Newsletter, April 2017

Hello Everyone,

The future is with us now, with the 3D Printed Home. I do hope this will bring a solution for those trapped in the housing bubble. This morning, the electric jet-car which rises vertically was shown on the Internet so we are seeing the future unfold before our eyes. World Rainbow Serpent Day will be celebrated at Uluru on 12 January 2017. Much news has emerged that Lady Gaia – also known as Mother Earth – has released new energies. Some of you may have noticed this recent surge of energy during your morning meditations. We have, and we affirm this release of energy. Those of you who follow the work we do in the Mystery School will know that Jalarm the Atlantean and The Source have revealed on many occasions the mini-ice age that accompanied the Fall of Atlantis. Now, scientists are confirming this.

We look to the history of marriage, and to 130 million year fossils of human hands and their mysterious disappearance. As the post-war Boomers (the baby boom of WWII) grow and age, we take a look at the art of self-care for those who care for others. As Rumi tells, we must share from the well within us that is full. The Tulli Papyrus examines the presence of UFO’s at the Pyramids, and Robert Dean – whom I have met – shares about space vessels and proof of life “out there”. Robert is eminently believable. Aluna Joy shares the Holy Spirit – Dove Activation with us. It is long known that stone circles and rock arrangements are sites of energy. We bring you one article which confirms the magnetic energies of dolmens and circles. The Love Foundation, which exists to spread unconditional love, celebrates May 1 as Global Love Day.


3D Home Printed


This house was 3D-printed in just 24 hours

Located in Russia, this 400-square-foot home (37 square meters) was built in just a day, at a cost of just over $10,000.

The main components of the house, including the walls, partitions and building envelope were printed solely with a concrete mixture.

Fixtures like windows and furnishings were later added on, and a shiny coat of paint added to the exterior of the house.

The total construction cost of the house? $10,134.

You can read more here




World Rainbow Serpent Day

World Rainbow Serpent Day is an annual event dedicated to raising awareness about Cosmic Consciousness. The day will be first celebrated on 12 January 2018 at the Ayers Rock Resort, Uluru in central Australia.

The celebration will also be observed in many other countries along the Rainbow Serpent Leyline on 12 January.

Activities planned on that day at Uluru and Kata Tjuta (the Planetary Solar Plexus chakra) will include the Inaugural Cosmic Consciousness Conference, indigenous celebrations, sacred tours and various workshops and demonstrations.

Any individual, group or organisation can participate in World Rainbow Serpent Day by constructing a solar umbilical cord from the Earth to the Sun on this day. The theory is that this will increase the influence of higher frequencies of life, as they flow, in both directions, between Earth and the Sun; and that this will be of benefit to all life forms on Earth.

We invite interested parties to align with this wave of energy that is spread around the world, each contributing their own unique event symbolically and energetically acknowledging this exciting time as we move towards a 5D consciousness – heaven on earth, ‘Cosmic Consciousness’.

You can read more about World Rainbow Serpent Day here




Lady Gaia Speaks

Dear Ones,
The world is changing. In your lifetimes, you will experience a planetary shift into a higher dimension. Nature and the forces of the earth-the air, the sky, the sea, the mountains, the plants, the animals-are co-creating this great and collective transit. They are on track to move into a higher density. However it is you, beautiful expressions of the Divine Light, who are lost in a forest of errors, for as long as you are worshipping greed as your god and putting personal gain and achievements as your priority, you are disconnected from your heart and out of sync with this group effort.

All the forces of nature and all species are interconnected. Within your bodies are an infinite number of microbes, bacteria, and parasites that are symbiotically maintaining your life. You survive and exist because of them as they grow and multiply. You win and they win. To try to control, dominate, and monopolise any of the linked natural and mutually beneficial processes is highly dangerous and disruptive. Yet the vast majority of you have done this, for you are trying to hoard resources in the false belief that whoever has more, wins. The lesson here is that whoever shares more, prospers.

What you have done is to disconnect yourselves from a natural and evolutionary process that took billions of years to achieve. As a result, many of you are in danger of being left behind in a lower density of pain and suffering while the planet moves into a higher, loving, and ascended tomorrow.

