have been asked to speak of is my experience, although I have come to know and remember through her, her recorded history as well.

Hand drawing of Rouen Castle at the time of Joan of Arc
Rouen Castle. The big tower held the dungeon and the instruments of torture.
Popular tradition holds that Jehanne jumped from the second tower on the right

In 2001 I developed a nasty lump on my leg, which spirit referred to as a ‘canker’. It had to be treated by a specialist, but I needed to know from spirit what had caused it. I was prompted to lie on my bed and as I did the memory of being in a dark cold dungeon came into my inner scene. I could see shadowy men leaning over me; one had a simple crown upon his head. I was restrained on the floor with heavy metal chains around my ankles that rubbed my skin and caused sores to form. This was what was rising to the surface in the memory for this physical body. Jehanne had been upset by the indignity of having to ask her jailers to unlock her ankles so that she could retire to another little room to relieve herself. Of course, her strength of mind was continually being stressed and tested with having to attend her trial every day.

It just so happened, that Gerry, my aborigine friend came to visit and was able to assist with a healing. It had to be that way, for the memory came to both of us that he had been one of the English soldiers, in that life, who was Jehanne’s jailer. He was the soldier who tied her to the stake and lit the fire but he had also been the one who made the simple wooden cross for someone to hold up high for her to focus on when she was burning alive on the stake.

A Jailer holds up the cross for Joan to see as she is burnt
A Jailer holds up the cross for Joan to see as she is burnt

Around that time my husband had mentioned to a business associate, unbeknown to me, that Val had cancer problems on her leg. So it was a lovely surprise to open the door to our house one morning, to find 16 white lilies being delivered to me with a note wishing me to ‘get well quickly.’ I had met John’s associate when in Melbourne and particularly liked him, we had even briefly spoken about reincarnation and how the past could affect one’s health in one’s present life. I had even asked for distant healing for his wife … so when I tuned in….you guessed it….it had to be that way for he had been in Jehanne’s life and was her brother who had been with her throughout her campaign…when she had been equipped with armour and a white banner with the fleur-de-lis (flower of lily) on it.

How appropriate Lilies were, as they are the national flower of France. And my name in this life is double 8, according to numerology and my birth also is double 8 = the number 16. Numbers are continually given to me by spirit as a ‘sign’. My father had registered my name when I was born, with the French spelling of … Valérie.

I happily took the flowers straight to John’s office to show him, but as I did, I froze … literally … for my eye caught the date on his desk calendar which was showing May, 30th.

Church built adjacent the spot Jehanne was burned
Church built adjacent the place Jehanne was burned;
in the foreground, surrounded by flowers,
a small sign marks the spot of the stake.

May 30th 1431 was the day Jehanne D’Arc had been burned alive on the stake at Rouen. I began shaking; it was exactly 570 years before and I just knew I was going to experience more in the night.

That night I tossed and turned on my bed, in and out of a lucid dream. It was very real…I could see and feel myself restrained with my hands tied behind me on a stake and the fire raging up at me very fast. I remember screaming out for Jesus again and again, the sound was only in my mind and I could see the simple wooden cross being held up for me to see… when I knew Jehanne was dead, I couldn’t move away. Archangel Michael, Saint Catherine and Saint Margaret, were with me and asked me to stay with the body.

Le Bucher; the place where Jehanne was burnt at the stake
Le Bucher; the place where Jehanne was burnt at the stake

They stayed with me to give me their strength in spirit. I could see my body gradually withering away to a black mass as I went in and out of the memory. Jehanne’s executioners were worried because they could not burn her heart…it had become crystallized and impossible to burn. This is what the angels wanted, to make Jehanne’s trial judges worry that they had destroyed a godly person and not a witch. The executioners were extremely frightened and as soon as the physical body had been reduced to ashes they quickly gathered her remains along with the crystallized heart and threw it off the bridge into the water. It was only then I could feel Jehanne’s spirit leave being attached to what was left of the body, and be free.

Joan of Arc at The Battle of Patay
Jehanne D’Arc at the Battle of Patay
The sword is in its sheath

Another time I had been shown that she was left in the Astral for awhile, because of her confusion. But in actual fact she learnt a lot about that dimension as well which helps me in this life when assisting people to free themselves of demons or spirits being caught in the astral. When Jehanne’s father Jacques died about 9 months later, he took her spirit with him back to the World of Light. I have since met this man in my life, he lives in Melbourne and speaks French and we both have deep warmth and respect for each other, remembering he had been Jehanne’s father Jacques.

