Eleanor of Aquitane Part 4 – England and Arriving Home

John, Valerie and KnightArriving in England, the intrepid explorers of the paranormal set off to explore John’s memories: Army, Royal Fuselier, and Charles Dickens. John and Valerie travel to Oxford, England, where they encounter Eleanor of Aquitane and the marker for the Beaumont Castle. Travelling to the coast to see the Rollright stones, they encounter crop circles. After alarums and excursions with John and the dental plate, more time is given to walk through John’s soul story.

The Royal Fuseliers and Knights Templar

Now we are in London and hiring a car. There was an underlying tiredness always with us and though we had planned to travel quite a bit – we just followed the important memories for John.

First we found ourselves walking ‘The City of London’ and John asking me to take a photo of “A Royal Fusilier” statue in the middle of the square. He had done his National Training for 2 years, when a young man, and had been chosen for Officer Training with the Royal Fusiliers.

City of London emblem (very Knights Templar with Dragon on top)
and in the background in the centre of the street,
is the statue of a Royal Fusilier.
And then of course, John, who was a Royal Fusilier.

I pointed out to him the many symbols that existed with the regiment that linked with the Knights Templar. Especially when we visited the St Sepulchre church that is in High Holborn. As a Fusilier they marched to the church on Rememberance Day (Red Poppy Day) each November.

The south aisle of St. Sepulchre’s is the regimental chapel of the Royal Fusiliers
(now part of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers)
and the church garden is a memorial garden for the regiment.

Regimental Colours in the Chapel. Designed by Sir Charles Nicholson,
and lined by past Regimental Colours and panels in memory of deceased members
of the regiment, the chapel was dedicated in 1950,
and St. Sepulchre’s has been the Royal Fusiliers home church ever since.

Stained glass in St Sepulchre’s Church; note the symbols of the Knights Templar.
Click the image to see a larger view.

On Sunday 11th June 1950 serving regular and TA members of The Royal Fusiliers headed by Colour Parties bearing 18 sets Colours of the regular and TA units of the regiment formed up on the parade ground at HM Tower of London prepared to exercise the Royal Fusiliers ancient privilege of marching through the City of London with ‘drums beating, Colours flying and bayonets fixed’. Met by the mounted City Marshall at the city boundary they halted and demanded passage as was their right and, having received leave to proceed, continued to St Sepulchre’s for the dedication service conducted by the Chaplain General to the Forces.

Interior view of Church of The Holy Sepulchre at Holborn Viaduct, London.
Click the image to see a larger version.

“The original Saxon church on the site was dedicated to St Edmund the King and Martyr. During the Crusades in the 12th century the church was renamed St Edmund and the Holy Sepulchre, in reference to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. The name eventually became contracted to St Sepulchre.”

John was overcome to find so many of his ex-compatriots memorials are there. You can read more about the Regimental Chapel here.

Oxford and Eleanor of Aquitane

Then while were were in the City of London we visited Charles Dickens House where he lived with his wife Catherine and 10 children. The marriage was not a happy one and Charles moved out to live at Gad’s Hill, in the country. This was amidst a lot of gossip and scandal that infuriated Charles Dickens for as he said, there was no truth to it.

Charles gave a letter to his publisher to explain his reasons for their separation – the letter was never meant to be published. You can read the letter with Charles Dickens’s response to gossip here.

John, my husband has Charles Dickens life in his Soul Story. I have Ellen Ternan in my Soul Story – it still disgusts us both that the gossip still exists and is untrue – the fact that it still continues after 157 years is almost laughable. I explain how our friendship really was in that life in the book Two Soulmates.

I was feeling messages that we should visit Oxford, only to find that Eleanor of Aquitane and Henry II lived in a chateau there and that Richard l was born there. We stayed at a nice hotel “Four Pillars” and enjoyed walks along the Thames River, watching the inevitable rowing teams. The Town was busy with many students and visitors.

We found the place where the Chateau once stood, but it fell down and is now marked only with a memorial plaque to remind visitors of its existence:

Marker of Beaumont Palace – in Oxford; Eleanor and King Henry II lived here
– the birthplace of Richard the Lionheart and his brother King John

The Rollright Stones and Crop Circle

the kings men

We heard about the Rollright Stones that were north of Oxford at Chipping North. Not far to drive so we visited the ancient site; it is 5,000-years-old. You can read more about the Rollright Stones and Whispering Knights on Wikipedia.

It was summer in England but cold and damp – we arrived to find the ancient stones were known as The King’s men and the Whispering Knights.

And we were researching the Knights’ Templars? This was a co-ordinated incident! We needed to take notice here.

There was no one around at all at first – but then a few car loads of people came in and began climbing the fence near the ancient stones and were walking into the wheat field stretching for miles. We thought ‘What the heck? and then realised there was a crop circle over there! (You can read about these crop circles which appeared the day John and Valerie boarded the Eurostar train and left France for England. There are images of the Whispering Knights and the most unusual crop circles on this website – along with video – found here.)

John said, “You have your wish Val, it is the season for Crop Circles and you were hoping to see one – come on, let’s go.” We found ourselves running around like children, the energy when walking the patterns was extraordinarily up-lifting. All the people were speaking French – were they connected to the Knights Templiers also? It was raining steadily now and we were very cold, wet and muddy but it didn’t matter – we felt we had been set-up by our Spirit Mentor and we were elated. It was like a reward of some kind and a healing.

Walking the Crop Circle – it was wet, cold and muddy and others had just arrived all speaking French –
Were they connected to the Knights Templar also? One wonders …

The stalks of wheat are only bent (not broken) and swirl in the circle overlapping each other

New growth is showing where the crop circle pattern is formed ??

