Questions Asked of Alcheringa – Introduced by Cosmic Sai Baba – at the Lungkata Room, Uluru December 20th 2020


Valerie Barrow: I call upon now Cosmic Sai Baba to make his presence amongst us.

Cosmic Sai Baba as channelled by Valerie: I am here and I am very pleased to be here and to see so many happy, smiling faces, and of course the Light Beings that you are. I want you to know that you are Light Beings, you have lived in the beginning of the human race, which was hue colour and it is of light. And so remember that always – you are Light Beings and from that you come from the creative source and that is what gives you inner strength. So you do not really have to worry about protection or worry about dark forces; they cannot exist at the layer of consciousness from the soul at the creation of source. I hope I am making myself understood.

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Cosmic Sai Baba Introducing Andromeda Val from the Galaxy Andromeda M31 3rd September 2020 – Revisited

Meeting September 3rd, 2020 – Mossvale – Revisited


Questions to be asked of Andromeda Val today.
  1. Were there Giant humans living on Earth and if so who were they and why were they here?
  2. Cosmic Sai Baba asked us to bring up the story of Uluru as an Asteroid – He said there was more information about that.
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Here is the YouTube video of this meeting.

Valerie Barrow: Thank you for your advice webmaster, re the YouTube 3rd September with messages from Cosmic Sai Baba and Andromeda Val.

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The Earth seen from Apollo 17

Brief Overview of Important Evolution of our Planet Earth

Brief Overview of important evolution of our Planet Earth…..given by the Star People from the Andromeda Galaxy M31.


The reason ULURU as an asteroid was sent to Earth, was to destroy the Dinosaurs who were destroying Earth’s atmosphere.  The Dinosaurs had been created by the “Cold blooded star people.” – known as the Reptillian, Dinoids Draco etc. who had taken over our planet Earth from its early inception.


There were many star wars.

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Cosmic Sai Baba Introducing Andromeda Val from the Galaxy Andromeda M31 with a Message August 6th, 2019

Meeting August 6th, 2019 – Moss Vale.

This month, Andromeda Val will address these three questions:


  1. Did the Venusians go against the instruction from the Angelic Realms and how did this affect our human creation?
  2. How did they (the strange animals recorded in mythology) evolve?
  3. Atlantis: Where was it and when?

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Here is the YouTube video of this meeting.


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On the Mystery School …

reptilliansOn this website you will have read the recent explanation of how everything that exists on this planet and every name and form of the Divine has come from the stars, and the Universe itself. This day is an anniversary of the birth of one of these names and forms of the Divine who has come to guide and guard humanity through the great shift into the Golden Age and the higher dimensions. Other beings from the Angelic Realms have come, and in one instance have been honoured to have teach on humanity’s recent past is Jalarm the Atlantean (pronounced Yalum or Yalarm). On this day, we have made a selection of the early teachings given by Jalarm the Atlantean for your enrichment. Enjoy!

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Jehanne D’Arc and Jesus-Issa

Continuing the Story from the Ghost of Jehanne D’Arc

The Blue Planet Venus
The Blue Planet Venus

I am the Cosmic Sai Baba and I have come to help you to connect to Judith, a half sister of Jesus ……..

I am Judith, Judith of Judea, my parents are known as Joseph and Mary. There are others in the family. Our eldest brother, Issa (pronounced Eesa) was the first born and he tells us that his father is in heaven. We understand that…we know of the immaculate conception and we know also how that happens. My mother had other children with Joseph …. James, Phillip and John … then there was me and my younger sister Ruth and then another two. In fact the family of the Essenes knew and understood about other worlds.

“We know of the Star Worlds and other Beings who existed, we also know of our connection to them. In particular to the Beings who had come from Venus.

I am speaking now from the Angelic Realms … and I am known as Val in the Angelic Realms, and I would like it known that Jehanne D Arc, or Joan of the Arc, who was well known for her abilities and her serving of God … came to France at a very dark time, to try to help people to understand how they could lift, or ascend into a Higher state of Consciousness, and find God within. This was a Mission Impossible at that time.

