Newsletter, May 2017

Hello Everyone,

It is a time when all on Earth have to meet their challenges; the challenges of settling our differences without raising a weapon or setting off bombs where innocents are taken from life itself. It is a time when the challenges can be personal, and we have to slow down and take each day as a gift. It is a time of challenges when we are asked to use our discrimination with the information put before you. It is also a time of challenge when when spiritual realities are being manifest more and more in our world, and this is a sign of Ascension rapidly progressing.

In this newsletter we read of cellular changes, UFO sightings in the days of Ancient Rome, slow gaze meditation and of fair haired Egyptians. Ancient Egypt takes the focus due our earlier work on migrations of star peoples to Earth (the red heads from Mars and the deleted planet and the fair haired from Venus). We also know of the travels of King Tut to Australia to recover the mummy of a Royal Prince at Kariong, and hence announcements in Egypt draw attention. Jalarm the Atlantean, Alcheringa and the Angelic Realms have shared with us that information will emerge to reveal much more of our history. We hope you enjoy this newsletter.



So far this year we have experienced incredibly powerful waves of Light that have moved the energy, vibration and consciousness of this Planet and ALL her Life into position for a quantum shift up the Spiral of Evolution. These influxes of Light began during the first eleven days of 2017, and they exponentially intensified during the February Eclipses, the March Equinox, the April celebrations of Easter and Passover which initiated an influx of the highest frequencies of the Resurrection Flame and the Flame of Transfiguring Divine Love that Humanity has ever been able to receive at a cellular level. During the first four months of 2017, the Earth was also bathed with the Light from several very rare and powerful planetary alignments. Now, all is in readiness for the next phase of the unfolding Divine Plan.

With each wave of Light, our I AM Presence was able to recalibrate our nervous system to withstand higher frequencies of 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light. This is the frequency of Crystalline Light from which Humanity’s Crystalline Solar Light Bodies and the patterns of perfection for the New Earth will be formed. What happens next will be the result of the influxes of Light that will flood the Earth during the Mystical Month of May.

The Company of Heaven has revealed that because of the changes we have experienced at a cellular level since the beginning of 2017, our I AM Presence can now greatly accelerate the Divine Alchemy that is taking place within our physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies, and the physical, etheric, mental and emotional strata of Mother Earth as well. This Divine Alchemy is gradually transforming our carbon-based planetary cells into 5th-Dimensional Crystalline-based Solar Light Cells. To understand the magnitude of what this acceleration will mean for each of us, our Solar Light Bodies are the bodies we will abide in when our Ascension on to the New Earth is complete. The sooner this process is accomplished, the sooner we will transcend aging, degeneration, disease, dysfunction, deformity and even death as we know it in our Earthly bodies.

Our Crystalline Solar Light Bodies reflect the physical perfection of our I AM Presence. They are vibrantly healthy, eternally youthful and radiantly beautiful. These are the bodies through which our I AM Presence will be able to quickly manifest the patterns of perfection for the New Earth, and the wonderful things we want to cocreate in our lives. The Company of Heaven said this acceleration will be an individual process for each of us, but that with the influx of Light we will receive in May ALL of Humanity will take a quantum leap up the Spiral of Evolution from wherever we are in our Ascension Process. This means that the I AM Presence of every person on Earth will be able to receive and anchor more Light on Earth than they have been able to in the past.

This is a critical part of Humanity’s preparation for anchoring the Divine Matrix and the archetypes for Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance on Earth which will take place in August 12-17, 2017, during the 31st Annual World Congress on Illumination. This is a global event and we will all be in our right and perfect place. Whether you have the Heart Call to be physically present or not please click on the link below and familiarize yourself with the information that has been given to us by the Company of Heaven in regards to our responsibility in bringing this facet of the Divine Plan to fruition. Reclaiming Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance is something we have been longing for since our fall aeons ago. At long last, we are in a position to do just that.

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What Did the Ancients See? Unidentified Flying Objects that Made an Impact on Early History

The number of reported UFO sightings has hit an all time high in 2017. In the 112 years since the National UFO Reporting Center began keeping track, there have been 104,947 reported events (Monfort, 2017). The majority of sightings occur in the United States, though Canada, Australia, and the Nordic countries also have significant numbers of unidentified flying object sightings. Most of these incidents can be explained – airplanes, satellites, comets, fireworks (there is a spike in reported sightings in the US each year around the Fourth of July) – and many people write off UFO-spotters as fanatics.