It would be a great waste if you did not take this opportunity to self-correct and redirect your life purpose into alignment with the mission that I hold for all species on earth: the possibility for all bio life-forms to ascend back into a light-form. I am not excluding you from this process, but holding these false beliefs is disconnecting you from a cycle of interdependence that is the foundation of planetary ascension.

To avoid this you need to change, but change is never comfortable. No one can move into the ascended tomorrow alone. It is together that we can co-create this beautiful and promised tomorrow.




Ancient carvings show comet hit Earth and triggered mini ice age

Ancient symbols carved into stone at an archaeological site in Turkey tell the story of a devastating comet impact that triggered a mini ice age more than 13,000 years ago. Evidence from the carvings, made on a pillar known as the Vulture Stone, suggests that a swarm of comet fragments hit the Earth in around 11000 BC.

One image of a headless man is thought to symbolise human disaster and extensive loss of life. The site is at Gobekli Tepe in southern Turkey, which experts now believe may have been an ancient observatory. Computer software was used to match carvings of animals – interpreted as astronomical symbols – to patterns of stars and pinpoint the event to 10950 BC.

Other evidence for the impact from a Greenland ice core suggests roughly the same time frame. The cataclysm ushered in a cold climate lasting 1,000 years and is likely to have resulted from the break-up of a giant comet in the inner solar system.

“It appears Gobekli Tepe was, among other things, an observatory for monitoring the night sky,” says lead researcher Martin Sweatman, from the University of Edinburgh’s School of Engineering. “One of its pillars seems to have served as a memorial to this devastating event – probably the worst day in history since the end of the Ice Age.” The carvings appear to have remained important to the people of Gobekli Tepe for millennia, indicating an event that had a very serious and long-lasting impact, say the scientists.

A number of the pillar symbols suggest that long-term changes in the Earth’s rotational axis were recorded by the early astronomers using an early form of writing. The discovery also supports the theory that Earth experiences times when comet strikes are more likely, due to the planet’s orbit intersecting with rings of cometary fragments.

You can read more here




Mysterious Silbury Hill

Silbury Hill is a prehistoric site located near Stonehenge and Avebury (a Neolithic henge monument) in the southwestern English county of Wiltshire. Silbury Hill has been measured to be 30 m (98.4252 ft.) tall and 160 m (524.93ft.) in width, thus making it the largest artificial earth mound from Europe’s prehistoric period. This structure was constructed mainly of chalk that was excavated from the surrounding area. Today, Silbury Hill is part of the UNESCO World Heritage site known as ‘Stonehenge, Avebury and Associated Sites’.

Based on radiocarbon dating, the construction of Silbury Hill began at some point of time during the 3rd millennium, which corresponds to the Late Neolithic period in that region. The work on Silbury Hill likely began during the last hundred years of the 25th century BC, and involved three phases.

According to one interpretation, each of the phases was followed quickly by the next, and that the whole structure could have been completed in a century, perhaps towards the end of the 25th century BC, or around the middle of the 24th century BC.

Alternatively, there is an apparent break between the second and the third phases, indicating that there may had been a pause of a few hundred years. Therefore, according to this interpretation, Silbury Hill was only completed around the 22nd or 21st centuries BC.

The Silbury Hill was not planned and built in one go, but was expanded over several generations. It has been thought that, initially, the topsoil and stones from the ground were stripped. Then, a small mound of gravel was built, using material that might have been obtained from the nearby River Kennet. This mound is thought to have been a little less than 1 m (3.28 ft.) in height.



You can read more here




The 130-Million-Year-Old Human Fossil Heist

In 2016, a telephone interview with an artefact collector led me to uncover a scientific conspiracy of Biblical proportions. Professors are the high priests of our technology driven society, but as you will see, sometimes the letters behind their names serve only to disguise a highly unscientific hidden agenda.


In October 2016, I led a documentary film crew to a highly-secured property in the mountains north of Bogota, Colombia to interview Professor Jamie Gutierrez-Lega, Colombia’s leading Architectural and Industrial Designer and owner of the Gutierrez Collection, the world’s most controversial Pre-Colombian artefact collection. After the interview, he led me to a large, dark and dry safe-room hidden in the bowels of his sprawling hillside property.

