STARLADY – The True Story of Valérie and Mr Dickens and other lifetimes spent with John Barrow

The cover of the new Starlady book by Valérie

Valérie is a Starlady. Her mission is to speak of the sacred Aborigine Alcheringa Stone, the seven sisters of the Pleiades, the early evolution of Planet Earth and creation of the first humans. She also reveals hidden aspects of her and John’s story, such as the Egyptian Pyramids, Jesus’ Family, the missing manuscript of the Cathars, The Knights Templar, Jehanne d’ Arch and Mr Charles Dickens, to name a few. Valérie shares her mentor’s guidance and insights into many ‘mysterious’ unexplained events throughout history.

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The Crop Circle and The Whispering Knights ~ John Barrow in conversation with Cosmic Sai Baba

topDuring 2015, John and Valerie Barrow travelled to Europe and spent six months living in France and tracing the footsteps of the Knights Templar, along with identities they had during the time of The Crusades. Both John and Valerie took multiple roles during this time period, and their travels wound up the psychic overlay of many events, thus setting souls – and landscapes free to be elevated into the 5th Dimension and the Golden Age. After their extended stay in France, John and Valerie travelled to the UK, where they visited several locations of importance to the Crusades and to the psychic resonance of the United Kingdom. In this conversation with Cosmic Sai Baba, John Barrow explores the creation – and the purpose of – the Crop Circle adjacent the Whispering Knights.

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Eleanor of Aquitane Part 4 – England and Arriving Home

John, Valerie and KnightArriving in England, the intrepid explorers of the paranormal set off to explore John’s memories: Army, Royal Fuselier, and Charles Dickens. John and Valerie travel to Oxford, England, where they encounter Eleanor of Aquitane and the marker for the Beaumont Castle. Travelling to the coast to see the Rollright stones, they encounter crop circles. After alarums and excursions with John and the dental plate, more time is given to walk through John’s soul story.

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Arriving in France and The Knights Templar


Valerie and John have arrived in the south of France and settled in. Valerie writes of the local history she has discovered exploring churches, and subterranean caves. The region around Montignac is rich in archaeological history. There is much that hints at the story of the Knights Templar, and the region seems to be part of the soul-story of Valerie. Our photo here is from the underground church of St Jean which is close to where Valerie and John are staying.

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