STARLADY – The True Story of Valérie and Mr Dickens and other lifetimes spent with John Barrow

The cover of the new Starlady book by Valérie

Valérie is a Starlady. Her mission is to speak of the sacred Aborigine Alcheringa Stone, the seven sisters of the Pleiades, the early evolution of Planet Earth and creation of the first humans. She also reveals hidden aspects of her and John’s story, such as the Egyptian Pyramids, Jesus’ Family, the missing manuscript of the Cathars, The Knights Templar, Jehanne d’ Arch and Mr Charles Dickens, to name a few. Valérie shares her mentor’s guidance and insights into many ‘mysterious’ unexplained events throughout history.

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Book Reviews

Book of Love by a Medium

The Book of Love is very appropriately named, because Love is what this book is about. It is based on the daily meditations of the author, and is refreshingly different as the spirituality of the Aboriginals, the indigenous people of Australia, is focused upon with insight and respect, writes one reviewer.

A refreshing take on the Genesis Story which fits neatly with Australian Aboriginal Dreamtime legends, writes the reviewer about Alcheringa, When the First Ancestors were Created.

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Bill Oliver’s Letter

book cover - book of love by a medium

My husband called into my little office and gave me a letter that had arrived in the morning mail from HONG KONG. It read:-

“Dear Mrs. Barrow,

“The electric green title of “The Book of Love” twinkled at me from a book shelf as I entered Ted Healy’s office at The Diary Company, Hong Kong. It was too irresistible not to lay hands on it, so of course I picked it up. It took some doing to get Ted to loan it to me, but with the proper attitude one can always exert some influence over little portions of day to day life.”

“Many will write to you about your work and ask questions regarding its content. Myself, being a more mundane individual, find intrigue in the page count (as well as the content.) Your book contains 144 pages from the title page to the last page (counting all paper sides within the cover.) There are no roman numeral page numbers up front as one would expect to find. The narrative of the first sitting begins at page 7 with no other page numbers before it. A burning question forms in my mind “Is Valerie Barrow aware that 144 is the “All Purpose Number?” There is no other choice but to write you and ask.”

The Star People who gave the Atlanteans their crystal technology based on the “Night Side Forces” use a numbering system based on seven. The also conveyed to the Atlanteans that 144 was the All Purpose Number, the number of physical elements in nature, the prime harmony. If you are aware of that, then your conveyance of the fact to the reader is one of an infinitely sublime nature. If you are not, then other forces are exerting their influence in your work”

“So you can understand my curiosity, I am editing the readings of A Medium, for the book “The Atlantean influence in Contemporary Society.”

We are instructed that the book will be 144 pages in length.”

“It would be a pleasure to hear from you so I can sleep at night.”

Sincerely Yours,
Bill Oliver.

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TWO SOULMATES – Walking Through Time and History

Book Cover - two soul mates

A chronicle of the spiritual and physical events and experiences of Valerie and John Barrow, and their many lifetimes together..

A chronicle of the spiritual and physical events and experiences of Valerie and John Barrow, and their many lifetimes together. You may find copies of this book on the Amazon Website.


You may still find copies of this book on the Amazon Website

Stories are retold in her new book STARLADY AND MORE.

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Alcheringa – Croatian Version

ALCHERINGA – when the first ancestors were created

CROATIAN Language Version

Book Cover, Croatian Language Version, Alcheringa

A second book – that continues the journey into discovering Earth’s past evolution.

“ALCHERINGA” when the first ancestors were created. – describing The Mission of the Mothership Rexegena from the Pleiades nearly 1 million years ago.

This book is the Croatian Language version of ALCHERINGA – when the first ancestors were created

To obtain this book, Contact:
Gjure Szaba 9
10000 Zagreb

Telephone: 01 3704 142
G: 095 9018 213
Or contact:

Contacts avec les Pléiadiens

Les livres de Valérie Barrow en Français:

Contacts avec les Pléiadiens

French Book Cover

Il y a près d’un million d’années, alors que notre planète n’était encore qu’un habitat hostile dans lequel régnaient des races à la nature belliqueuse, ne connaissant ni l’amour ni la compassion, un vaisseau spatial quitta la huitième étoile de la constellation des Pléiades avec, à son bord, 50 000 personnes originaires de différents points de la galaxie. Son nom : le Rexégéna. Sa destination : la Terre. Son but : y créer une culture empreinte de la conscience cristalline. Mais la Mission du Rexégéna ne se déroula pas exactement telle que prévue par la Hiérarchie de Lumière des Pléiades. C’est ce que révèle ce livre dans lequel vous apprendrez comment la Terre fut ensemencée d’une humanité dont nous sommes tous les descendants.

Depuis de nombreuses années, Valérie Barrow est en contact avec des êtres multidimensionnels. C’est par l’intermédiaire d’une entité du nom d’Alcheringa, appartenant au “Peuple des Étoiles”, qu’elle a reçu ces informations sur nos origines, notre parcours et surtout notre devenir.

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Le Livre de l’Amour par un Médium

Le Livre de l’Amour par un Médium

Les livres de Valérie Barrow en Français :

French Book Cover

Le Livre de l’Amour par un Médium Valérie J. Barrow

« La Terre est sur un chemin d’ascension menant vers un portail qui s’ouvre de plus en plus et conduit tout ce qu’elle renferme au monde de la Lumière d’Or qui sera connu sous le nom d’Age d’Or. »

Le Livre de l’Amour par un médium restitue les méditations de l’auteur en symbiose avec la Pierre Alchringa, transmise au peuple Aborigène Australien de l’Origine par les Peuples des Étoiles.

Il émane de la Pierre une énergie très particulière qui renferme la mémoire de la création de notre humanité. Grâce à elle, Valérie Barrow eut accès à une forme de conscience qui n’impliquait aucun processus de pensée. C’est ainsi que cet ouvrage a vu le jour. Il est une préparation aux révélations contenues dans son second livre (La mission du Rexegéna) qui nous raconte en détail comment les extraterrestres venus de la constellation des Pléiades ont « ensemencé » la Terre.

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Contacts avec les Pléiadiens