Joan of Arc
Jehanne D’ Arc

But I would like people to know that Jehanne D’Arc is an aspect of myself, Judith, the half sister of Jesus. And as a family we all came from the tribe of Essenes in Love and Peace.

The Wise women, when they reached an initiated state of Cosmic Consciousness, were known as the Maha-rees (click to read a channelling about Maha-reees) which later became abbreviated to the word ‘Marys’. It is a state of consciousness, it is linked with the angelic realms.”

The Family of Issa

I had been sitting opposite a friend Rosemary and assisting her to reach an altered state of consciousness for a ‘Past-life Regression’. She and her husband had arrived on a friendly visit but with us both being ‘Mediums’ we each felt spirit was prompting us to work together.

Rosemary is easy to work with, and on this day, she quickly slipped into an altered state of consciousness which enabled her to connect with her soul consciousness. We asked her soul consciousness if she could be taken into the Hall of Records and be led to the life she knew she had at the time of Jesus.

When I work with somebody, I feel I slip into a time warp with them, making it easier to ask appropriate questions about what they are experiencing with their inner eye, inner feelings, and inner hearing. In fact all their inner senses and emotions come into play when they experience being there …. just like a movie … not watching it, but being int it, experiencing the life of that past time.

whitewashed stone houses

Rosemary knew the scene was before the birth of Jesus. (For the full Text of her Regression please see here.) She could see a farmer working with oxen, plowing a field. She was told it was Joseph, the soon to be husband of Mary, who was going to be her father. There were little white-washed stone houses. She later said they belonged to the Essenes. Just a very ordinary life of country people.

She was then shown Mary carrying a child in her womb and Joseph walking with her. They had a fair way to go. She was given details about the birth and how it was long awaited, for many know the child is the prophesized one. They are rejoicing.

I asked her if she knew the date … but I have come to realize that at that time different calendars were used by different races. The facts are they were in the country of Judaea and that after Issa was born, Joseph and Mary were married.

I asked, “Do you mean the marriage hadn’t been consummated up until then?” and she answered, “Yes.” Issa was the first born, but Joseph was not the father. A Light from God had impregnated Mary and Issa was born from that. So that she, Ruth, was not of the lineage of Issa but rather after his birth the family lineage came from Joseph. Joseph and Mary’s children were James, Phillip, and John; then they had a girl Judith, and then Ruth (that was Rosemary), then there were another two children.

The house was communal living, and the children belonged to everyone. It was tribal.

I asked Rosemary-Ruth to move on in her memory. She said Issa (she now referred to him as Jesus) was 18 years older than her. He had light brown hair and beautiful eyes. She loved him. Something had happened in the past three years. He was always talking to men and going away to other places a lot. He no longer had time to play with her. He spent time teaching and told her, “I come straight from the Father, little one”.

It was like a dark cloud had descended. People were always talking about soldiers, sickness and death and dangerous times. They wanted her brother to be the King. To set people free. He would say, “But this is not my work. That is not what I have come to do. You will be set free”. (Rosemary-Ruth is very upset here.) She believed what he had come to do was not going to happen and she was sad. (Rosemary-Ruth was crying now.)

Flight into Gaul

I asked her to move on in her memory – after Issa was crucified. She said there was great danger for all of them, they had to get away. The Marys knew – and the Marys got together to leave that country. They knew the teachings and they took the teachings with them to France.

saint maries de la mer
Shrine to the Saint-Marys-on-the Seas

There were several boats. She was now 16 years old and said she was a handmaiden to the Marys. There was Mary Magdalene, Mary, mother of Jesus, and there is one called Miriam – she is a Mary also. She is a cousin to Jesus. And there is another Mary, there are four altogether, and her name is Judith. She was startled to find (in her memory) that they had the Holy Grail with them.

Rosemary-Ruth spontaneously came out of her altered state saying it was time to come back. I asked if she knew where the Chalice is now? and she replied, “The Chalice has been de-materialized. It had to return to its real world, but it can be gifted back”.