Standing in a kaleidoscope of Pre-Colombian artefacts; gods, heroes, warriors, burial urns, charms, jewellery, tools and clay pottery. Dr. Gutierrez urged me to sit down. He is 84 years old, yet he pulled up a chair like a teenager with passion flaming in his eyes. At the centre of the room, on an ornate wooden plinth, was a large charcoal grey fossil.

I noticed fossilised seashells surrounded by what appeared to be long slim bones. The professor pointed to these and said, ” These are knuckles Ashley, and look here, finger joints! ” Every one of my five senses told me I was looking at two human hands, but this fossil was dated to 130 million years old. A paradox, to say the least.

From time to time archaeologists and palaeontologists discover objects in seemingly impossible contexts that don’t fit their models of how they think things happened to get us here. Often categorised as OOPArts (Out-of-place Artefacts) by cryptozoologists, ancient astronaut theorists, Young Earth creationists and those interested in the paranormal, they are presented to support notions of vanished ancient civilisations with knowledge and technology more advanced than that of modern times. Scientists argue that OOPArts which are not hoaxes are simply misinterpreted. But to supporters, they are hard evidence that mainstream science is covering up the truth, either deliberately or through ignorance.

Having over 20 years of experience, I have developed a simple yet highly effective method for examining and determining the validity of history-challenging artefacts. Considering 99.9% of OOPArts are elaborate hoaxes or misinterpretations, I approach them wearing full-body sceptic armour. Before asking the owners any questions I familiarise myself with their form, texture, shape and colour. After this brief period of contemplation, I begin gathering what is inevitably bias data by asking the owners some simple questions; when, what, how, who, why and when?

After correlating these basic facts and figures about the artefacts, I venture outwards and question the circumstances and people surrounding the moment of discovery.

You can read more here and learn where the fossils ended up.




How Did we Create such a Patriarchal Society?

by Patricia Cota-Robles

2,000 years ago, during the dawn of the Piscean Age, an evaluation was made by our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven to see what the greatest need of the hour was for Humanity. The Shift of the Ages was coming and our hearts were still closed. We were oblivious about the Love of our Mother God, and we no longer functioned with Christ Consciousness. It was clear that without powerful Divine Intervention Humanity would not be ready to make the shift into the 5th Dimension.

The Children of God on Earth had fallen into an abusive and power-oriented patriarchal consciousness. We were being totally manipulated by the “dog eat dog” attitude of our fragmented and fear-based human egos. We were oblivious of our Mother God and her Divine Love. We knew that there was only One God and that we are all Children of God, but it did not occur to us that this all-encompassing Presence of God was both masculine and feminine. Amazingly, we assumed that as Children of God we had a single parent, and we believed that parent was male­­-a Father God. What child is ever birthed without a Mother? “As above, so below.”

Valerie: Her message about the Christ Consciousness is similar to what we were given at the Oracle.  Patricia explains it so well.    



You can read – and watch – more here




Traditional Marriage Would Truly Shock Our Ancestors, But Not For The Reason You Think

Ahh, marriage. It evokes visions of a sweet young couple, standing side by side, loving each other while dreaming of being surrounded by many children until their last, dying days. Your family probably hopes and prays that you will be blessed with such a beautiful union…yet history shows they should be careful what they wish for!



Biblically, a traditional marriage has been defined by “a state instituted and ordained by God for the lifelong relationship between one man as husband and one woman as wife.”

However, your ancestors hoped for in a “traditional marriage” isn’t quite the roses and white picket fence that they believe it to be. Even though the definition of marriage as “an agreement between two people” has never changed, if you take a look into history it seems as though the idea of traditional marriage has.



Here are 15 surprising facts about marriage in the old days that may leave traditionalists shaken to their core.

People didn’t marry for love.

In “traditional marriage,” love was considered a childish notion that had no place in a marriage. A conservative once predicted that marrying for love would destroy the institution.



In ancient Rome it was believed to be inappropriate for husbands and wives to be in love; Seneca, the philosopher, said that there was nothing more impure than a man loving his wife like a mistress. The advice in the 1700s was to get married to someone you could tolerate-progress! But it wasn’t until the 1920s that people started marrying for love en masse, coining the term “love marriage.”