Unidentified Flying Objects Seen in Ancient Egypt

Yet, the phenomenon of unidentified flying objects stretches further back in history than the 1950s ‘flying saucer’ reports. In fact, the oldest recorded sighting of an unidentified flying object took place in 1440 BC. The incident was documented by the royal scribe of an Egyptian Pharaoh. Before the modern-era, UFOs were also recorded by ancient Greeks, Romans, Indians, Chinese, Japanese, Mexicans, and more. These sightings cannot be as readily explained as airplanes or fireworks.


 Pushpaka vimāna flies in the sky. (Public Domain) A vimāna is a mythological flying palace or chariot described in Hindu texts and Sanskrit epics. Was the idea inspired by UFO sightings?

“In the year 22, of the 3rd month of winter, sixth hour of the day… the scribes of the House of Life found it was a circle of fire that was coming in the sky…. It had no head, the breath of its mouth had a foul odour. Its body one rod long and one rod wide. It had no voice. Their hearts became confused through it; then they laid themselves on their bellies….They went to the Pharaoh… to report it. His Majesty ordered …. [an examination of] all which is written in the papyrus rolls of the House of Life. His Majesty was meditating upon what happened. Now after some days had passed, these things became more numerous in the sky than ever. They shone more in the sky than the brightness of the sun, and extended to the limits of the four supports of the heavens…. Powerful was the position of the fire circles. The army of the Pharaoh looked on with him in their midst. It was after supper. Thereupon, these fire circles ascended higher in the sky towards the south… The Pharaoh caused incense to be brought to make peace on the hearth… And what happened was ordered by the Pharaoh to be written in the annals of the House of Life… so that it be remembered for ever.” (Fontaine, 1985)

The above quote comes from the so-called Tulli Papyrus (now lost), after Alberto Tulli, the director of the Vatican Museum who found the document while in Cairo searching for antiquities. A great deal of controversy surrounds it, not the least because all that remains are copies, the original being lost to the ages. (The Vatican never received this papyrus. Rather Tulli kept it in his personal collection, which was passed down to his descendants and subsequently lost.) The papyrus opens with “in the year 22,” which in the Gregorian calendar equates to the year 1440 BC. This would mean that the Pharaoh mentioned (but never named) would be Thutmose III, who reigned from 1504 to 1450 BC. While this much can be assumed, the exact meaning of the ‘circles of fire’ described is hard to determine. Because we only have a copy of the original, there is no way of knowing if there has been a mistake in the transcription or translation. There are no other sources to back up the Tulli Papyrus’ claim, however, this may be because of the limited number of written works from that age.

UFOs Spotted by Ancient Romans

For all that is made of evidence of unidentified flying objects in Egyptian hieroglyphics (which are easily debunked), it was the Romans who really accumulated a number of reported sightings. These sightings were made by such reputable historians as Pliny the Elder, Livy, and Plutarch. They are widely regarded as accurate (as far as the witnesses understood) because of the rigorous procedures Roman authorities demanded before any event could be recorded in the official annals. That being said, the incidences could be talking about meteorites or comets, which to ancient eyes would have seemed otherworldly. A sample of ancient Roman “UFO” sightings includes:

  • In 218 BC, “A spectacle of ships (navium) gleamed in the sky.”
  • In 217 BC, “at Arpi, round shields (parmas) were seen in the sky.”
  • In 212 BC, “at Reate a huge stone (saxum) was seen flying about”
  • In 173 BC, “at Lanuvium a spectacle of a great fleet was said to have been seen in the sky.”
  • In 154 BC, “at Compsa weapons (arma) appeared flying in the sky”
  • In 104 BC, “the people of Ameria and Tuder observed weapons in the sky rushing together from east and west, those from the west being routed.”
  • In 100 BC, probably at Rome, “a round shield (clipeus), burning and emitting sparks, ran across the sky from west to east, at sunset.”
  • In 43 BC, at Rome, “a spectacle of defensive and offensive weapons (armorum telorumque species) was seen to rise from the earth to the sky with a clashing noise.”

(Stothers, 2007)

The First Known Investigation into an Unidentified Flying Object

It seems that throughout much of antiquity the UFO-like phenomena were merely recorded. The first known official investigation into a possible alien/time-traveler/UFO presence was carried out in Japan in 1235.

“One night, a high officer named General Yoritsume and his army were settling down in their camp when they spotted mysterious lights in the sky. The general and his troops watched in astonishment as these lights performed amazing aerobatic movements, such as circling endlessly and flying in loops. Baffled by the bizarre aerial display, General Yoritsume ordered a scientific investigation of what he had just witnessed … The explanation Yoritsume’s scientists gave the general oozed with comfort and calm. “The whole thing is completely natural,” Yoritsume was told about the mystery lights. “It is only the wind making the stars sway.”” (Maloney, 2011)



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The Eyes Have it

As you’re reading these words, begin to notice your breathing. Don’t change anything, just letting your body breathe naturally.