It was while we were still sitting together, that I was over-lighted by Cosmic Sai Baba who said,

“I want to introduce the Mary known as Judith of Judea, and link that personality with Jehanne D ‘Arc.”

There is a French legend recorded in the 4th Century that says that Mary Magdalene along with other women arrived at the Bay of Marys in South of France from Egypt carrying the Holy Grail. There is a festival and ceremony re-enacted about their arrival in a boat on the Bay of Marys which is still celebrated to this day. (This is televised and I happened to see this recently.)

Procession of Saints Maries de la Mer
Procession of the Saint-Marys-on-the-Seas

When many of the family of Issa came to South of France, they were welcomed – they were known – for they had visited before. They knew that Issa was the prophesised one. The teachings of the Essenes were already known to the Gauls as they were in many of the Arabic countries. Similar teachings were known by the Gnostics and later by the Cathars in the South of France.

In fact some of the tribes were becoming so strong in their following, the Catholic Church became very worried about their power and the teachings that did not concur with many of their Church teachings. By the 11th century the Cathars had spread to many places. In particular, to Mt. Segur in Languedoc, France, where it was said that the original manuscript, written by John the Divine, was held and that it would be found.

St John, the Cathars and Mary Magdalen

(Digressing here, my mentor, White Eagle, had visited me before we visited France in 1990 saying that he had been John the Divine in another life and that he had written a manuscript, and that God had told him to, “Eat it”. He had named it The Book of Love. and he wanted us to find it. I believe as an Instrument I am being used to re-tell the information that was in it.)

The Cathars taught about the God of Love. They taught that Earth was hell, that there was a spark of divine light in mankind – that there was nothing to fear after death, save perhaps rebirth, but that one could dedicate one’s life to following the example of Jesus Christ, who they believed was spirit, and his Apostles. The movement was becoming so strong and spread so wide, there was an edict put out by the Pope in 1147, to arrest the progress of the Cathars. By 1260 to circa 1300 another Pope came to power and resolved to deal with them, using the inquisition. This concern was maintained with many Cathars being persecuted, tortured and/or killed. From May 1243 to March 1244 the Cathar fortress of Montsegur, was besieged by troops. On the sixteenth of March in the year 1244, a large and symbolically important massacre took place, where over 200 Cathar pure ones were burned in an enormous fire near the foot of the castle. Many surviving Cathars went underground or to other countries and their descendants still exist today.

monolith marking the massacre at Montsegur
Stele marking the massacre at Montsegur

Mary Magdalene was said to continue the teaching of Jesus, and was considered to be the Apostle of the Apostles, knowing Jesus intimately. She was the first, with the other Marys to be at Jesus’s feet while he hung on the Cross, she was the first to go to the Cave where he was taken after his Crucifixion. She was the first to see him after he reappeared at his Resurrection. Later in France her teachings were uplifting and visionary. She later retired to a cave in the mountains at the Convent les Dominicans … she then disappears on the stage of history and from of any mention in the New Testament.

Dominican Convent the cave where Mary Magdalen retired
Entrance to the Dominican Convent
built where Mary Magdalen retired

The Black Madonna Tradition,
The Knights Templar and Mary Magdalen

There is a Basilica of Mary Magdalene, Saint-Maximin-la-Sainte-Baume which holds a Black Madonna which, when you lift her mask, it is said to hold the original skull of Mary Magdalene. Another wooden Black Madonna and child in the Lot is in the Chapel of Notre Dame at Rocamadour, seated on a throne and looking more like the Egyptian Goddess, Isis with her child. Also the popular Black Madonna of Czestochowa (Poland) with fleur-de-lis on her garment …. is it another symbol connected to the Templars?

Shrine with skull of Mary Magdalen
Shrine with Skull of Mary Magdalen

There is strong evidence in France that Mary Magdalene was worshiped (somewhat secretly) right along side the Virgin Mary up until the Albigensian Campaigns (persecution of the Cathars) in the late 13th Century. Afterwards her worship was forced even further underground.

