TWO SOULMATES – Walking Through Time and History

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A chronicle of the spiritual and physical events and experiences of Valerie and John Barrow, and their many lifetimes together..

A chronicle of the spiritual and physical events and experiences of Valerie and John Barrow, and their many lifetimes together.



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The book has now been re-printed as the STARLADY book.


Over the last thirty or more years, this journey has bonded their minds, bodies and souls to an astonishingly profound degree. As an experienced medium and an advanced meditation teacher, Valerie has developed an understanding of how regression and past-life therapy can heal our soul and body. Valerie shares her guidance by her Mentor, their travels to sacred places around the world and the unearthing of the hidden aspects of the story of Magdalene and Jesus, the Pyramids, the Sacred Alcheringa Stone and its role in the story of the first humans, with the aid of the star people.

Overview of Contents

This is the chronicle of events and experiences both spiritual and physical by Valerie and John Barrow. They have had many lifetimes together. Over the last thirty or so years, this journey has bonded their minds, bodies and souls to an astonishingly profound degree.

Valerie Barrow is an experienced medium, an advanced meditation teacher and has developed an understanding of how regression and past-life therapy can heal our soul and our body.

This book is divided into four sections. Part A speaks of the existence of the soul and soul exchange, the beginning of the relationship with Valerie’s unseen Mentor, and her training in mediumship. John Barrow’s experiences in Central Java reveal surprising past life correlations. Valerie and John move into a property at Canyonleigh, NSW, named Alcheringa. Soon after this the sacred Alcheringa Stone came into Valerie’s keeping.

Valerie shares the story of Jehanne d’Arc – Saint Joan of Arc who is in her soul history. Linked to this soul history are the roles Valerie chose to play in successive lifetimes. There is an interview with a Knight Templar about their initiations and rituals and the mystery of the Priory of Sion is encountered. John Barrow’s family relation to Charles Dickens is revealed more clearly as John encounters the lifetime of Charles Dickens is part of his soul history.

Valerie and John were directed to travel to various sacred places, in England and the south of France. They share the evocation at the Bay of Marys, their visit to the relics and grotto of Mary Magdalene and Valerie shares a surprising photograph of the shroud of Mary Magdalene. Their travels continue to the place where the Cathars were incarcerated and burnt at the stake, and their Mentor sends a sign of the presence of light beings with them.

John also has a fascinating exploration of the Nazi pre-occupation with the legend of the Holy Grail and the Cathars, with Valerie’s Mentor.

Images of people from a past life can be quite similar to that image of themselves in their present life – this is even when there is no inherited bloodline or DNA connection.

John and I have a memory of walking together as friends, as elderly people, dressed in white, living in India. The work we did then is now continued … although not the same.

John in this life still wears a large ring on his finger and gave me an equal sided cross, like the one he is seen wearing in the photo – this was all before we became aware of the life in India. He looks like Charles Leadbeater, he used to have a beard, and he still has that ‘twinkle’ in his eyes. We carry forth characteristics from other lives to either heal or to assist us with abilities from the past on our journey in this life.

I have a photo of myself when I was 16 years old and the likeness is very similar to the photo of Annie Besant, taken in her late teens.

There are other characteristics and abilities of Annie that have been carried forth into this life.

John and Valerie travel further into the south of France and encounter evidence of the Earth’s history in the Aude Valley at the dinosaur museum. They travel to Avignon, the place of the Papacy outside of Rome, where they both encounter signs of a life together at the Palais de Papes.

Their sacred journey takes them on to Stonehenge, Glastonbury and Avebury, the place of barrows and great mounds.

Avebury is the site of an ancient monument consisting of a large henge, several stone circles, stone avenues and barrows (burial mounds), surrounding the village of Avebury in the English county of Wiltshire. It is one of the finest and largest Neolithic monuments in Europe, about 5,000 years old. Although older than the megalithic stones of Stonehenge 32 kilometres to the south, the two monuments are broadly contemporary overall.

Silbury Hill is an artificial chalk mound near Avebury in the English county of Wiltshire. It is part of the Stonehenge, Avebury and Associated Sites UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Their next stop off is in Egypt at the Pyramids of Giza. John Barrow undergoes a shamanic type initiation inside the pyramid, while Valerie meditates and receives impressions about the history of the Pyramids. Visiting the famous museum, Valerie senses a sweet perfume in the mummies room, which leads to the stories of Amenhotep, Tutankhamun and Queen Nefertiti. Later on, John discovers he has a lifetime in his soul story as a Pharaoh!

