July Newsletter №2

whiteHello Everyone

We – that is, you and I, my husband John, and all who come here and read, along with our friends and well-wishers are all lightworkers of a kind. One kind or another, we carry the light within as the hope, the path and the goal for mankind in these days of darkness, in these times of challenge, in these times of madness when shocking thoughts reach down into individuals as a river of darkness and there is death, many deaths, and much suffering in the news bulletins. We are light-bearers! Before we were born, we agreed to come here (it is our soul contract) – to this darkening Earth – and to hold the light, in our hearts, in our minds, in our words and in our actions. This is all that the Source of All Creation asks of us. And the Source of All Creation, that love, that powerful vibration, will surround us and uplift all we come into contact with. Be still a while and know that you are ONE with THE ONE.

In this newsletter we look to a New Moon coming this Tuesday, and we bring research and considerations about the Moon. Over in the Mystery School, we have received information about the Central Sun of our Galaxy and the nature of the matter of this Sun and what emanates from it. Under guidance – and some speculation – we bring you information about Superwaves, and Binary Stars and what science is discovering, day by day, about our Universe. We take a look at what is possible with photography and smartphones. As Valerie said, “We may never trust a photo from a mobile phone again!” The Mystery School has been given much information about the history of the hairy-upstanding-ape, and in this newsletter we bring news of the ‘hobbit-humans’ and earlier versions of the hominoid and the “missing gap”. Who did they breed with? This is the mystery anthropologists and other researchers wrestle with. When the Divine takes birth as human, there is much said about the form and purposes of such a birth and life. We bring you a startling perception of Jesus. We also hail the return of Migaloo, the White Humpback Whale to the waters of Australia’s eastern coastline.

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