The Crop Circle and The Whispering Knights ~ John Barrow in conversation with Cosmic Sai Baba

topDuring 2015, John and Valerie Barrow travelled to Europe and spent six months living in France and tracing the footsteps of the Knights Templar, along with identities they had during the time of The Crusades. Both John and Valerie took multiple roles during this time period, and their travels wound up the psychic overlay of many events, thus setting souls – and landscapes free to be elevated into the 5th Dimension and the Golden Age. After their extended stay in France, John and Valerie travelled to the UK, where they visited several locations of importance to the Crusades and to the psychic resonance of the United Kingdom. In this conversation with Cosmic Sai Baba, John Barrow explores the creation – and the purpose of – the Crop Circle adjacent the Whispering Knights.

John Barrow: I am pleased to welcome you today, Baba. We went to look at the Rollright Stones just outside Chipping Norton. The purpose in going to see the ring of stones there – called the Whispering Knights – and that itself had very powerful impact on us both and particularly upon me for some reason.

I have a question: Are these stones man made, or are they star made?

Cosmic Sai Baba: They have been influenced by the starpeople; but the men have followed the directions from information given to them, just as is happening to you both, now. And so, … it was man that placed those stones in a circle.

John Barrow: So they are man made?

Cosmic Sai Baba: Well actually, the stones were not actually made by man, they came from the Earth.

John Barrow: So the ring of stones was made by men.



 the starpeople guided the men in the construction of the Whispering Knights

Cosmic Sai Baba: Yes, This is so.

John Barrow: They have very powerful energies, and of course, we got the shock of our lives – a massive bonus – because we saw some people walking in a wheat field next door to the ring of stones.

Cosmic Sai Baba: ‘The Whispering Knights’ – they have been called – and it was appropriate that you should be there as you were doing your research on the Knights Templar.

John Barrow: Thank you. I have to say that we stepped over a fence, and then we found ourselves in a wheat field. Valerie turned around and said, “My goodness, we are walking through a Crop Circle!” And we continued into the crop circle – there were people in the flattened area in the centre; we moved towards them – it was most powerful, unbelievably powerful energy, which was felt by them and us. Notwithstanding the was pouring rain, we were both soaked to the skin, and it didn’t really make much difference, the rain – well, it sort of bounced off us. Ha, ha.

I have a question: What is the significance of the Crop Circle with the five pointed star? That was something I could not quite work out. We moved to the centre of it, there is a five pointed star.




Cosmic Sai Baba: Well, we have been bringing the five pointed star to Valerie’s attention quite a lot – while you were in France and while you were researching the Knights Templear; and also when she arrived (particularly so) in the City of London and when you also travelled to other places. There seemed to be always – the sign of the five-pointed-star. We kept pointing it out to (or bringing to) Valerie’s attention. It has been a symbol that has been used down through the ages. It was used even by your Australian Aborigines because they readily listened to and learnt from the starpeople.

The Six Pointed Star

Cosmic Sai Baba: The star, the five pointed star as Leonardo da Vinci has drawn is what is called the Vitruvian Man, who represents the Man as he is – as an Earth man … when he was enchristed with the Light of God.



 Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man

Cosmic Sai Baba: That is a certain level of energy that exists. It is where all Earth people are raising consciousness to. And in doing so, they will rise past the limitations of their Earth energy or consciousness and then reach into the Christ energy which is represented with a six pointed star. Which has been also shown in many teachings from the World of Light. And it is connected to Venus in its movement … in the orbit of the Venus and its interaction with other planetary bodies. This is something I will help Valerie with via a little bit more research on the Internet. Because it has been written about and I will refresh her memory about that.

So, the five pointed star is representative of the end of an era, and the beginning of a new energy – which has been coming upon your Earth for quite some time and lifting the consciousness and now moving into the Golden Age. And for the Earth man’s consciousness to follow that path, he needs to let go of anything that is hanging or holding onto him in his consciousness so that he (or she) is free of past errors or past pain, or emotions, or anger of any sort – or even war-like thoughts. For none of this belongs to the six-pointed-star energy.