In dealing with all of this, I will mention another man who helped me to write a book and tricked me into signing an agreement. It was a replay of Jehanne being tricked into believing she would be freed from jail if she agreed to sign a document saying that her voices were not of God. He turned out to be, in the past life, Pierre Cauchon, the Bishop of Beauvais the one who wanted to convict Jehanne as a witch. Although it was not the same story for me, the same emotions were involved and I did feel as if I had been burnt. He has been forgiven and I hoped that would be the last of that past life.

Joan of Arc refutes Bishop Cauchon at her trial
Jehanne refutes charges by Bishop Cauchon at her trial

Not so … now I find I am on a Mission in this life to speak of Jehanne’s true history. I had been told by my voices that Jehanne hadn’t failed at all…that it was all meant to happen that way because there was a “Grander Plan.” Being prompted to write about her is exactly 580 years later. It is now 30th May, 2009.

About 18 months ago I had a near death experience (again!) in hospital, where my heart stopped from a serious reaction to penicillin. I knew I had the option to go, for I was feeling very low and unhappy, or I could stay and continue my mission. I chose to stay

This also was a replay of Jehanne, when she was in jail she became so seriously ill her voices said she could leave if she wanted to … or she could stay and complete her mission. She chose to stay…she recanted her false admission that the voices were not of God … and knew in doing so she was condemning herself to be burnt alive …. Brave girl.

House of Valois

I have been prompted to think about the Royal House of Valois in France – in particular the Duke of Orleans. I think of Jehanne sometimes being referred to as Jehanne of Orleans which kept coming to my mind even though she came from Lorraine. I recognize she inspired the dispirited French soldiers and forced the English to raise the siege of Orleans. With that victory she became known as the Maid of Orleans. She preferred to carry a banner, rather than a sword and claimed never to have killed anyone.

For some reason spirit wanted me to consider Jehanne’s birth.

Over the last week I have been prompted to research the Dauphin, Charles VII of the House of Valois. He was known after he had been crowned at Rheims as The Victorious or the Well-Served. He was born 22.2.1403 in Paris and died 22.7.1461, Jehanne had received the message from Archangel Michael to “Free France and return the Dauphin to the throne.” and after her campaign of victory over the English she had been present at Rheims Cathedral for his Crowning in 1429.

There was something nagging at me to continue research about ‘births’.

Charles VII
Charles VII, the Dauphin

The Dauphin’s father was Charles VI who was called the Well-loved and also the Mad. He was born 3.12.1368 in Paris, and died 21.10.1422 (aged 53 years). He had been crowned King of France in 1380 at the age of 11 years. He was married at the age of 16 years to Isabeau of Bavaria in 1385 who was only 15 years of age. There were 12 children born to Isabeau many not living very long so that it was the 2nd last child, a boy who was in line for the Throne of France. That was Charles VII, the Dauphin and he wasn’t crowned until 7 years after his father King Charles VI had died.

It was in those 7 years that Jehanne had received her direction from her voices to end the Hundred Years’ War. Now why would these royals and high born get behind Jehanne’s plan when she was just a mere peasant girl that claimed to be hearing voices from God.? There was a lot of money put behind her in raising an army, horses, uniforms, food and accommodation even if only a kind of tent. Was there a secret?

My mind is prompted again to research the Duke of Orleans from the House of Valois and I found he was born Louis I of Valois (with lots of other titles) Born 13.3.1372 – he was the younger brother of Charles VI the king of France.

“Louis had an important political role during the Hundred Years’ War. With the increasing insanity of his elder brother Charles the Mad (who suffered from either schizophrenia, porphyria or bipolar disorder), Louis disputed the regency and guardianship of the royal children with John the Fearless, Duke of Burgundy. The enmity between the two was public and a source of political unrest in the already troubled France. Louis had the initial advantage, being the brother rather than the first cousin of the king, but his character and rumour of an affair with the queen consort Isabeau of Bavaria made him extremely unpopular. For the following years, the children of Charles VI were successively kidnapped and recovered by both parties, until the Duke of Burgundy managed to be appointed by royal decree guardian of the Dauphin and regent of France.

Louis did not give up and took every effort to sabotage John’s rule, including squandering the money raised for the relief of Calais, then occupied by the English. After this episode, John and Louis broke into open threats and only the intervention of John of Valois, Duke of Berry and uncle of both men, avoided a civil war. On November 20th, 1407 a solemn reconciliation was vowed in front of the court of France, but only three days later, Louis was brutally assassinated in the streets of Paris, when armed men under the orders of John the Fearless, attacked him while he was mounting his horse, literally amputated his arms, leaving him defenceless.