Black Madonna of Rocamadour
Black Madonna of Rocamadour

There are hundreds of Mary Churches dedicated to Mary Magdalene presented as the Black Madonna, particularly in the South of France. The Knights Templar, were champions of Mary Magdalene and funded many Cathedrals; up until the French wing of the Knights Templar were dissolved in 1291.

Black Madonna of Czestochowa
Black Madonna of Czestochowa
with fleur-de-lis

Of the many cathedrals dedicated to Our Lady, Notre Dame, in the middle ages, it is unclear which ‘Our Lady’ they were dedicated to. In the 14th Century the Catholic Church made a concerted effort to clarify that the only ‘Our Lady’ was Mother Mary. In doing so, they made Mother Mary, “Bride of Christ”, although it was emphasized to be a spiritual union only. However, there are still many churches worshipping the Black Madonna as Mary Magdalene. Was she “The Bride of Christ”? For over a thousand years the church had claimed she was a whore.

Mary Magdalen as a Saint was defined penitent; penitent for her sins (the seven deadly sins and thus the association as woman of ill repute was attached to her, and by extension, she was commonly alluded to as a whore). In 1969, the reissue of the General Roman Calendar removed mythological saints (e.g. St Christopher, and others) and Mary Magdalen was declared disciple of Christ and her Commemoration (Feast Day) was downgraded to local celebration only. This was done to ensure that celebrations of Saints did not overshadow worship of Jesus. Her feast day is July 22nd.. In so doing, Pope Paul VI clarified her role in the history of the church, and this may be a fortuitous clarification as it authenticates the Apostle to the Apostles status of Mary Magdalen, and therefore her work (teaching) and the Book of Love will both be authentic transmissions of the teachings of Jesus.

Stained Glass image of Issa and Mary Magdalen in Kilmore Church, Dervaig, Scotland
Stained Glass image of Issa and Mary Magdalen
in Kilmore Church, Dervaig, Scotland.
This work was done by Stephan Adam in 1906

There is a belief that Mary Magdalene was married to Issa and carried his child, and that there were many secrets supressed by the Christian Church. A stream of esoteric symbolic knowledge was guarded and passed down by generations of Templars, Artists, Artisans, Poets, and Alchemists.

The Family of Issa, Gaul and Holy Scotland

After my book, The Book of Love by a Medium was published in 1995 (and blessed by Sai Baba), I received in the mail a gift of a book from Barry Dunford, The Holy Land of Scotland. This book is described as A Lost Chapter In The Gospel Of The Grail Tradition. (Please see the website

Sai Baba with the Star of Bethlehem Flower
Sai Baba with the Star of Bethlehem Flower

The same photo of Sathya Sai Baba, who lived in Central Southern India, whom many believe, both in the East and the West, is the Avatar of Divine Incarnation of this Age, is the same photo that is in my book also and is probably what prompted Barry Dunford to send his book to me. Sathya Sai Baba is holding a Blue Star of Bethlehem flower. I found it very interesting, particularly as I am told by my mentor that not all information can be given to one person. Rather a piece of the puzzle is given to one messenger and another piece to another messenger and so on, so that the combination of all the pieces come together to reveal the truth. (Upstairs confirms this is so.)

The borders of modern France are approximately the same as those of ancient Gaul, which was inhabited by Celtic Gauls, up until 1st century AD. The Essene Teachings were robust from the 2nd century BC until 1st Century AD. It is interesting the Essenes have never been mentioned in the New Testament, and yet when I first came across the word Essenes, I cried and cried although I did not understand at the time, why I was crying like so.

(Digressing here, I have a strong connection through my father, and his father, grandfather, and great grandfather of being Grand Masters of the Templars, in Scotland. Quite by accident I came across my family heraldry; but what interested me was on the Clan Badge the fleur-de-lis is shown upside down. I have always felt our Scottish family had a distant historical connection to France. Now I understand the Celtic Gaul connection. What the flower was showing me was how connections can be illustrated so easily, purely by symbols and this is the way teachings and knowledge have been passed down through ancient time through Masonic Templars etc. and ancient Egypt. Just of interest the tongue and the claws of the Lion on the family Clan Badge are painted bright blue – more to come about the colour blue!)

