The Magic Alchemy

The Magic Alchemy – Forgiveness
by Anthony Emmett

Book Cover, The Magic Alchemy - Forgiveness, by Dr Anthony Emmett

Alchemy was the ancient practice of seeking by chemical means to change base metals of little value into gold, the most precious of metals on Earth. Sir Issac Newton, the distinguised British physicist, mathematician, astronomer and natural philosopher, was also an alchemist.

Alchemy is both a philosophical and spiritual discipline wherein one attempts to transform that which is base into that which is of the highest purity. What is the highest purity? That purity is purity of thought, word and action or deeds.

Here, Dr Anthony Emmett, a retired reconstructive surgeon from the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, ponders and explores the greatest of all alchemical transformations within the human person: that of Forgiveness.

This book is filled with simple, one page reflections in decorated and bordered text, reflections on the alchemy of Forgivness.

The secret alchemy of
Converting the dross metal
Of hatred and bitterness
To golden joy of love
Comes with embracing
Forgiveness within.
Of findign infinite life
In our consciousness
In the many levels of knowong
We can access with
Giving some insight to
The wider life of love
Through this lovely earth
To wider dimensions beyond
As we learn the lessons
We came here for.


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