Louis’ murder would spark a bloody feud and civil war between Burgundy and the French Royal family which would divide France for the next seventy years and only end with the death of Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy in 1477.” Source: article on Louis I, Duke of Orleans

Whether royals or not, in any family it would be shocking for a brother to be having an affair with his brother’s wife and the possibility that some of the King’s children were not his, but his brothers’ … In the Royal House of France it had to be established who was the rightful heir to inherit the throne…and some were saying that the Dauphin was a bastard.

So who was the father of the Dauphin and what had that to do with Jehanne?

I had my suspicions but said very little to my friend Helen, a spiritual medium, one of the three who had all those wonderful teachings from upstairs back in 1990. She has been given the gift to clairvoyantly read past lives for people by just looking at their photo or holding a strand of their hair. She says the life is edited and she sees it roll in front of her inner scene in chapters, just like she is watching a coloured film on a movie screen.

She agreed to assist me. As we settled in chairs opposite each other, she very quickly was taken over by spirit into a trance state, she became one of the personalities of the time. After a long time she could see herself in a kingdom as she went back in time.

“I see myself as a female. I see a royal household and I see a lot of secrecy. I see a female child being born – but somehow she shouldn’t have been.

I see a little baby (babies) being handed to big women – healthy looking women who take the baby (babies) to their breast. It seems to be a common practice – just handing babies out – sometimes for weeks at a time. Over time many babies have been born-twelve in all.

This was the last child. Only a few knew the secret. But there was someone in the Royal Household who heard voices and knew what had to be done. He counselled the Royal Family … he counselled some kind of protector of the Law … they forged papers. They were glad it wasn’t a male that was born; it was easier to go under-ground. There is something about a protector … dressed in black clothes … an advisor … it was written down, but it was also burnt. The whole script-the story about the girl child; I can see a page being torn out of a big book about this event. They found out by bringing in an astrologer, that there was a special mission for this child. … There was a special meeting and somehow someone didn’t want to give their power away to someone else. They should have done it differently but the chart said it was a child of destiny here, a child that would be great. They didn’t want to lose their country, they wanted to conquer … they went against the advice of the astrologer. There was a lot of intrigue. Someone took the secret with him. He wanted to reveal it on his death bed, but in that last minute he crunched up his notes and he died before he could reveal it. (The spirit was crunching up papers on Helen’s lap) He was the King. He was old. He was French. He died with a feeling of great guilt.”

I am sitting listening to this and feel that I have slipped into a time-warp as well. I know the baby that the spirit is speaking about was Jehanne and that the King is Charles the VI. The woman giving the birth under such secrecy is his wife Isabeau – it is recorded in history that she had 12 children. The last child is officially registered as Phillip, 1407-1407.

I asked upstairs to clarify some questions for me, while I was sitting opposite my friend. Charles VI did not know at first that his brother was the father of the last child. Charles was a good man, but subjected to fits of mental sickness from time to time and it was difficult for him to know everything that was happening around him. In his mental attacks he would become confused and sometimes dangerous. He did find out later, and was very upset with the fact that the child had survived and was spirited away – when, he had been told that the baby had been still-born. He also knew his brother was ‘playing around’ with his wife and he was very upset about that. But most of all, he died feeling great guilt, because he had allowed the order to go out to murder his brother Louis, The Duke of Orlean in 1407. The same year that Jehanne was born, and 4 years after the Dauphin was born.

Le Meuse and Côte Julien
Le Meuse and Côte Julien, as Jehanne would have seen them at Bois-Chenu

I want to digress here to speak about attending a lecture about reincarnation at the Sydney University in 1983. When I saw the man lecturing about hypnosis, my breathing stopped for a moment, and I thought, “I know this man.” But I had never met him in this life. I later attended a day conducted by him for a group to experience a regressed state of consciousness. We all lay on the floor, dotted around the carpeted room with a pillow under our head and listened to him gently lead us into an altered state of consciousness.

Quite unexpectedly, and for the first time in this life, I had very clear coloured visions appear in my inner scene. I had no idea what was happening but I went along with the feeling of calm and somehow an intuitive understanding that the images I saw behind closed eyelids were leading somewhere. I first saw a colourful clock laid out in a garden. (Meaning it was time) Then a large circular coloured lead light rose window. (I know now exists on the front of the Rheims cathedral) Then an image of Cleopatra’s needle with the number ‘5’ engraved on it (V is the Roman numeral for 5).