  • Notice where the breathing is taking place. How much of the movement is in the chest, and how much is in the abdomen?
  • Notice the rate of your breathing.
  • Notice how deep or shallow your breathing is.
  • Notice how you feel.
  • Now continue to notice these things, but with one change:

For a minute or two, stop focusing on the individual words, but relax your gaze and allow yourself to take in the whole screen, and then everything around the screen, right up to the periphery of your visual field.

Now that you’re back …

You probably noticed that when you were focusing on reading your breathing was shallower, mostly confined to the chest, and relatively fast, and that by contrast, when you were taking in the whole scene your breathing was deeper, involved the abdomen much more, and slowed down. You probably felt more relaxed, calmer, and happier compared to when your eyes were narrowly focused.

When we’re focusing our gaze narrowly, the sympathetic nervous system is active. The sympathetic nervous system is part of the autonomic nervous system that’s responsible for fight or flight. It looks for threats and prepares us for responding to them. Unfortunately we tend to have our sympathetic nervous systems active too much, flooding the body with stress hormones and finding ourselves in a chronic state of over stimulation. No sooner have we finished paying attention to one thing, we actively seek out something else to focus on. We get stuck in a hyper-vigilant and anxious cycle of sympathetic activity.

Relaxing our gaze prompts the parasympathetic nervous system to become more active instead. The parasympathetic is the branch of the autonomic nervous system that brings us back to calm, rest, and balance. This exercise helps us to consciously trigger a parasympathetic response so that we can break the cycle of permanent vigilance, and allow ourselves to relax.

This exercise brings about quite a rapid change. And it’s not difficult to do. It just requires changing the way we’re relating to our eyes — relaxing our gaze and letting the eyes be less tightly focused.

Now you probably can’t read or surf the internet with this mode of vision, but you can take breaks, hold conversations, attend meetings, walk down the street, or drive a vehicle.

And one other thing you can do with this relaxed gaze is to meditate.




New Research Shows that Some Ancient Egyptians Were Naturally Fair-Haired

According to Dr. Janet Davey from the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine in Australia, some ancient Egyptians were naturally blonde or red haired. Her research has brought an answer to an intriguing question connected with Egyptian mummies and the effects of the mummification process.

An article published recently by The Sydney Morning Herald says that the mystery of the red and blonde hair discovered on some ancient Egyptian mummies may finally be solved. The new research was necessary to check the common perception that no ancient Egyptians had hair that wasn’t colored dark brown or black. Until now, most researchers had claimed that the different colors of the mummy hair were a result of the mummification process itself.

Dr. Davey decided to do innovative experiments, which she accomplished with the support of her friend, a retired industrial chemist named Alan Elliot. They prepared a quantity of synthetic natron, and used it on 16 hair samples. Natron was a kind of a salt that was used during the process of mummification to dry out the remains and has often been linked to a supposed hair color “change.”


The mummies of Yuya and Tuya. Both have light hair color. (Youtube Screenshot)

Davey and Elliot covered samples in the salty powder for 40 days. It is believed that this was the same amount of time that was needed in ancient times to dry out the bodies. The donors of the hair were men and women aged from 4 to 92 years old. Most of the samples were dark hair, with one grey, one fair, and one with henna on it for comparison.

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Psychic, Intuitive, Medium: What’s the Difference?

As we browse the Internet, metaphysical bookstores and listings for spiritual advisers, we get confronted with many terms explaining spiritual advisory work. Many people lump them all into the same category and some people who use the terms for themselves aren’t really sure what they mean. In connecting to a guide it’s important to know what type of work they will be performing for you, what their style is and where they get their information.

Psychic, Intuitive, Empath, Channel, Medium… what do they all mean? And how are they different from one another? Let’s explore!


Psychic work is anything that involves sensitivity to non-physical or supernatural nature. Before we can understand what psychic work is, we have to understand what it is not.

The normal means for gathering and processing information relies on our five senses (sight, taste, hearing, touch, smell) and our logical/linear brain. Psychic work is the process of obtaining information not using these methods. In psychic work, extra-sensory (‘beyond the senses’) methods are used to gain insight to people, events or situations that would otherwise not be available to the normal range of senses. An example of this would be reading the personality of someone who has not yet been met, therefore negating the possibility of logically assessing them using the five senses.

