The Start of My Mission

Book cover - CommunionThis day – 17 December – is the birth anniversary of Valérie Barrow. We recall Valérie’s works and post an article about the beginnings of the life-work of Valérie Barrow, who held the Alcheringa Stone, a stone that was metaphysically connected to Uluru.

I had been learning from my unseen mentor, White Eagle, from the stars, and then my mission began when Whitley Strieber came to Sydney, Australia in the late 1980s. Harry Miller promoted Whitley to speak on television, and had one metre square posters pasted on all the walls of the square garbage bins in the Sydney CBD, so that everywhere you looked you seemed to be looking at an alien. I have come to call them Star People. But at the time, I saw the book in our local bookshop and was terrified. I told myself not to be silly and purchased the book and read it. I lived through every terrifying moment that Whitley wrote about. I decided I also would seek help from a hypnotherapist. I saw myself laying on an operating table with a huge light above me, as if in an operating theatre. I was surrounded by the small alien beings, with some very tall beings there also. I was shaking badly, but then I realised it was something I had agreed to and that there was no need for fear. They were taking samples of human body cells to examine and find cures for human diseases. So, I pulled away from the memory and I knew there was more to learn.

Book Cover - TransformationWhitley Strieber wrote more about his experiences in his book, Transformation: The Breakthrough. And in a similar way, that is what happened to me. If I was asked if I would choose to have these so-called ‘alien experiences.’ I would say emphatically YES. It was very trying for the first two years, but it was an initiation. I feel very blessed that I have been one of many that have been chosen—and I feel blessed and enlightened that I agreed to the experience long before I came here.

The Star People asked me to write, while holding an Indigenous Australian Sacred Stone wrapped in paperbark and tied with string.

I had the sacred Alcheringa Australian Aborigine Stone, wrapped in paperbark, lent to me for two years. The Indigenous people say it came from the stars. It surrounded me with a bright white light when I sat with it. My consciousness was raised so that the stone seemed to speak to me. It came from the planet Sirius, and I felt I knew it. The Stone was metaphysically connected to Uluru.

On 5 September 1994, twenty-two people came to our property, named Alcheringa, to paint new symbols that they had been asked by ‘upstairs’ to take to Uluru and sing the image vibration into the earth. On that same day, we had the Star People come in a lightship surrounded by cloud in acknowledgement of our work. We felt they were happy with our work. The property had already been named Alcheringa when I accidentally knocked a copy of the Australian edition of the Oxford Dictionary to the floor. As I lifted it, it fell open and the word Alcheringa caught my eye. The next word was Alchemy, the transmutation of base metals into gold. I thought how similar the two words were.

Alcheringa, one of the few Australian Indigenous words in the dictionary was described as the ‘golden age’ in some tribes, when the first ancestors were created. Alcheringa is an Ancient Creator Ancestor who introduced himself to me while I was holding the Sacred Stone. He began to teach me about the Australian Indigenous Ancestors, and their customs and culture.

The Star People asked me to write while holding the Indigenous Australian Sacred Stone. The magic stone spoke to me the through psychometry — the gift of holding something and reading the ancient record held within it. I was advised it was like I was holding a little piece of Uluru itself.

Book Cover - The Book of Love
My diary, based around holding the sacred Alcheringa Stone, was published as The Book of Love, and is now republished in Part Two of the Starlady book.
The manuscript was written like a diary. I took it to the Ashram in Puttaparthi in India and our group was called for a private interview by the Avatar, Sri Sathya Sai Baba, in India in 1995. He took the manuscript and placed it on his knees, turning page after page. He said he would continue to assist me with it, but it was not finished. He blessed the manuscript — but telepathically asked me to use it with discernment for the time being, because at the time, talk of Star People was not readily accepted even when He tried to speak of them. He trained people like me to speak of the Star People after he left his earth body. Now I know it is time to speak openly—no holding back—about my personal ‘Close Encounters.’ He blessed the manuscript and, remember, he said it wasn’t finished.

Three years before, I had visited the Ashram when He manifested a green diamond ring and placed it on my finger. He said when I looked in the ring, He would be there. Even though I was standing in front of Sai Baba we were still communicating mind to mind. He said the diamond had been created by the Star People the same way humans made industrial diamonds. I treasured the ring and kept it in a special jewel box when working, until a friend called me one day and said ‘Valérie, Sai Baba came to me in a dream last night and asked me to tell you to wear the ring all the time.’ So, I do. I realised the blessed ring had introduced me to an initiation to prepare me for the work I was being asked to do. I receive monthly transmissions from Cosmic Sai Baba, through the ring, which have been going online for ten years at The ring comes from the stars, which I know now comes from our neighbouring galaxy – Andromeda M31.

This is an extract from Valerie Barrow’s new book, Uluru and the Star People by Valérie J Barrow and Alcheringa


Full Book Cover - Uluru and the Star People by Valérie J Barrow and Alcheringa
Full Book Cover – Uluru and the Star People by Valérie J Barrow and Alcheringa


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