Newsletter, May 2016


Hello Everyone,
There is so much to share on this Mother’s Day, 2016. Our Mothers are women of forgotten sacrifice in so many ways. Much of life is “done for us” in our early toddler days. We are bathed, clothed, breast-fed, burped, and held closely in those early days. Later as we grow, we are told not to play with our food, to wash our face and hands before meals, and not to get our clothes dirty, and take your fingers out of that drawer! There is so much that mothers do to help us grow and live, to flourish as wonderful light workers: all this is possible due the works of our mothers. ON this Mother’s Day, can I ask you all to send up light and love to the The Source and ask that it be sent on to mothers in need – mothers who suffer, mothers who worry, mothers who are doing it hard. The Source knows where to send our love ever so much better than we can imagine!

IN this newsletter, once again National Geographic share their work in exploring what is behind the walls of King Tut’s tomb. We bring you news of ancient papyrus manuscrips, reflections and evidence on life after death, and even more reflections – by way of video – on the existence of star peoples. We look once again to the Bird Peoples and go to the Temple of Hera for the lighting of the ancient Olympic Flame.

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