July Newsletter №2

whiteHello Everyone

We – that is, you and I, my husband John, and all who come here and read, along with our friends and well-wishers are all lightworkers of a kind. One kind or another, we carry the light within as the hope, the path and the goal for mankind in these days of darkness, in these times of challenge, in these times of madness when shocking thoughts reach down into individuals as a river of darkness and there is death, many deaths, and much suffering in the news bulletins. We are light-bearers! Before we were born, we agreed to come here (it is our soul contract) – to this darkening Earth – and to hold the light, in our hearts, in our minds, in our words and in our actions. This is all that the Source of All Creation asks of us. And the Source of All Creation, that love, that powerful vibration, will surround us and uplift all we come into contact with. Be still a while and know that you are ONE with THE ONE.

In this newsletter we look to a New Moon coming this Tuesday, and we bring research and considerations about the Moon. Over in the Mystery School, we have received information about the Central Sun of our Galaxy and the nature of the matter of this Sun and what emanates from it. Under guidance – and some speculation – we bring you information about Superwaves, and Binary Stars and what science is discovering, day by day, about our Universe. We take a look at what is possible with photography and smartphones. As Valerie said, “We may never trust a photo from a mobile phone again!” The Mystery School has been given much information about the history of the hairy-upstanding-ape, and in this newsletter we bring news of the ‘hobbit-humans’ and earlier versions of the hominoid and the “missing gap”. Who did they breed with? This is the mystery anthropologists and other researchers wrestle with. When the Divine takes birth as human, there is much said about the form and purposes of such a birth and life. We bring you a startling perception of Jesus. We also hail the return of Migaloo, the White Humpback Whale to the waters of Australia’s eastern coastline.

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November 2014 Newsletter

leo 256

Hello Everyone,
Welcome to our November Newsletter for 2014. It is a time of postive relations with the Indigenous Australians, and we bring news of a sugar mill in Bundaberg, Queensland, returning sacred objects to the local indigenous peoples; these objects (rather large rocks) were used for mens business and womens business. It is so good to see this recognition for the indigenous peoples.

We have witnessed to unfortunate failures of space adventures with rockets failing on the lift-off pad, and Virgin Galactic trials having an unfortuate result. We share some information about space debris and all the bits of various satellites and other launches around the our home, Earth. The images of debris give pause for thought. We bring you news of discoveries of ancient temples, and ancient flying devices. The language of the Ancients, the hieroglyphs, is taken up on one article. We reflect on the importance of the work that Dr Emoto brought to the world.

More and more material comes to light about the language of crop circles, and those who come with the messages; they come with love and peace to assist us in moving forward. The coming full moon meditation is an auspicous time for focussing on Divine Love and spreading this around the world. We hope you take the opportunity to serve all on our planet with light and love.

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Newsletter, October 2013

Book Cover - two soul mates

Hello Everyone,

Here is the October 2013 newsletter from my website. Much has happened since our last newsletter, and I have a new book coming out, SOULMATES. The Oracle and Yalarm have given a lot of information about the history of the Earth and the early civilisations that lived here before the Fall of Atlantis. We have received information about the Giants from the Past (from Mars and Arcturus) and the Chinese-Asian light bodies. I have a new section on my website where my husband John shares some of this “other stories”. Guaranteed to raise a laugh. Much is happening in the Cosmos and Cosmic Sai Baba has given a meditation for all to use in these times of change and new dimensions.

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Was the moon formed by a collision

Huge moon-forming collision theory gets new spin

moon formed by collision with Earth

Studies suggest the moon was formed by a massive collision with Earth

Collision between earth and giant space body occurred approximately 4.5 billion years ago.

The moon did indeed coalesce out of tiny bits of pulverized planet blasted into space by a catastrophic collision 4.5 billion years ago, two new studies suggest.

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