People weren’t happy to get married.

Loving, blissful commitment wasn’t exactly synonymous with the true traditional marriage our ancient ancestors experienced. Why? Marriage was an arrangement that many were forced into.



Four thousand years ago in Mesopotamia, marriage was equivalent to slavery; in the year 400 A.D. many church officials actually opposed marriage describing it as “bondage.”

People didn’t get married to have babies.

People got married for so many reasons! Because they were lonely, because their family needed a goat, because their parents couldn’t afford to feed them any longer, because they needed to strengthen their political position, or because a brother’s wife died and he needed a new one.



You can read more here




The Care Givers Guide to Self Care

“Never give from the depths of your well, but from your overflow.”

At 22 I decided to put my career on hold and return home to take care of my grandfather who was struggling with Parkinson’s disease and dementia. I devoted my life to his daily care, determined he would not end up in a nursing home, surrounded by strangers. He needed constant attention, especially when the dementia would take hold, causing him to have confusion and fear. I knew I could handle it, and I did with all the kindness and grace I could muster. However, I paid the price. During my lowest moments of depression, I felt alone and overwhelmed with no way out. My intention was to love and care for my dear one, yet somewhere along the way, I lost myself.

Caregiver burnout can be a serious issue. Generally, your first instinct is to help others before helping yourself. In reality, it should be the other way around-only when you help yourself first can you lovingly and effectively help others. This may feel wrong initially. Although demonstrating love and commitment to your loved ones can be rewarding on so many levels, it can also take a heavy mental and physical toll on you due to the immensely stressful demands as your role as caretaker. At the end of the day, who is taking care of you-the caregiver? As stated in this article published by Stanford Medicine, “It’s fair to say there are really two patients, the caregiver and the person who is terminally ill.”

Every so often my mind wanders back to that time many years ago spent with my grandfather, and I am a bit surprised to find that I don’t regret one moment despite the challenges. I take this time now to share not only what I learned from that experience, but what I truly believe would have helped me cope with the demands of the responsibility.

Take Responsibility for Your Well-being

You are a little speck in the universe doing the best you can. It’s impossible to have control over every little thing. The well-known Serenity Prayer offers a beautiful reminder:

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

You may not be able to change a situation or other people, but you can certainly change yourself. It may sound harsh, but don’t expect people to step up and help in a way you would like. Instead, take action, no matter how small, toward fulfilling your own needs. This will make a huge positive impact on your physical and mental wellbeing. Get in the driver seat of your own life and take control, even if it’s baby steps at first.

What can you do today to start making changes? Rather than just thinking about everything you should be doing, start generating some momentum by taking some form of action. If you are having trouble getting started, notice any negative self-talk such as, “There is no way this can change” or “I never have time to myself.”

Remember, your mind believes what you tell it. Instead, get into the practice of countering with, “I know with effort and time, positive changes will happen” or “I deserve to make time for myself.” Next, begin brainstorming some ways to integrate more self-care into your life and write it down.

Tip: It’s important to set some goals. Look at your list and choose something easy. For example, “By the end of the week, I will choose an inspiring book to read.” It’s all about the little accomplishments. If scheduling more mini getaways is on your list, set a deadline to find dates that work and get it scheduled.

This article is part of an ongoing series on self-care and care-giving, something many of us have to do with proper responsibility for ourselves in the Golden Age of Humanity. While Ascension may be taking place and the 5th Dimension is rising within and without, we are not excused from taking care of ourselves and others. The Boomer generation is an ongoing burden – and duty – on society in all nations.

You can read more – and other parts to this series – here




UFOs Over Ancient Egypt? Revealing the Mysterious Story of the Tulli Papyrus

The so called “Tulli Papyrus” is an enigmatic text that some describe as the first written account of a UFO sighting. This Egyptian text records an event which supposedly occurred during the 18th dynasty, around 1480 BC. So, the real question about the Tulli Papyrus is: Could this be proof of alien existence?