Valerie finds a surprising link while lying on a ‘John of God’ crystal healing bed; the lady who is massaging Valerie has a regression with her and we encounter the soul story of Queen Nefertiti. Valerie travels to John of God in Brazil, to receive a healing and makes further encounter with her own soul story and that of her husband, John.

The story of the sacred Alcheringa Stone unfolds as it is linked to the mission of the Mothership Rexegena, where 50,000 star people came to develop this corner of the universe and were blown out of the skies. Valerie seeks connections with Uluru and the 7th Sister of the Pleiades who is revealed to be Goolagaia, who confirms that Valerie is the 8th White Sister of the Pleiades who has returned. Uluru is revealed by Valerie’s mentor as an asteroid sent to Earth to bring an end to the age of dinosaurs. The Fall of Atlantis was also caused by an asteroid and Valerie’s Mentor shares this background.

At the fall of Atlantis, the Earth and all her peoples fell out of the 4th Dimension. Valerie and her Mentor explain how the 2012 Solstice marks the return to the 4th Dimension and the commencement of the new Golden Age of humanity, in the 5th Dimension of Love.

A surprisingly well written story, which convincingly puts forth the message that we all follow a Soul Blueprint, and can access our past soul history in order that we might know and understand our soul’s journey. What is important in this book is the common journey of two soul mates, who each access their own soul’s journey in totally different ways. John Barrow has the gift of conscious recall of his past lives. This blends remarkably with many events in this narrative where Valerie and John seem to walk from their modern everyday timeline into a shared timeline in the past where they undertook sacred activities together. This is illustrated in the story of the visit to Central Java, the visit to the grotto of Mary Magdalene, the climb to the mount of the Cathars, the visit to the Palais des Papes. John Barrow has spontaneously re-entered his past at Kariong also, re-enacting events from his Leonine lifetime in a different time and space.

In many ways, this is a pathfinding narrative. It supplies many answers to the modern questions of humanity about our origins, going far beyond biblical narrative (which, purportedly, only goes back 4,000 years to Abraham) to the Fall of Atlantis, and further back into the mysteries of the origins of human life. Moreover, there are recollections of sharing the life and times of Jesus of Nazareth, who is called Issa in this narrative. Other sources – particularly in Tibet and India – also confirm the name of Jesus as Issa.

Valerie and John Barrow have done a signal service to humanity in this book. They illustrate by their journeys, their companionship and their individual Soul Blueprints what it means to be a spiritual seeker from two totally different points of view. The experiences and transformation of John Barrow – along with his spiritual gifts – shed new light on masculinity and spirituality for modern man. Spirituality is essentially our Being Human. The Hu is a light man, as Valerie’s Mentors have often told.

Book Review – Two Soulmates

Story now included in STARLADY book, ‘The True Story of Valerie and Mr. Dickens and other lifetimes spent with John Barrow.

from Jen stojanovski

” I have read Valerie Barrow’s book ‘Two Soulmates’ and am astounded by the information contained within it. It is an open recount of the past lives that she and her partner, John, have lived before this one. Her openness and boldness is inspiring as she writes about their experiences of travelling to all corners of the world and the memories that are triggered by such events. Just two everyday people on a journey across lifetimes. Once I opened this book I could not put it down! Something about it resonated with me as truth, from the deepest of places within, and I just knew that Valerie was onto something here. This book includes aspects of history, culture, spirituality and individual perspectives that I have yet to find written elsewhere. I love the way that it is all put together so comprehensively. It is a story. A story of one woman and her soulmates’ lives and the way that each person has influenced them. But it’s more than a story too. Valerie joins the pieces of her life’s puzzle together to get a bigger picture of the journey of her soul. What I got most from this book is not just the words on the page or even the message. It spoke to my own soul. A deep sense of truth, a knowing, an ‘A-Ha’ moment. During the time it took me to read ‘Two Soulmates’ I started having some past life memories of my own being triggered. If you wanted to know more about yourself and the lives you have lived, I recommend reading Valerie’s book. Perhaps it will speak to your soul, as it has done with mine. Jenny (Ancient Energy Healings)



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