Psychic work is often described by those who are psychic in terms of the extra-sensory way in which they receive insight. Examples include clairvoyance (‘seeing’ without the physical eyes), clairaudience (‘hearing’ without the physical ears) and clairsentience (‘feeling’ without the physical body itself). This may seem confusing, but think of it this way:

The physical senses are only physical/material expressions of spiritual senses. Just like electricity precedes the toaster turning on, so too does energetic or spiritual sense precede the physical sense. That means behind the physical eyes there are spiritual eyes. Behind the physical ears there are spiritual ears, and so on. A psychic is able to hone in on the very subtle workings of these spiritual senses and interpret the information gathered by them.

A psychic can perceive those subtleties in the same way we normally perceive the road in front of us, a conversation with a friend or the taste of a fresh strawberry. All people are blessed with the ability to negotiate on the spiritual/psychic level — a psychic is just someone who has fine-tuned the art of perceiving incoming information that is normally overlooked.

Psychics differ from other types of spiritual guides in that logic is required to translate the information they receive. In order to convey information to another person, they must decipher the images, words, feelings, sounds, etc. they receive in a way that makes sense to the person they are guiding. Therefore, psychic work involves both extra-sensory and sensory organs when serving a seeking client.

Most experienced psychics are very much in control of turning on or off their psychic senses. Great psychic advisors have the ability to connect to a person or circumstance and quiet their normal senses so that the information received by the subtle senses is loud and clear. They can then literally dialogue with a person, place, event, issue, etc. on the psychic platform and receive information in a similar way to how we might dialogue with someone and get information from that person.

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Cosmic Rays Reveal Secrets of the Bent Pyramid

A team of researchers has presented the results of an analysis focused on the internal structure of the Bent Pyramid of pharaoh Sneferu (Snefru), a 4,500-year-old monument named after its sloping upper half.

Researchers from Egypt, Japan, Canada, and France have connected their knowledge and experience to work on the Scan Pyramids project. They are using innovative methods to take a look inside four of the ancient pyramids in Egypt without damaging their structures. Now, the picture they have received of the Bent Pyramid is as clear as if they had used an X-ray.

The study is based on three modern technologies: infrared thermography, 3D scans with lasers, and cosmic-ray detectors. All of them have allowed the researchers to take better look inside the pyramids. Using the infrared thermography technique, the researchers measured the infrared energy emitted from the structures. The results of their testing were used to estimate the temperature distribution inside. Then, the team used lasers to bounce narrow pulses of light off the interiors of the Bent Pyramid. The last part of the research was locating cosmic particles, muons, within the structure, using detector plates.

Muons are formed at the moment when cosmic rays hit the Earth’s atmosphere. The particles rain down from the atmosphere, pass through empty spaces, and they can be absorbed or deflected by harder surfaces. They don’t affect the human body, but if special detector plates are used, they can be tracked.

Kunihiro Morishima, from the Institute for Advanced Research of Nagoya University, Japan, placed 80 plates in the lower chamber of the Bent pyramid. They covered an area of about 10 square feet (0.93 sq. meters) and stayed there for 40 days. Following an analysis of these plates, the researchers were able to create 3D images of the pyramid,which revealed the shape of all of the chambers inside the pyramid.

The Tech Times reports that: “Although the scans were not able to detect further chambers that have the size of the upper chamber or beyond the field of view, Scan Pyramid’s Mehdi Tayoubi says it is still a scientific breakthrough because it verifies the muography concept used in the Egyptian pyramids.”



As Mehdi Tayoubi, president of the Heritage Innovation Preservation Institute, and the director of the Scan Pyramids Project told Discovery News:

“From these plates, more than 10 millions of muon tracks were analyzed. We count the muons and according to their angular distribution we are able to reconstruct an image. For the first time ever, the internal structure of a pyramid was revealed with muon particles. The images obtained clearly show the second chamber of the pyramid located roughly 60 feet above the lower one in which emulsions plates were installed.”

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Debate Surges in Place of Discovery in Tomb of Tutankhamun

After months of waiting, a few press conferences, and big expectations, followers of the search for two additional chambers in the tomb of Tutankhamun have received information they may not want to know. It seems that things are at a standstill and may continue to be for an undetermined amount of time.