The “Tulli Papyrus” Goes Viral

Ancient Egypt is known for many things, such as its incredibly rich and ancient culture, its marvelous civilization, but also for its very mysterious deities and some of the most peculiar tales of the ancient world. One such strange and little-known story is of an ancient Egyptian document called “The Tulli Papyrus.” Rather than being a typical Egyptian papyrus, the Tulli Papyrus is a text that describes in great detail, a huge UFO sighting that supposedly occurred in Ancient Egypt during the reign of Thutmosis III.

The text was forgotten for centuries before it would go viral during the 1930’s. During a visit to Cairo in 1933, Alberto Tulli (from whom the text took its name), a director of the Egyptian section of the Vatican museum, allegedly discovered an interesting papyrus in an antique shop. Tulli thought that the papyrus was way too expensive to buy it, so instead he made a copy of the original piece, which was then recopied, replacing the original hieratic script with hieroglyphs; a fact that makes doubters challenge its authenticity.


 Example of hieratic writing. Exercise tablet with hieratic excerpt from ‘The Instructions of Amenemhat’. Dynasty XVIII, reign of Amenhotep I, c.?1514-1493 BC. ( CC BY-SA 3.0 )

Nevertheless, Alberto Tulli and his alleged papyrus became a hit within UFO-related folklore. And many Ufologists use it as an undeniable source of alien existence. It is considered to be one of the earliest known records of a fleet of flying saucers written on papyrus.

Even though the papyrus was severely damaged and contained several gaps, a determined Prince Boris de Rachewiltz managed to translate it and declared that the papyrus was part of the Annals of Thutmose III. There’s an unfortunate detail in this story though: nothing in the ancient text refers to the Pharaoh by name, a fact that makes things even more suspicious and complicated.

You can read more here





Proof Something is Visiting our Planet!
Robert Dean on New Leaked Russian UFO Footage

Valerie:  I met Robert Dean back in 1997 when I visited Brisbane with a friend for the conference of the 50 year landing in the USA at Roswell.  He is definitely believable …

Bob Dean showed pictures of a 2000 mile long alien spaceship mining minerals from a ring of Saturn in 1980. Recent leaked footage out of the Russian space program clearly show the same craft as described in 1980, Robert Dean explains.

On September 2009, the Spaceship Cassini photographed what NASA calls “anomaly” of a similar object which they believe has energy, moves at will under controlled intelligence and it is metallic and magnetic. It has been determined that the “object” is 2000 miles long and about 450 to 500 miles in diameter.

Robert Orel Dean (born March 2, 1929) is an American ufologist from Tucson, Arizona. Dean is a highly respected ufologist in the field by his peers. He retired from the U.S. Army as a Command Sergeant Major after a 28 year career. He has appeared on radio programs, TV documentaries and at conferences discussing the subject of UFOs and a government cover up of alien visitations to Earth.

Dean claims to have viewed a classified government document called “The Assessment” that allegedly discussed threats posed by alien activity on Earth, and concluded that no such threats existed. Dean says he considers himself a professional UFO researcher and had “cosmic top secret” clearance while in the military.

You can watch Robert Dean here




They’re Alive! Megalithic Sites Are More than Just Stone

It doesn’t take much to stimulate the human body’s electro-magnetic circuitry, in fact a small change in the local environment is enough to create a change in awareness.

People who visit ancient temples and megalithic sites often describe such a sensation. The standard explanation is that such feelings are nothing more than a ‘wow’ factor: the result of visual stimuli from the overwhelming impression generated by megalithic constructions such as stone circles, ancient temples and pyramids.

But the cumulative evidence proves otherwise: that megaliths and other ancient sacred places are actually attracting, storing, even generating their own energy field, creating the kind of environment where one can enter an altered state of consciousness.

Generating Energy Fields

In 1983 a comprehensive study was undertaken by engineer Charles Brooker to locate magnetism in sacred sites. The test subject was the Rollright stone circle in England. A magnetometer survey of the site revealed how a band of magnetic force is attracted into the stone circle through a narrow gap of stones that act as the entrance. The band then spirals towards the center of the circle as though descending down a rabbit hole.

Two of the circle’s western stones were also found to pulsate with concentric rings of alternating current, resembling ripples in a pond.


 Magnetomer survey image of the Rollright Stones. Adapted from Charles Brooker. Magnetism and Standing Stones, New Scientist, January 13, 1983]

The analysis led Brooker to state how, “the average intensity of the [geomagnetic] field within the circle was significantly lower than that measured outside, as if the stones acted as a shield.”

