August 2015 Newsletter


Hello Everyone,
We have had lots of rain in the Southern Highlands, and our meditation room is flooded. Waiting for the Sun to come and dry us all out! We have been involved in much discussion and passing of information about how the original indigenous peoples of Australia, the Aborigine, sailed the Earth. So in this newsletter we bring you news of DNA links have been discovered between Aboriginal Australians and tribes living deep within the Amazon rainforest. Speaking of DNA, we all have ability to see colour. What colours are there that we cannot see at present? We explore the recent discovery of BLUE as a recognisable colour.

We also share news from Chief Arvol Looking Horse about how sacred sites hold energetic keys. and we revisit the recent flourishing of crop circles. Ancient Australia is in the news with an exciting archaeological find in Derby, WA, and core samples correlate the legends of the Luritja peoples about meteors striking the Earth in our ancient past. Many are awaiting something amazing to happen; for others, it is steady-as-she-goes (we need balance, we need the Feminine!!!) as the Earth passes through an energetic and dimensional portal.

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