A Look at Hybrid Humans

In one of the recent meetings of the Mystery School, there was a closing comment in one of the sessions. “There are many, many hybrids“. In the light of the recent transmission from Cosmic Sai Baba and this message from the Mystery School, we bring you reflections on hybrids from Jalarm the Atlantean and Judy Carroll, author of Extraterrestrial Presence on Earth – Lessons in History.


hybrid ~ noun. (genetics) an organism that is the offspring of genetically dissimilar parents or stock; especially offspring produced by breeding plants or animals of different varieties or breeds or species; i.e., a mule is a cross between a horse and a donkey

hybrid ~ adj very rare

1. produced by crossbreeding

(interbreed, crossbreed, hybridize, a composite of mixed origin)

Jalarm speaks on Hybrids

The Mystery School is an account of the history of humans – and star peoples – on Earth before the Fall of Atlantis, the great floods and mankind returning to the caves for millenia until the Sun was visible again. The Mystery School is similar to the gurukula system of question and answer, where students learn from answers to ask the appropriate questions in order to advance in knowledge. In this particular instance, one higher being from the Angelic Realms – who had one life in Atlantis – is channelled by Valerie Barrow. There is also an Oracle which gives answers to questions discerned by the students. The being from the Atlantean times goes by name of Jalarm (pronounced ‘Yalum’.

In this excerpt, reptilian beings had created hairy upstanding apes to mine gold for them (here, on Earth. They needed this on the home planet.). People from the stars (eg, Starpeople) came to assist humans to be free of their reptilian masters. Much of this narrative is covered in Valerie Barrow’s book, Alcheringa, when the first ancestors were created. Jalarm takes up the narrative, explaining the creation of the first humans and the hybrids that came about: See http://valeriebarrow.com/mystery/?p=38

“There was a very complicated range of people upon the Earth … and many had been created on this Earth and there were many who came as visitors with very advanced information – very advanced knowledge – they did many things that on this Earth now has not yet done. But they will. Certainly there was flying inter-stellar interaction. So that there were people coming from other worlds to visit this planet very easily. So you ask what was the population? And this is why the hesitation of the Oracle. Because they used to come and go. It was hard to say how many? Because some would stay – some would go. So if you were to ask of how many of the starpeople that lived on this Earth – how many were born on this Earth – then I could give you a number. This is the starpeople I am speaking of because they were not made of the earth-body.”

There were humans that were earth people who had inherited the hairy ape-like genes. And so they are a different race also. In fact it has been said that there was an edict that the starpeople were not to inter-marry with the Earth women – or men for that matter because of their inheritance of a lower energy; that was the reason … … Once they married they would have reduced their LIGHT and it would have gone against their whole mission of being here which was to hold a Higher Consciousness and a Higher LIGHT upon this Earth … This planet that was in this part of the galaxy which is quite dark … and that was their Mission to bring more Light and a Higher Consciousness of Love to this particular area within the galaxy.”

So does this clarify to you how I would like you to ask the question of how many people were on this Earth? There were settlers – you could say – who came to live upon the Earth and have children – so they were born upon this Earth also.

They were of the Higher Consciousness of the starpeople. Humans, that we have told you about before, were an up-graded consciousness and blessed by the Light of God – and they were upon this Earth also.

And then there were still those that had not inter-married with the starpeople and so they remained more limited in their abilities and their thinking.



Unfortunately the starpeople that were committed to this Earth did go against the edict from the Hierarchy and found some of the earth-women and the earth-men very attractive and they did inter-marry despite a request not to. It actually lowered the energy of Light in the children that were born . but in some ways also they were children born with more abilities, certainly psychic abilities but also intelligence that was able to think very cleverly. Those children were special children really in that they were able to do and understand things more from the starpeople’s point of view rather than the Earth people.

However the earth-people were taught many things by the starpeople and so there was an inter-action of knowledge and there was also teaching that went out to the Earth people to conduct ceremonies to help balance the energies upon the Earth – to be able to receive energies coming from the Cosmos that was assisting this planet to grow and to also to allow the inter-action of visitors from other worlds. It had to be, because in that time the energy of the whole of the Planet was operating at a dimension that was ‘higher’ than what has been on Earth in the past when it Fell. It Fell to the 3rd Dimension – it is now on its way – in fact it has gone through the turning point into the 4th Dimension which will allow visitors to come now – as they did before – to this Earth planet.

Judy Carroll on Hybrids

Extraterrestrial Presence on Earth – Lessons in History

is the new book from Judy Carroll, detailing the ET Presence on Earth. This book principally addresses the work of star-people (sometimes called ET’s, Greys, aliens and ‘men in black’.) many of whom have been tasked to help the human evolve. The popular language is that of ascension, stargates, the higher dimensions such as the 5th and 6th Dimensions. All this is overshadowed by the chaotic nodes of misinformation, control, abuse of thought on the astral plane and manipulation of energy streams. Many higher planetary and inter-dimensional helpers are here to assist Earth and humankind’s shift from 4th to 5th world consciousness. The expansion of human mind/awareness is the key to this evolutionary process, albeit in the midst of massive interference and mis-information.