Such discoveries help us decipher what the ancients were up to when they built megalithic structures. At the Temple of Edfu in Egypt there is a wall featuring what amounts to a recipe for establishing a space that differs energetically from its surrounding landscape – a temple. The instructions describe how certain creator gods first established a mound and ‘pierced a snake’ to the spot, whereupon a special force of nature impregnated the mound, which led to the construction of the physical temple.

You can read more about Serpent Energy, the laws of nature and Spiritual Technology here




Third Snowy Pyramid Recently Discovered in Antarctica Could Rewrite History

Though not everyone is willing to admit it, our planet is full of relics and monuments that prove Earth was once populated by extremely advanced civilizations. Point in case: the third ice-covered pyramid discovered in Antarctica! Ever since the service was released, Google Earth been a boon for anyone looking to uncover clues about what lies hidden beyond sight. If you need a good vantage point, you need good eyes and altitude. Satellites have both.

The latest in a group of three snow-covered pyramids was recently discovered through Google Earth satellite imagery and in a few days, the finding has taken the alternative history communities by storm. Two of the pyramids can be found approximately 10 miles inland while the third rests near the coastline.



The implications of this discovery are complex and if accepted, it could turn the scientific world on its head. No history book ever mentioned an Antarctic civilization with the skills and technology necessary to erect enormous pyramids. There is one apparent reason behind this situation and by the looks of it, it would suggest tech-savvy civilizations existed on Earth a long time before our own emerged.

Antarctica is now a frozen wasteland but it wasn’t always like this. It got to its current position through plate tectonics, inching closer to the geographic South Pole year after year.Millions of years ago, Antarctica’s climate was much warmer because its position was closer to the equator. This is established fact backed up by several accepted discoveries, not some wild speculation.

Some years ago, the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) uncovered evidence that the antarctic climate was much different in the distant past.

Go back 100 million years ago,” BAS’s Dr. Vanessa Bowman said “and Antarctica was covered in lush rainforests similar to those that exist in New Zealand today.”

You can read more here




The Holy Spirit – Dove Activation

Insights from Aluna Joy.

Sometime since 2013 began, I was told by the Star Elders that there was a big course correction that was voted on by the collective consciousness.  In this vote, we decided not fully ascend until ALL souls were ready to do so. Archangel Michael calls this the NO ONE LEFT BEHIND code!  First, this means that we can stop worrying about our family and loved ones, and deeply focus on our personal growth and awakening, because what we do for ourselves, we also do for everyone.  We are all connected.  Secondly, this shift is going to take more time than originally planned, and some pretty crazy “wake up” dramas will be created to help all of humanity to open their eyes.  It will be our new and very important job to NOT ENGAGE IN THE DRAMA, but to LEAVE A PATH TO NEW WAYS OF CONSCIOUSNESS that we are just now beginning to understand.  In the grand scope of the universe, this is well worth the added time as it is nothing but a blink of the eye in the universe.

Chalice Well gardens were really quiet. We usually feel the energy clear out at the car park. It was subtle this morning. We entered on our private visit to the well, and I was taken aback by the lack of greeting from the ancient guardians. I heard that this is because they say that they are not HERE, but they are in the next world which they want to bring us into.

Above us, we could see/feel a huge, energetic pattern of a White Dove. Our group had worked yesterday, in the Lady’s Chapel in Glastonbury Abby, with an ancient order of goddesses. They are now taking off the cloaks that they had covered us in. (Even though you could not read yesterday’s message, in spherical time, I am told that this does not matter). What they would like to do is ask you (all of you reading this) permission for an activation. No beings of light will do anything without your permission. Before you say YES, they want to explain. What they are asking to do is to dismantle your body, every single cell in it, or decompose it. They see it is time for your old body to decompose, because they know the old paradigm is dying away. In the Inca Lands, it is believed that this process happens when you are struck by lightning. You are dismantled and rebuilt in an instant. This is the same kind of principle, but we are not going to be struck by lightning; but instead blessed by the Holy Spirit. When we allow every molecule of our bodies to fall apart and come back together again, it reboots our programming and memory, and it reboots our entire system. If you already gave permission for this process to take place, you are probably already starting to feel kind of a woozy, kind of a wafting kind of feeling like you are not quite physical. Just breathe.

