Eagarinna Speaks: Survival and the First Hue-mans

Broken Bay, NSWEagarinna speaks directly about being an Angelic Being and the Mission of the Mothership Rexegena. There was a handover ceremony, for the Reptoids were to leave. There was betrayal, within and without. The mission – however – has a larger meaning and impact, as Eagarinna tells. Read here of a graphic account of the landing in Broken Bay, the assistance the starpeople received, the genetic engineering that produced the hue-man, the hairy up-standing ape imbued with the Crystal Consciousness, the crystal light of the Source within.

Eagarinna – An Angelic Being

Eagarinna is an angelic being who has been involved in the “seeding” of planets in many universes.

Eagarinna: My mission as an angelic being never ceases, for I have great love and compassion for all that exist upon this earth and other worlds. I have no limitation as to who is or who isn’t, my love at all times is readily given. I have worked as an angelic being in my fullest state many times before and on many occasions I have been involved with this planet Earth, and many times within the galaxy, within the universe, and other universes.

Eagarinna has come to Earth many times. In Eagarinna’s time, Earth was known as “Mu”

Eagarinna: I was involved in its earliest conception. This is a role that the angelic beings take in helping planets to be birthed into a being of one that is planned for use by cosmic races.

When the Angelic being takes form, a limitation occurs:

Eagarinna: I was an aspect of that Angelic being. I actually knew and understood that at the time, but what took place and what happened to to the body called Eagarinna at that time was blocked from her understanding to some point, to some degree. Eagarinna as an aspect was limited.

Valerie goes on to explain how Eagarinna feels about this episode, for Eagarinna has strong feelings:

Valerie: I feel Eagarinna’s presence and she was upset. She was upset even while she was on the ship, because she had a deep feeling that mission would not succeed. She tried to talk to her husband Alqharinga, but he told her not to worry, that all would be well, and so there was no where to turn. So she put it out of her mind and got on with it. So that deep down, when she was thrust onto the earth, it really wasn’t a surprise. Although it was very difficult, very traumatic, it angered her. They had been let down, they felt they had been betrayed. I felt I had been betrayed.

The Betrayal and the Robot

Eagarinna: There was a realisation that all along it wasn’t going to succeed, and it doesn’t really matter what was said, it was a feeling of betrayal. In the beginning I voiced it to my husband Alquaringa (known to us today as Alcheringa). Everybody was so happy and excited that it was very to be put off, to put the fears behind me, not to worry any more, and to just go along with the mood that prevailed on the ship.

Eagarinna shares that there was a “changeover” ceremony with the Reptoids. They were to leave and allow the starpeoples of the Mothership Rexegena to settle on Earth. There was a communication crystal, which Eagarinna used to report back to the Elohim (the Hierarchy) of the steps taken in the mission.

Eagarinna: The crystal was always available for communication while I was on the ship, and I did come ashore for the ceremony. At that time, I was a little uneasy, we felt an air or mistrust, and we felt that energy amongst the reptilian people. We felt that something was not quite right. Also, we were reassured by the hierarchy that existed, by the king and his queens that all was as it should be. Yet, they seemed confused, saying one thing and then contradicting themselves in another. It was like it was not a totally committed agreement in the way that we work. We put it down to them just being a different race, and there was nothing to worry about, at least that is what we hoped. We returned to the mother ship and it was not long after that the mother ship was attacked.

Eagarinna: After the changeover ceremony, when we returned back to the mother ship, I gave a report using the communication crystal. It was time yes, it was something that was done as a matter of process that always took place in times of the whole journey. There kept being reports made, so that after the handover ceremony took place it was important that feedback of what had taken place was given so that it could be chronicled.

Eagarinna then tells that the Mothership Rexegena, a living organic being, was attacked.

Eagarinna: It wasn’t long after that the ship was attacked. The ship started to shudder. It was a huge ship so that the shuddering didn’t fit. It was something, I suppose the way people would feel like when they experience an earthquake, and it didn’t make sense, it didn’t fit at all with the experience of being on the ship. The ship was very stable and of the highest technology. It did not take very long to realize, of course, that we were under attack.

When the Mothership was being attacked, Eagarinna was returning to her accommodation quarters. Immediately after the attack, Eagarinna went to a scout ship and took a communication robot with her.

Eagarinna:I had actually left the command station and was walking towards accommodation for some reason, and the ship started to shudder. I was on my own, away from the family, away from my husband, and so I was caught in a part of the ship that was not easy to make contact with the children or my husband.

