Moving into Advanced Technology with Joy

A friend has researched this video for me, for which I am grateful. I am wondering if the String field theory could also be referred to as “Layers of Consciousness” – Worlds, upon Worlds, upon Worlds. Michio does speak of dimensions – which I have been shown are like rungs on a ladder – each rung represents a different world.

I also remember hearing as a child that Jesus said, “Every hair on your head is numbered”. That makes sense now after listening to Michio.

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John Barrow and Virtual Reality


John and Valerie Barrow travelled to France during 2015 and finished their travels with a visit to the United Kingdom. On this journey, there was closure for records or signatures of past events associated with the Crusades, Queen Eleanor, King Richard I (the Lionheart) and the Knights Templar, and importantly, the energies associated with the Crusades.

John Barrow has concluded a conversation with Cosmic Sai Baba on the Whispering Knights and certain energies associated, and the unfolding of Ascension and what the higher energies of the 5th and 6th Dimensions will feel like – as John and Valerie were given a ‘taste’ of what life would be like. John Barrow now moves on to another subject, that of bi-location and virtual reality, the capacity of humans to experience being in two different places at once.

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