Here we take up excerpts from Judy Carroll’s latest book, and note where the author references off-planet peoples, the cross-breeding and interbreeding programs, and the differences between star children and hybrids. Most Earthlings can trace their family lines back to several different nationalities. So it is with off-planet people, of whom most are hybrid mixtures of at least two different planetary species.

Abductions and Surrogates:

They had very little equipment at their disposal, but they were experts at this type of work. By contributing their own genetic material, and with some of the females willing to use their own bodies as surrogates, several primate/reptoid/Pleiadian offspring were born. However, the Pleiadian surrogate mothers’ bodies weren’t compatible for carrying these mixed-genetic fetuses, which were born with massive problems. Those that survived the birth process died soon after. The only alternative was to capture some adult females of the “mixture” slave species. The upgraded embryos were placed into their bodies, which were closer in energetic frequency to the offspring the ETs were trying to produce. This is why in the present-day ET hybrid program, Earth-human mothers are often needed to be brought in as surrogates.

The Repterran take-over of Planet Earth was an act of blatant rebellion against a universal code of conduct. This rebellion continued to escalate throughout the Atlantean era. The Repterrans’ genetic experimentation and development of all sorts of hybrid creatures was totally unnatural and strictly against universal law. Even today, Repterrans continue to reincarnate on Earth, in Earth-human form, and refuse to relinquish their ownership and complete control of Earth and humanity. For this reason I refer to them as the Controllers.

A number of attempts have been made to get Earth out of Controller hands, but they are deeply entrenched here, and they have the later human species so completely under their control that all past attempts have failed. The Pharaohs Akhenaton and Tutankhamen were off-planet people who came down here in hybrid containers chosen specifically at that time to enable them to remain for the span of a lifetime in human form, to try to set things right, but they were both put to death. These weren’t the only Guardians who’ve attempted this. Others in the form of various spiritual teachers such as Jesus, Buddha and Krishna have tried as well.

Some Controller-oriented researchers are laying the blame for the rising level of autism in children to negative interference by the Greys and their hybrid program. Admittedly, the infusion of ET genetics is involved indirectly, but it’s more to do with the off-planet genetics causing these children’s energy systems to vibrate at a higher frequency, thus making them more sensitive and vulnerable to the harsh and heavy energy on this planet. Life on a level 1 planet such as Earth is not easy to cope with! As a star seed, I speak here from personal experience.


Star Children are essentially Earth children who have been energetically upgraded with ET genetics and enhanced DNA. Hybrids are essentially ETs who have some Earth-human genetic material in their makeup. Since quite a number of the Star Children are being interfered with by the Repterran Controllers, more hybrid children are being introduced on Earth at this time as preparation for eventual disclosure. Having a higher percentage of ET genetics in their makeup, they have more protection on the energy level to block such interference from occurring.

The Controllers are involved in this side of things as well, producing their own hybrids by using genetic material taken from the bodies of ETs who have died in crashed ships, and mixing it with reptoid genetics. This is causing major confusion.

There are many types and so many hybrids among the Zetas and other Greys – some are white in color, others are more a brownish-grey, or a lighter or darker grey. Some have smaller eyes, some larger, some have eyes that are teardrop shaped with the rounded part on the outside, like our group, whereas others have eyes that go up in a point towards the outside of the face. Some Greys have cone-shaped heads whereas some are rounder. The only common characteristics are a larger head in proportion to the body, with the eyes being the most dominant feature, and a quite frail, thin body shape. However, some of the hybrids are much closer to Earth humans even in these features. There are at least 30 different types of Greys, including the Zetas and others.


Before answering this, I must first point out that you are all hybrids. If you were not, you would still be swinging through the trees by your tails! All human species are bio-engineered ET hybrids in one way or another and a hybridization program has been in progress on Earth for many millennia.

Both the Greys and Repterran/Controllers are creating hybrids.



Developing a new species through genetic engineering isn’t necessarily spiritual work – it is pure technology. Whether it’s positive or negative technology is solely to do with the intention behind it. To quote from a channeling session with Alcheringa (Alchquaringa) speaking through Valerie Barrow, he stated:

“We use the technology within the law of the universe rather than against the law of God.”

The Controllers have as much scientific ability to do this as the Greys and other ETs. The only difference is the intention behind it. The Greys, Pleiadians etc are creating hybrids for positive purposes, whereas the Controller hybrids such as the infamous Men in Black have been developed for negative purposes, to carry out a police-type role in connection with the Repterran/Military hybrid breeding program. It’s no coincidence that many people connected with the military have also undergone faked “ET abductions” in which they’ve been impregnated with part-ET embryos which have then been removed before full-term.

The second reason for the hybrids is to spread Earth-human genetics further afield to safer environments throughout the universe. One whole Zeta Reticulan culture known as the Essassani are Earth-human/Zeta hybrids.

They live on planets in the Zeta star system, and are valued members of the culture who can take their place on any level of Zeta society, and this brings us to the third reason for the hybrids.

The best-case scenario that everybody “up there” is hoping for is that full disclosure of the ET presence will eventually take place on Earth. When this happens, these hybrids, some of whom are living on Earth already, will be the first ones to come forward and declare their presence, helped along by those of us who are Greys, Zetas and other ETs living down here in fully Earth-human containers. Many of us, including some of the hybrids, have been born here, so we understand both the Earth-human and ET perspective, and will be able to assist in bringing both sides together in mutual respect and harmony.