More new growth and us running around like children feeling so happy, and uplifted…..John said “He had never felt so good!”

Back at our hotel our room key card would not work – even when the green light showed to open the door – it still wouldn’t work. We had heard visits to crop circles sometimes interfered with electronics. I was still able to take some photos on my mobile phone.

The paddock stretches for miles – it is impossible to see the crop circle pattern formed at ground level. It is only seen from the air.

John said. “I feel remarkably relaxed and I haven’t shouted at you much at all ” and then he humbly added, “I don’t feel quite so skinny”


“Yes, I feel I’ve put some weight on and or possibly I’m not worrying about my health anymore.”

Bilocation – or a sign from a friend?

Next morning, at our lovely hotel in Oxford, while we were both seated at breakfast, a well-dressed American gentleman, with wiry hair, approached us. He spoke beautifully and excused himself but, “I have to ask you sir, did you enjoy the graduation yesterday? I saw you there and offered to assist you carrying two glasses of champagne. I remember that large ring you are wearing on your finger.”

John replied, “No you have mistaken me for someone else – I wasn’t at the graduation.”

The American gentleman immediately backed away and apologised profusely. “Please excuse me sir.” And looking very embarrassed he left.

I said to John, “Something is going on; maybe I should go and invite him to join us for breakfast?” John agreed.

I walked over to the American gentleman and it was my turn to be a little embarrassed to say (when we surrounded by academics), “Excuse me I am interested in the para-normal (He interrupted and said he was open to that too) I said great! Would you care to join us for breakfast? I think we need to talk some more …” Upon which he jumped up and came over with me.

He said to John, “I was 99% sure the man I saw yesterday was you – I particularly remember that unusual ring you are wearing.”

We learned that he lived in Japan and was here for his son’s graduation in a master’s degree in philosophy.

John told him an Australian Aboriginal clever man (healer) gave the ring to him – and that Gerry had died 6 months earlier. We loved him and missed him.

The American gentleman said “My father’s name is Gerry!” He immediately pulled out his mobile and showed us a strong healthy upright man who was ninety years old. He looked barely 60 years. He had followed Maharishi all his life and influenced his children with the teachings.

I was then prompted to ask what time did the graduation take place? The American gentleman said, “About 4 pm in the afternoon, yesterday.”

We both exclaimed, “We were walking a crop circle near the Rollright Stones north of Oxford at that time!” And we all immediately realised that Gerry now in another world, was sending us a message, through this American gentleman, to say he was with us. We were all elated.

With more talk we discovered that there were many more co-ordinated incidences! We all began laughing. So glad I followed my intuition to speak more with him.

The Old School – St. Lawrence College

St Lawrence College, Ramsgate

St Lawrence Crest

Now John was wanting to show me his old school – St. Lawrence College at Ramsgate, East Kent. We tricked our GPS into taking the shortest way, by planning the route ourselves to make sure we drove around London and not through it. In no time we were on our way to the coast of England.

I was quick to point out to John all the symbols that existed on the Coat of Arms showing that he was again, in this life, connecting to Knights Templar.

I could see the equal sided red cross. A crown with 5 pointed stars. The head shield worn by knights above red cross and above that, the shell that is a pilgrim symbol of pilgrim walk to Santiago de Compostela. The motto at the bottom, In Bono Vince means “Conquer with Good.”

Revisiting Charles Dickens

We stayed for 3 days, at a comfortable B&B almost on the seaside. Unfortunately, John broke his top dental plate while eating breakfast and could no longer eat. We were lucky when our hosts soon found a Dental clinic at Broadstairs – only ½-hour drive away and we found the place, we were told that if we waited an hour, the clinician would have it fixed.

While waiting, we decided to walk to the broad walk at Broadstairs, as that was where all the activity seem to be. We found to our surprise it had been a holiday place for Charles Dickens. His name was everywhere – relating ‘sites’ to his characters from his books and the Hotel he stayed in.

This was another opportunity for John to release negative memories. And if he hadn’t broken his dental plate we would have missed this visit. We had definitely been set up – John’s teeth were fixed in no time but what a lovely time we had walking through his soul history.

painting of charles dickens

Painting in Charles Dicken Family home in City of London – This looked so like a Chevalier (Knight).
Is this a past life memory of Charles Dickens?

John at Charles Dickens’ writing desk

Illustration from “The Child’s Return by Charles Dickens. Note the Knights in armour, again

Mr Dickens overlooks Mr Barrow in the study

Charles Dickens as a young man – compare to how like John Barrow was at his age –
John Barrow at age 19 years – doing his National Service.

You can read about the Ghost of Charles Dickens on my website, Part 1, and Part 2. (These pages open in new windows)


Now we have returned home, after being invited to give a talk at Swami Home in Singapore. The people were so friendly and kind. As I have said it has taken another 2 months to really settle home – feeling uplifted and free.

I no longer keep feeling John as my child and correcting him – he didn’t like it and neither did I. I no longer react to certain emotions within – they are all gone. People say how the Fall and the Near Death thing was sad while we were in France – and I agree it was very difficult, but I wouldn’t change a thing. I feel totally different now. A new me – happy and at peace with myself. And that reflects to John also.

We thank God the Creator for all that has been given to us and willingly offer ourselves in service for the good of all.


“If there is righteousness in the heart, there will be beauty in the character.
If there is beauty in the character, there will be harmony in the home.
If there is harmony in the home, there will be order in the nations.
When there is order in the nations, there will be peace in the world.” – Sathya Sai Baba.


John and Valerie with Knight