In many respects Scotland is a chosen land; there is a Greek tradition that Abaris was a Caledonian, and visited Greece in the days of her early mysteries, and brought to the Druids and others some knowledge of the Ancient Wisdom … Furthermore, many of the traditions are steeped in Ancient lore, derived from the dim past, and even from Atlantean days. Some of the sacred spots seem still to be alive with the spirit of the old gods and initiates … let Scotland prepare the way of the Lords of Wisdom Theosophy in Scotland (August 1910)

There are many websites available to answer questions people may have arise within them – there is an enormous amount of material out there available for them to consider – discernment is needed …

There are records that the Bethany family travelled as refugees to South of France and also, led by Joseph of Arimathea, Jesus’s uncle, to the British Isles and further east to Scotia – although they had traveled to all of these places before.

Mount Schiehallion, Central Highlands of Scotland
Mount Schiehallion, Central Highlands of Scotland

The Highlands of Scotland are ancient mountains, similar to the Himalayas and are said to exist even before the Fall of Atlantis. At that time land sunk, and land rose, water disappeared from some land and reappeared elsewhere, reshaping the boundaries of the land existing pre Atlantean times. There is strong evidence that the Druids were highly cultured having advanced schools of Astrology, Astronomy, Sacred Geometry and Esoteric Teachings – knowledge which was used by the early Stonemasons and Carpenters in Egypt, and elsewhere.

Mt Kailash in the Himalayas
Mt Kailash in the Himalayas

The Sacred Geometry used to build the Pyramids were astounding and linking with the mathematical sums of the Earth’s circumference, and distances to the sun, the moon, and other galaxies. There had been interaction with the teachings and philosophers from India, their Brahmins, and the monks from Tibet with the Pythagorean Essenes and the Druids also, all ready to embrace the early Christian Teachings. In the early days there was really no difference, except that Jesus was the prophesised one, and had come to help set people free.

Pyramids in Giza
The Pyramids of Giza, from left to right:
Khufu (Great Pyramid), Khafre, Menkaure and the smaller Pyramids of Queens.

The Brahmins from India would have spread the Ancient Vedic knowledge and the teachings from the 6th century BC Siddhartha Gautama, the Prince who had attained enlightenment, becoming known as the Buddha. His mother Queen Maha Maya was said to have conceived the child by experiencing Immaculate Conception. Maha means great; was that where the title “Maharees” first came?

On the same note, whenever Sathya Sai Baba was asked about his birth, he always told questioners to ask his mother, Easwaramma. Easwaramma told everyone that a bright blue/white light had entered her stomach and that the baby had begun to grow who was born Sathya Sai Baba. So Sathya Sai Baba was born of an immaculate conception also.

There was a close relationship with the Scottish Royalty of the time BCE and after, with certain philosophers from both Egypt and Spain, Greece and India. And in fact, it is believed that Jesus’s mother was related through her grandmother to the Scottish Royalty before the Common Era. Certainly the true life-like picture of Issa created by Sathya Sai Baba in the 1980’s had a more celtic appearance than a middle-eastern image of Jesus.

Issa-Jesus meditating in the Himalayas
Issa – Jesus meditating in the Himalayas

Israel, Holy Blood and the Star People

A Jewish friend of mine had sent an email asking, “What were the cosmic origins of the Jewish race”? The printed word stood out from my computer screen and I just had to immediately ask my mentor, Alcheringa.

He told me they were the children, the ancestors of the Is-Ra-Lites (Isis, Ra the sun God and Light) who had been born from the mating of the Angels with the Earth women, in the same way that has since been understood as an ‘Immaculate Conception’. This took place at a time pre Atlantean days, and is referred to in The Book of Jubilees.