Dress worn by the nobility in the times of Joan of Arc
Ladies Dress and hats worn by nobility in the times of Jehanne D’Arc

And … when Peter told everyone to visualize their mother … I saw a beautiful lady dressed in a full length yellow A line shaped gown that flowed to the ground and sleeves that cut away above the wrist and hung in corners well below her hips. Around her hips was a wide belt that fastened with cord loops that hung down in streamers as a decoration on the otherwise unadorned dress. On her head she wore a tall cone shaped hat with a diaphanous scarf flowing from it. She was standing in front of a high stone wall that looked like a castle and the grass covered ground fell away to water which would have been a moat surrounding the castle.

I now know that this woman I had been shown then was the image of Isabeau of Bavaria the birth mother of Jehanne who had been spirited away to another life in Lorraine. So, coming back to sitting in front of Helen in her living room, Helen was still in a trance and I was in a time warp, I asked her if she could describe Jehanne’s mother, the Queen who had given birth to her.

Helen was again in an altered state of consciousness but not in a trance. She said, “Yes, Isabeau was Jehanne’s mother. She described Isabeau as very pretty. Lots of dark brown curls. Dark eyes, rosy cheeks and pale skin, like ceramic. Lovely hands. A joyful being. Blessed. Linked with God.

Dialogue with Isabeau

I said, “It is said she didn’t treat her son the Dauphin very well and that she had called him a bastard.” Helen’s demeanour changed…I knew I was now speaking with the spirit of Isabeau.

“No children belong to you. They just come from another world; they belong to God. It is those around me that cause their personality. It taught them power, who give it substance. You just stand back and let it reveal.”

I asked if she was happy with the King?

“Yes, but I always longed for more. I longed for true love…something was missing, something I was searching…. I just played … played … (she was wistful with no idea of the responsibility of what she had played with) The babies don’t belong to you … they come through you … it is something special that comes through you. Something special that enters you and then comes out … (She was looking up to the heavens with a saintly expression and pointing up to illustrate where the children come from and then pointing below that they come through you).

I asked, “Did you ever call your son the Dauphin a bastard?”

“The others did. They accused me … it was innocent playing … others make different stories around the story. He was my brother-in-law … I was his sister-in-Law … when he was murdered I was devastated … I wanted nothing to do with the King. The marriage was loveless” (this was in 1407).

I am told by my voices that the King amused himself with a mistress and equally wanted nothing to do with his Queen Isabeau. The whole messy business had been the last straw for him.

So now we know the secret of Jehanne D’Arc’s birth … that Louis l, the Duke of Orleon of the Royal House of Valois was the birth father of Jehanne and the king’s consort Queen Isabeau was her birth mother. Jehanne was born of royal blood.

The Dauphin, born 4 years earlier, was her brother or her half brother depending upon who was his father, there was some doubt in the Royal household. It didn’t really matter for they were both of the Royal House of Valois. Isabeau’s women attending her bedchamber would have a fair idea.

The family home of Joan of Arc
The Family home of Jehanne D’Arc

Jehanne’s birth details were falsified and she was spirited away to the care of Jacques D’Arc to his new family in Lorraine. (Family home on the left) Only he knew of her identity. Jehanne grew up not knowing of her true birth, even her mother did not know, although she had been asked to care for her as if she was her own daughter, which she did.

It was only when Jehanne, dressed as a soldier, met the Dauphin at the castle at Chinon … a trick was played on her as to who really was the Dauphin hiding in the reception hall full of many other people. She went straight to him, fell to her knees before him, and asked for a private audience with him. Her voices had asked her to secretly tell him that, they had the same mother … the Dauphin would have been well aware of the intrigue and gossip that existed in the Royal House of Valois.

Joan of Arc recognises Charles VII

The few nobles, who knew the secret at the time, were behind her receiving all the assistance with the expense, she needed from wealthy nobles, to carry out her pre-destined Mission.

The secret was known by some of the esteemed members of the Masons – the Knights Templar and held over the years through the Priory of Sion. The membership of these societies and knowledge still exists. I will be writing more about this in my next article.

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Addendum 2012

For the reader’s interest Jehanne’s voices were Saint Catherine, Saint Margaret AND Archangel Mikael. Interestingly I still work with the Hierarchy and Archangel Mikael in this life.

During August of 2012, Archangel Mikael gave a transmission. You may be interested to listen to this transmission.

Transmission by Archangel Mikael, August 2012:

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