The Chicxulub Crater

The Chicxulub CraterThe Source (whom Valérie sometimes calls “Upstairs”) tells there are many mystery schools dotted around the Earth all receiving different pieces of the jigsaw of human life, the history of humans on Earth and the higher dimensions. If we reflect on this material, admit it into our consciousness and knowing – using our spiritual intelligence – then we come to an understanding of the Story of Earth. In this excerpt from Valérie’s forthcoming book Uluru and the Star People, Valérie brings together several disparate sources to give insights and explanations on human history and Earth history, this planet that was originally named Adin – Garden of Peace.

I feel compelled to repeat this story: when Atlantis Fell, the Earth nearly died, dropping from 4th dimension to 3rd dimension. The Ancient Egyptians held a lot of knowledge of the Star People. We are advised that 300,000 years ago, the Star People from Venus came to Earth to establish a point of light upon this planet. The allegory of Adam and Eve eating the apple in the Garden of Eden explains that some of these Star People mated with the existing human race upon Earth. The only reason it wasn’t supposed to happen was the Hierarchy worried it would pull down the consciousness and light within the Venusians. What did happen was that it raised the consciousness of the children who were the jewels of the interbreeding and went on to be clever at music, writing, storytelling, dance, and particularly science. They were the Hebrew children. Over thousands of years the language has changed, as well as the interbreeding, so just about everyone has some of the Venusian/Hebrew genes within them.

When I was holding the sacred Alcheringa Stone, wrapped in paperbark and tied with string, I was given the understanding, as mentioned earlier, that some of the scientists at the time of pre-Atlantis wanted to capture a huge planetoid from the solar system and create another moon, like the one that had already been created for Earth. It was intended that Star People could continue to visit the Earth planet and use the second moon as a sort of airport. The wiser scientists warned of the danger but were ignored—hence the second moon broke free and slammed into the Earth.

Alcheringa advises it hit around the Puerto Rico plateau and caused a major catastrophe to the planet. All visiting Star People left, and the remaining human race went underground or survived in caves. The story is graphically given by Saint Germain and published in Part Two of our Starlady book. and at the end of this chapter.


The Chicxulub Crater
Artist’s reconstruction of Chicxulub crater soon after impact, 66 million years ago.

St Germain series: Earth’s Birth Changes

The book, Earth’s Birth Changes, provides fascinating reading. I was happy to find a copy as it was first published in 1994. It contains an extraordinary description of the fall of Atlantis, channelled by medium, Azena, from the USA. This was described exactly as shown in the artist’s reconstruction of Chicxulub above. St Germain confirms the information about the second moon, and advises that it created total catastrophe at the end of Atlantean time, causing a major time of Ice Age. It is described as an asteroid that went down over the Atlantic Ocean and embedded itself in the ocean floor near the Puerto Rico plateau. When I was given this understanding, and permission from the publisher to quote the work, another book was brought to my attention: When the Earth Nearly Died: Compelling Evidence of a Catastrophic World Change 9500 B.C, by D.S. Allan & J.B. Delair, published by Gateway Books, UK. It is an extensive study of compelling evidence of a catastrophic world change around 9500 B.C.

When I visited Uluru in 1994, I too received insight of a second major catastrophe on Earth as well as how one, although millions of years later, had influenced the Earth and its tectonic plates to be so ‘turned upside down or moved’ in a way that it was difficult for scientists to read the date or timelines of the Earth’s structure. This was all before I had been given insight or knowledge of Earth’s Birth Changes and When the Earth nearly Died, which were both published at the same time I was given the same information at Uluru in 1994. So, I would request that yes, with respect, from a metaphysic understanding of the image above, it is correct — but the timeline needs to be reconsidered to include research into the cause of the Fall of Atlantis around 12,000 years ago as graphically described by St Germain.

Scientists do say that there have been two major upliftments in the Uluru environs. Is that the same, I wonder with the Chicxulub crater environs? Also, in the link to the article, from which the image is sourced, the last paragraph reads:

‘The drilling effort began at the beginning of April and is sponsored by the International Ocean Discovery Program. To avoid choppy ocean waters, the scientists are using a special vessel called a lift boat that has jacked itself up off the sea floor on three pylons. Morgan, who just arrived on the drilling platform over the weekend, says the mission is the culmination of years of effort that began with her first proposal to International Ocean Discovery Program in 1998. “I had this dream we would drill this impact crater many years ago,” she says. “To see this immense structure and all the people here, it’s been really amazing.”’

Morgan is one of the team of scientists: I am curious just when she first had the dream? Could it have been 1994? Working with the Star People, I have come to know that there are no coincidences but rather coordinated incidences.

Alcheringa speaks:

Advice given here, by Alcheringa, is that the catastrophe caused with the giant rock asteroid, Uluru, was not only sent to destroy the dinosaurs but because of the Star War there were many other ‘rocks’ that were charged and aimed as bombs at selected points around the planet Earth and still exist today—often referred to as ‘Places of the Lion’. Various indigenous races around the world have been given insight to those huge rocks and are venerated to this day. Although these rocks were used to cause the catastrophic condition of the Earth 66 million years ago, they were also programmed to heal the Earth itself, and the future human race, as it raised in consciousness.

excerpt from ULURU AND THE STAR PEOPLE by Valérie J Barrow and Alcheringa, a forthcoming book from Aurora House.



Images: Science Source/Detlev van Ravenswaay; Understanding Science/cenotes; Science/V.Altounian