When I say “six points of the star”, that is symbolic of the New Frontier – if you like – of what the whole of this planet -your planet- is moving into. It is prophesied there will be a Golden Age and this is the Golden Age. It will not happen suddenly, but it is happening slowly. Those that want to move into that same energy – they could move very quickly if they did work on themselves – it could happen in the blink of an eye. That will be up to them if they make the choice to move forward, to let go of all their belief systems, all of what they are holding onto – that is actually weighing them down – so that they can be free and be lifted into the new consciousness – which is symbolised in equality – a triangle overlapped into another triangle, making it a six-pointed-star.

It has been used by the Jewish people but it existed long before they were using it. So is there something you would like to ask about that?



 Israeli Flag with the six-pointed Star of David as used by the Jewish people

John Barrow: Well, I just want to tell you – I got such a burst of energy – it was uplifting – when I was walking around in that crop circle – I mean – Valerie said to me before we ever came to Britain or France, “It would be wonderful if we could see a crop circle.” Normally to see it you would get a helicopter and see it from the air – but did better than that! We actually walked it! The energy was building up from the ground into the air. And we walked through all the channels. It couldn’t have been man made – for one very simple reason – you could not get a machine in there to cut it. It has obviously come from extra-terrestrial sources that have a huge, huge source of energy.

This has had a profound effect upon me, and what I want to ask you, Cosmic Sai Baba, is why have you “blessed” me with this tremendous uplifting energy. Erm, I’m feeling uplifted, and I certainly have a lot less irritable energy; I feel more healthy, much better and ignoring things that can go wrong, they’re not going to pester me, I guess. But its not these things so much, I find I am being able to cope better without getting irritable. I feel infinitely better having walked through that crop circle.

Walking through that crop circle, with mud over my shoes and trousers, drenched with pouring rain, all these things do not bother me, it is infinitesimal to the fact that I feel ever so much better. So having walked the ring of stones – these are man made, as you have clarified. And you have very kindly explained the five-pointed-star which was in the wheat-field. And having walked the Crop Circle … now … by whom were these made?

Cosmic Sai Baba: The crop circles were star-man made. It is very easy for the starpeople to do this. They merely … tap in a pattern which is then forced with a stream of air – it is very strong – it stamps – virtually stamps the field that is growing. It does not injure the crop.

John Barrow: Yes, we could see that!

Cosmic Sai Baba: And it does place a pattern upon it. And after some time, the fields can be harvested without any harm or loss to the farmer, we would not want to do that. But it a message and there are many, many patterns the we have placed upon the Earth to capture the attention of the Earth-man. Many do not believe it is coming from the starpeople, or the star worlds, but I can assure you, it is.

It is also interacting with the Earth elementals – they do help to create the patterns.

John Barrow: May I ask a question?

Cosmic Sai Baba: Yes

John Barrow: How do the star people do this? How do the star-people make the pattern? Does a small UFO come down … does a ship come down? Do they use energy? Do they make a hologram? … Exactly how do the star people do this? How do they make it?

Cosmic Sai Baba: It is star-man made and small ships come from the larger Mothership. They come – it is agreed – as what the pattern will be. And the pattern – it is like a little computer. The pattern is imprinted into the computer which then allows or operates through a force, a stream of energy that actually “stamps” it onto the field that is growing. Can you imagine that? Can you see that happening? It’s very easy actually.

John Barrow: So it cannot be man made! Mankind per se cannot do this. It has to come from extra-terrestrials.




Cosmic Sai Baba: Indeed. I think, the biggest thing – the oddest thing – is that you cannot see the pattern when you are on the ground level, you have to be above it to see it. And so – of course – if you have to be above it to see it then it must have been made from above! Is that right, too?

John Barrow: Yes, that is logical. Hmm.