Mother Mary is stepping forward (a dove coos in the background), and she is saying we will be struck by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will come into all the spaces in-between all the molecules of our body and erase the out-of-date past. It will upgrade our molecules and put us back together in a way that is more harmonious for the new world that we are entering into. So it is going to take several minutes to do this. It is probably good that you are sitting down. 

Now the energy of the Holy Spirit is coming up from the Earth and down from the center of the universe at the same time. We are going to allow our personal protection shields to come down, so the Grace and Light of this Goddess Order and the Holy Spirit can reboot and uplift our bodies. Then we can let it start to grow and expand inside of us. So if you are ready, here we go.

You can read the entire activation here




Aboriginal astronomy the star of Dreamtime stories

For the next couple of months, get away from the city lights, look up to the stars, and you might just be able to spot an emu in the sky. According to Aboriginal legend, emus were creator spirits that used to fly and look over the land.

To spot the emu, look south to the Southern Cross; the dark cloud between the stars is the head, while the neck, body and legs are formed from dust lanes stretching across the Milky Way.

Physics student and Sydney Observatory guide Kirsten Banks said most Aboriginal tribes told the story of the emu in the sky. “The position in the sky tells us when to collect emu eggs; it’s very well known all across Australia.” Ms Banks is in her third year at the University of NSW and has aspirations to study the formation of stars once she graduates. She is descended from the Wiradjuri people but only delved into her ancestry after seeing an Indigenous map of Australia hanging in the entrance of the Observatory.

“By learning more Dreamtime stories and more about the culture, I really connected more with my ancestry – and linking it to astronomy today is really exciting. “I feel like it has encouraged my cultural aspect of astrophysics; not so much how things work, but more so about how people perceive the sky and stars with constellations.

“I see more pictures in the sky in the constellations. “For example, when I look up at the Western constellation of Orion, I also see a canoe in the sky with three brothers being represented by the belt of Orion.”

You can read more here




Global Love Day

The Love Foundation Inc. is a nonprofit organisation with the mission of inspiring people to love unconditionally. Their vision is to assist people by building a practical foundation and understanding of unconditional love within individuals and society as a whole. Established in 2000, we have become an international leading resource for sharing the awareness of unconditional love. They honour each May 1st as a symbolic day of unconditional love and call upon all people and all nations to gather together in the wisdom of peace and love.

Global Love Day is the universal recognition of our innate oneness through love. It is our vision to unite one and all in a celebration of love and compassion. Join people around the world in celebrating and expanding LOVE.

We are one humanity on this planet.
All life is interconnected and interdependent.
All share in the Universal bond of love.
Love begins with self acceptance and forgiveness.
With respect and compassion we embrace diversity.
Together we make a difference through love.

When we come from this limitless love we naturally and easily embrace ourselves and our fellow humanity. Opening our heart, we allow unconditional love to be our guide and compassion to be our gift to life.

We invite you to celebrate with us by consciously focusing on love and what it means to you throughout this day. We hope that by practicing love in all areas of your life, you will find it easy to love unconditionally all year long. Our main theme explains it best…”Love Begins With Me”

You can read more about Global Love Day here






An Affirmation:

I am the Pure Light of Consciousness
Penetrating everywhere
And bringing all into the Light of God.



Alcheringa … when the first ancestors were created

This is the story of fifty thousand people coming from the Pleiades in a giant starship to found the human race on Earth.

It is not a simple story, but one filled with intrigue, deception, and the planned destruction of a mission that left only ninety survivors to be cast upon the Earth.

Part of the story was about their survival on a planet whose atmosphere they could barely breathe, a sun they could not expose themselves to, and a dangerous and poisonous environment that took many of the survivor’s lives.

Their struggle and success in creating our race is the miracle they brought. It is our past and they are our heritage.

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Book of Love cover

Here is my first book, The Book of Love by a Medium, with the original cover. Copies are available for $15 plus postage and packaging. Please contact me using the information on the Contact Page if you would like to order some.


Blessings be with you and Universal love. Val.


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