Valerie Barrow – News from Mikael

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The following transcript is taken from the 7 March transmission given on the Cosmic Sai Baba website.

Archangel Mikael Speaks

Valerie: We are calling upon Cosmic Sai Baba with respect and love to make His presence among us.

Telepathically Cosmic Sai Baba advised Valerie that He was not going to give a message this day but that Archangel Mikael was waiting to give His message today as promised, on His behalf.

(Valerie explains the mechanics of Archangel Mikael using her physical body as a medium)

Archangel Mikael was a little slow in coming – He is asking if everybody will readily prepare themselves to received his energy also. All present agreed. (Archangel Mikael then gradually arose from the chair – taking over Valerie’s body and announcing His presence.)

“I am Mikael! The Archangel Mikael! And I come because I love you all and I do not want you to be afraid.

I come on behalf of the Star People – the Star People that work from the World of Light. They come – they want to make their appearance so that there will no longer be any conspiracy talk about whether they exist or not ….

For they do exist. They have always existed. They were existing long before your planet was even created.

You need to know and understand that. This planet was created by the Angelic Realms – and they drew upon other Star Beings to help create it. It is your Home – it is where you live as a human being. And others … used to come upon this planet. Star People visited – and were very welcomed.

They came and they stayed some of them – and others left – they would come and go. But all we are asking is for our appearance to be accepted – so that all the humans upon this Earth know that we exist – and when I say we – I am speaking about the Star People.

For I would like you to give serious thought about the existence of other worlds, other planets, and other lives that have a physicality as you as a human do. They are not flesh that same as you – but there are other similarities – depending upon the race.

Because there are many races – many different shapes – and forms. And they exist and all we are asking is that you welcome us.

When we come and show ourselves in our Starships we will come if we feel we are welcomed. It is that simple.

So who wants to visit a house where they are not welcomed?

And that is the same thing that we feel.

We are United Planetary Nations from other worlds that have a sincere desire to come to make ourselves known and to assist the little earthlings to understand who they truly are.

For you are, brothers and sisters with many of the races from other worlds.

And you will understand that more, if you welcome the showing of the Starships that will come. All we need is an acceptance and we will help you because we come with Divine Love.

And the Divine Love will touch you all – it is touching you now – you do not have to be afraid.

So thank you my children – I have come as I promised – thank you. Thank you.
Thank you.”