Hathor relief from Egypt

They were known as the Hathors, by the Egyptians. An advanced race of Light Beings who occupied this Earth, for 200,000 or 300,000 years, at a time before the Fall of Atlantis – it explains many ancient and advanced highly technical artifacts that have been found. They were very tall beings, with larger heads, compared to the earth beings. The Hathors would have influenced the Earth peoples all over the earth before the Fall. After the catastrophic Fall of the earth, when the planet nearly died, some of their off-spring survived and continued the advanced knowledge from the Hathors as the Pharoahs in Ancient Egyptian times. Images of the Pharoahs with the larger heads are recorded. Even then they inter-married so that their Star Blood (referred to as The Holy Blood) would not be infiltrated, to lower the consciousness of their race.

The Hathors had come from Venus, later referred to as the Morning Star, or the Blue Star… They came with guidance and an edict from the Angelic Realms and Hierarchy of the Cosmic World to help lift the energy and the consciousness of all things upon this Earth and this corner of the galaxy. Until they came this corner of the Galaxy was lost in shadow. They were extremely advanced in technology, esoteric knowledge and unlimited psychic abilities. They had already been attempting to bring Light to this corner of the galaxy when they lived on the planet of Venus. When Venus had gone through a cycle of evolution – there was a need for them to transfer to Earth.

Image of Venus captured by the Gallileo spacecraft
Image of Venus captured by the Galileo spacecraft

The indigenous races of the Earth people had survived the catastrophic Earth changes by living in caves and had actually evolved to some degree upon this earth, but the star people, came again, remaining in the 4th/5th dimension and the inter-action of their genes lifted the human consciousness yet again. I think it is interesting that we have red arterial blood and the blue/red blood that is referred to as our ven(o)us blood circulation. Over the thousands of years of evolvement of humans since the Fall, and even before that, all Earth people have been inter-changing their genetic pool and are gradually lifting in consciousness, from the 3rd dimension, away from the animal blood that is in humans. We all have the “blue blood” within us. This is the Wholly Blood, the raised consciousness to Holy Blood. What may seem like difficult times in our life’s journey, is an opportunity to throw off the negative side (the animal reactive side) of ourselves that manifests as a shadow covering our Light and move forward in a positive way to a renewed understanding of who we really are. Our true identity is a God Being of Compassion and Universal Love.

Those are the 5th/6th Dimensional Star People that teach of One God and they still embrace all religions in their original form. They have always taught the earthlings to Love one another and to respect and care for one another. They have taught that this 3rd/4th dimension is not the only reality, and that the truth lies within the God Conscience in each one of us.

I wanted to connect to Cosmic Sai Baba and ask his advice about the message from the three articles I have been asked to write. As we have commenced the third article in this series, it seemed appropriate for Him to close with a message. When I had begun typing the letters on the keyboard, they would not register on the computer page – I kept typing but no letters would show – until I realised Cosmic Sai Baba wanted to introduce the 3rd article. Then using me as an instrument, he introduced the channeling from Judith of Judea.

He confirmed for me there is a genetic family connection to Mother Mary’s grandmother through the Celtic-Gallic royal blood stream way back to the times before the Common Era. When I asked what was his message to all of us, this is what he said:

The ancient Teachings, have been suppressed over a period of time and now they are being revealed, it is that simple.

Also the Holy Blood is connected to the Star People and that flows through every being who is upon this Earth … now.

With changes that are taking place over thousands of years, everyone who is upon this earth has been enchristed from the World of Crystal, this is the bi-ocular field, like the eye of God, that mirrors the shadow that humans need to uncover to let their inner Light shine.

It is a level of Light that all mankind has within them – it is a level of Light that needs to be raised within them, to co-join with their Christ Light, their God Conscience that is within them.

This is the message My Dear.

The Blue People

Blue Buddha

Blue Buddha

Blue Thoth

Blue Krishna

Blue Krishna

Blue Krishna

Blue Tara

Blue Yamataka

Blue Samajya

Blue Nisargadatta

Blue Shiva

Blue Shiva

Blue Rama

Blue Sai Rama

Blue Ammachi

Blue Sai Baba

Blue Sai Baba

Blue Sai Baba