The Crop Circle and The Whispering Knights ~ John Barrow in conversation with Cosmic Sai Baba

topDuring 2015, John and Valerie Barrow travelled to Europe and spent six months living in France and tracing the footsteps of the Knights Templar, along with identities they had during the time of The Crusades. Both John and Valerie took multiple roles during this time period, and their travels wound up the psychic overlay of many events, thus setting souls – and landscapes free to be elevated into the 5th Dimension and the Golden Age. After their extended stay in France, John and Valerie travelled to the UK, where they visited several locations of importance to the Crusades and to the psychic resonance of the United Kingdom. In this conversation with Cosmic Sai Baba, John Barrow explores the creation – and the purpose of – the Crop Circle adjacent the Whispering Knights.

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