”Tut-mania” or even ”Nefertiti-mania” were so close. A press conference held on November 28, 2015, in Luxor with Egyptian Antiquities Minister Mamdouh el-Damaty revealed the results of a three-day operation that scanned behind the walls of Tutankhamun’s burial chamber. The official investigations were designed to test out a theory by archaeologist Nicholas Reeves that the tomb of Tutankhamun contains two hidden chambers and that one of them is the final resting place of Queen Nefertiti. According to the Minister, the scans showed that “it’s 90 per cent likely there is something behind the walls”

Now, the new Minister of Antiquities, Khaled El-Enany, is convinced that future works inside the tomb will be possible, after more debate and additional non-invasive research. In the official comment, presented during the conference in Cairo dedicated to King Tutankhamun and his famous golden mask, he said that the Ministry is not against any scientific project and the scientific endeavor will ultimately reveal the truth. Scans will continue, but there is no chance for physical exploration unless it is 100 percent certain that there are additional chambers.

This situation is somewhat surprising, because the Tourism Minister of Egypt, Hisham Zaazou, appeared to have slipped up during a visit to Spain when he said the hidden chamber being investigated in Tutankhamun’s tomb is “full of treasures”. November scans also suggested both metal and organic material behind the walls.

However, things became more complicated in March when a second team of radar technicians who were organized by National Geographic , “conducted a follow-up scan to see if Watanabe’s results could be replicated. But they failed to locate the same features.”

Nicholas Reeves is a specialist in Egyptology, and a researcher with experience and impressive skills. However, since he published his theory, the voices of criticism have been loud and many. All Reeves can do for now is to continue use of non-invasive methods. Nicholas Reeves has asserted over the months that his theory is based on strong scientific research and that there is no reason to reject it until the chambers have been opened. He continues to defend his theory : “I was looking for the evidence that would tell me that my initial reading was wrong. But I didn’t find any evidence to suggest that. I just found more and more indicators, that there is something extra going on in Tutankhamun’s tomb.”

According to Ahram Online , the director the Egyptian Museum and Papyri in Berlin, Friederike Seyfried, doesn’t believe in the existence of hidden chambers. In her opinion, Reeves has based his research on a mere hypothesis. She claimed that the ”sudden death of the boy-king led the tomb’s builders to finish the tomb quickly and close it up, which is why a cavity was found.” Moreover, Ahram Online says that she disagrees with the arguments presented by the researcher. She believes that the ancient Egyptians would never have made a depiction of the pharaoh without a direct inscription beside it. She supports the classical reading of the inscription in the tomb.

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Extremely Rare Albino Orangutan Found in Indonesia

A rare albino orangutan was rescued earlier this month from a village in Indonesia where it was kept in a cage. The five-year-old orangutan, which was rescued from the Kapuas Hulu district in Borneo, has made quite a comeback, gaining up to 10 pounds in a couple of weeks.

The Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation is caring for the primate, according to the Telegraph. Orangutans are critically endangered, meaning they are one step away from extinction, and the foundation cares for close to 500 of them. The foundation reported that it had never cared for an albino orangutan at the rehabilitation center in its 25-year history.

The foundation held an international campaign asking for name suggestions from around the world. Ultimately it chose “Alba,” meaning “white” in Latin and “dawn” in Spanish. “Hopefully a new dawn will come for these precious animals,” the group said in a statement reported by the Jakarta Post.

BOS Foundation said they were examining albinism in great apes before deciding on the best course of action for Alba’s future welfare. “We can’t simply place Alba in a forest area, nor in a sanctuary, without thoroughly examining all possibilities,” said Jamartin Sihite, BOS Foundation CEO. “So far we have been unable to find any other example of an albino orangutan and we need to know more about her and her special situation.”

The Bornean orangutan, which along with the Sumatran orangutan are Asia’s only great apes, is classified by the International Union for Conservation of Nature as “critically endangered”. Around 100,000 are estimated to live on Borneo, which is divided between Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia, according to the IUCN.

Their habitat has shrunk dramatically as the island’s rain forests are increasingly turned into oil palm, rubber or paper plantations, and they are sometimes targeted by villagers who view them as pests.

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An Affirmation:

I am the Pure Light of Consciousness
Penetrating everywhere
And bringing all into the Light of God.



Alcheringa … when the first ancestors were created

This is the story of fifty thousand people coming from the Pleiades in a giant starship to found the human race on Earth.

It is not a simple story, but one filled with intrigue, deception, and the planned destruction of a mission that left only ninety survivors to be cast upon the Earth.

Part of the story was about their survival on a planet whose atmosphere they could barely breathe, a sun they could not expose themselves to, and a dangerous and poisonous environment that took many of the survivor’s lives.

Their struggle and success in creating our race is the miracle they brought. It is our past and they are our heritage.

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