Moving into Advanced Technology with Joy

A friend has researched this video for me, for which I am grateful. I am wondering if the String field theory could also be referred to as “Layers of Consciousness” – Worlds, upon Worlds, upon Worlds. Michio does speak of dimensions – which I have been shown are like rungs on a ladder – each rung represents a different world.

I also remember hearing as a child that Jesus said, “Every hair on your head is numbered”. That makes sense now after listening to Michio.

My friend writes:

“The video was lifted from a Russian site on 30 October 2019, and he – Michio Kaku – is addressing a conference, putting a vision of the future in front of us. I cannot find the conference on the web. He is Physicist, Teacher, Futurist, Writer, Presenter and Professor at College University of New York.

Michio Kaku co-founded string field theory, a subset of string theory. String field theory uses the mathematics of fields to explain string theory. More evidence and a better understanding of string theory may one day allow us to travel between universes and into new dimensions, potentially even making time travel possible.

I’d say he is a pragmatic fellow, very pragmatic about the future we will create, sharing possibilities we had not thought of. Perhaps we need to hear from fellows like him so that we can indeed go ahead and make the contact lenses, the automobiles, the laboratories that he speaks about.

Do you recall the instance in the UK when you and John went to a hotel to have a meal, and the fellow recognised John’s ring and said he saw John somewhere else the day before and had a conversation with him? When we raised this with Cosmic Sai Baba, he told that yes, this did happen and if we look to virtual reality, this is how we can and will do this. I’d say that Michio Kaku – especially where he is talking about contact lenses and going to the laboratory to get body parts made for ourselves – is showing how a practical future will come about for us.

Youtube has an interesting list of clips:

As for the email, saying “Earth is entering the danger zone” well, people who live with fear will talk like that. I take no notice of them, although I had a dream this morning about how frustrating they can be when they don’t wake up to their true consciousness within the self. Swami always said – and is still saying – “Why fear when I am here?”

On the other hand – the hand of synchronicity – Tom Kenyon sent an email this morning with an activity centred around making offerings for the children – and animals – yet to be born that they be filled with and embrace their highest spiritual intent. I’d say that’s not too far from what this video and this fellow is saying in some ways. Cosmic Sai Baba did say of the future and of healing that we would be sharing genes for others to get healing and get well.”


I, Valerie, was prompted to ask Cosmic Sai Baba about “a danger Zone” with this information leading into what we know is technology that many Starpeople already have and our scientists are just reaching into. I find it quite exciting really … but when Michio jokingly spoke about driverless cars operated by Artificial Intelligence and how we could argue with it … I immediately thought about the film “2001 A Space Odyssey” made by Stanley Kubric – a scifi film released in May 1968. The huge Mothership was operated by Artificial Intelligence under the Commander (Robot) named HAL. He eventually took over the Mothership. I knew then, that AI could happen for real and there was a possible danger.

Dear Cosmic Sai Baba I have just listened to what I could only describe as Artificial Intelligence. It definitely sounds as if that is where we are heading! But are we also heading to be a Robot? Isn’t there a danger as to who is digitising us? May I have your comments please?

“I am here My Dear. What you have heard is correct – that is exactly the way the Earth human could go if that is their choice and what they want. That is why the advancement needs to be coupled always with God. God not meaning a religion, but for the human to realise that they are spiritual Beings. Sentient Beings. And they need to remain autonomous.

In other words they need to answer to their own autonomy – and remain always to connect to their own OVERSOUL who is their God self. This has always been the mission that Sri Sathya Sai Baba came to take on when he came as God into Man to take Man back to God.

All functions that is available in artificial intelligence is ALSO available through the totally unlimited self that humans come from in their God Self. God self is as I have said totally unlimited with a wisdom in choosing always decisions from that point only. It is not artificial and it is not Universal Law. Always choose wisely from your God Self and the Universal Love that reigns true and without rule or judgement.”

Autonomous: Means Right of Self Government.

I see the human advancing into technology as already depicted in Science Fiction but there is always a need to recognise and remember that we come from the Source of Creation. We already have driverless cars, spare body parts available and renewable energy.

We are advised by the Benevolent Ones that we are God Beings but we have forgotten. Our Truth is within our heart and it is possible to converse and seek guidance through our Soul Consciousness that links with our OVERSOUL God Self.