Cosmic Sai Baba: And that is exactly what has happened. It is also necessary to say that there have been instances where man – men and people – have actually created what appear to be crop circle patterns. These have been quite simple. The ones that have been made over the past Moons have been very complicated, they are very large and have appeared overnight. It would be impossible for humans to do that with such a perfect precision to the pattern – and keep it that way.

If men were operating at ground level – and without damaging the crop while walking around in the pattern – this would not be possible. Particularly if it was raining, for instance. As you said, the imbalance as you walked into the mud … it would affect the crop itself.

If you had noticed in the lines of the crop circle there was a space. And just either side of the space where the crop was not damaged – it was much greener than the rest of the field and crops that were growing normally. The crop that you were standing on – did you notice that?

John Barrow: Yes.

Cosmic Sai Baba: That is showing you that it is an energy that is healing; it was growing. That is what you were feeling, what you were picking up and responding to. You were healing, you were growing, you were growing in knowledge and growing in energy! And growing in selfless love, call it serendipity. You were lifted into the consciousness of where all Earth people are going, as I have explained.

And also – the Earth herself is lifting – and all other life forms on the Earth as well. In fact, you will have noticed that many animals are responding and behaving differently. There are many being shown these days about animals that are interacting that would never have done so, say ten or twenty years ago. But they are feeling the energy and they react – and inter-react, say, with a cat and a mouse as friends, rather than enemies! Do you understand?

John Barrow: Yes.

Cosmic Sai Baba: And that is a way of seeing that something is happening, something is going upon this Earth that is changing. Although – in many ways you could look at your news media – and say there is Chaos. But the chaos – you can see and read about it – the chaos is the throwing off of the energy that is no longer needed.

And I can assure you that the whole of this planet, all the people and every life-form upon it is changing and lifting – and you are heading towards a complete change where all is left behind and you will be in a world of peace and harmony, with respect for one another – and accepting the differences. Does that make sense?

John Barrow: Yes. Many things are changing internally; things that I have worried about all my life have diminished after I walked that crop circle.



 Brollie the Brolga eating with farm dogs. You can read more about Brollie here.

Cosmic Sai Baba: We are very happy that you took the opportunity – we arranged this for you – to walk in the crop circle and receive the healing energy that was there, waiting for you. Of course it (the healing energy) was there for others as well!

But I am happy to say that the focus on the Whispering Knights – the symbolism of which you were working with … would show you that when you walked the crop circle – it was no accident – it was not a coincidence. You had actually received a coordinated incidence which was set with love for both of you because you had been working very hard – and very well, if I may say – to help release energy that was being held onto (not just within yourselves) but with decisions that you had made at a time when you thought you were doing the right thing, shall we say.

And during the time of the Crusades and the time of the Christian Church – and their thinking – and the way they were doing things – was not quite set in the teachings, the Way, of Jesus Christ himself. And so, it was man making decisions for man. But they thought it was a right decision – and it was a difficult one. But if you can believe in (your) faith, and trust in faith, and prayer can help heal. In fact, it does heal. And if there were enough people on this Earth that would gather and pray for world peace – it would happen very quickly, I can assure you.

The energy would change. The energy (of the prayer circle) would go out and infiltrate all living beings. And that energy – as you have felt in the Crop Circle – is the same as the Christ energy. Can you accept that?

John Barrow: Yes.

Cosmic Sai Baba: This is what is needed around the world – with all people and with life upon it. And I have said already and commented upon that different behaviour – quite astonishing at times – but wonderful to observe … that so many different animals, reptiles, mammals and humans can interact with love, because that is the energy of Christ.

Cosmic Sai Baba: Now, your work. This work has gone out – from both of you – and has been anchored in the lands where it first began. And I am talking about the Crusades. We walked with you each part of this journey to France and the UK and so we are pleased that this work of you both has gone out. God bless you, my son.



 The five pointed star; humanity rises to this point, and may move past this.
This particular five pointed star on the Eglise St Remi Church in Troyes is related to the Venus families of France.