Eagarinna: Everything was happening very quickly, and people were very nervous and moving very quickly. They had been trained to abandon ship, the same as happens now with ships that have life drills. This applied on board the ship also. Also, no one expected anything to go wrong. However, there was training given should that ever happen, which is interesting when you think about it. We just moved to the nearest station, where there was a smaller ship that was available to leave the mother ship. Orders had been given to abandon the mother ship. A bell sounded, there were explosions, we had the ability of remote viewing, and we could see the mother ship starting to break up.

It was instinct that invited the robot to come. The two scout ships ejected from their launch pods and landed in what is now known as Broken Bay, New South Wales, Australia. This is on the eastern seaboard coast of Australia.


Broken Bay

Broken Bay, on the east coast of Australia


Difficulties in Communication Home

Eagarinna shares the emotional state of the starpeoples who had to leave the Mothership Rexegena:

Eagarinna: Everybody was in a state of trauma, there were many dying, there were many injured who needed assistance. There was no time to think about anything, other than to help our fellow brothers and sisters. We were also under slight attack, which the men dealt with. The females that had survived quickly moved to bring care and assistance to those who were suffering and injured. We were aware that there were some reptilians still around, even where we had landed. They were soon sent away.

There was a problem, the emotional trauma of leaving the Mothership, the atmosphere of Earth, and the harshness of the Sun on the skin of the different starpeoples. People found it even hard to breathe. People expected that help would come.

Eagarinna: The only way to make communication was through the robot as it turned out. The robot was not able to make clear communication. It seemed to be more as one way, we were not able to return the communication through the robot. It was difficult, it was a time when we really had to make decisions for ourselves, rather than calling on orders, if I can put it that way.

The robot was trying to deal with many questions that were coming from many of the survivors who were in the panic mode. It was hard to calm everybody, and encourage them to return to the state of being that they were used to on board the ship. They were thrown into a different atmosphere; they could not breath properly. They could not operate their psychic abilities as well as they could on the ship. This was a completely new experience to them, and they panicked to some degree within themselves. They did not outwardly show panic, it was within themselves, and they started to experience tumultuous feelings. It was very new to them.

Eagarinna shares that it was not possible to contact the Hierarchy. The communications robot was damaged to a degree, and could not function as demanded. It was not a “two-way radio”, so to speak.

Eagarinna: Communication managed to come to the robot to assist the robot to operate and be active to some degree, because the robot was not thrown into tumult as the star people were. So it was possible to receive messages from the Hierarchy into the robot. That is as far as it went. Instructions were given through the robot, and the robot struggled to try to find answers in its own computer like way. It would almost be like the computers that operate in your now, in that if they cannot find an answer they would say ‘I cannot compute.’

With the attack, there is a general perception of total failure of the mission of the Mothership Rexegena. Eagarinna has a surprising insight to share:

Eagarinna: The ship itself brought light into this corner of the galaxy. That was achieved regardless, even if there had been no survivors. That was a big jumping point, if I can put it that way. The survivors, at another level yes, had agreed, but they did not realize this at that time. They were very angry, they were very upset, they were not clear in their communicating with higher guidance, and they were not able to see the bigger picture. It was only later when they had calmed themselves, which came many years later, that they came to realise that they had set themselves up for that mission and what role they were to play in that mission.

It would seem that the Hierarchy (out of time and space) were aware of the possibility of betrayal, and perhaps, the presence of traitors on board the Mothership Rexegena. From the angelic point of view, and from the point of view of the Hierarchy, who oversight many galaxies, many universes, many star-systems being birthed and the crystal-consciousness being imbued in the life forms in this universe and millions and millions of other parallel, multi-dimensional universes – this was a possibility that was accepted. The mission of the Mothership Rexegena was to bring light to this corner of our galaxy, in what we call the Orion Arm of our Universe. The Reptoids were there on Mu, and had agreed to leave.

The Reptoids and the Mission of the Mothership Rexegena

Eagarinna: The ship arrived into this corner of the galaxy and settled just outside the atmosphere of Earth. The smaller ships were able into the Earth’s atmosphere because at that time it operated in a slightly different frequency. It is important to understand and know that difference, for it is quite difficult for air ships to enter into this atmosphere in the now. The time then, the ships entered, and were coming and going. They were preparing to offload a quite a lot of material, provisions, and seedlings, many things that were brought by the mothership, and that had been prepared, even plant life that had been growing on the ship. That had been brought to the earth to begin to establish a settlement.

There was a settlement of the Reptoid peoples nearby the pyramids. It was near, and the agreement was that they would leave and the new settlement would take place. This is because originally the pyramids had been built by star people of like mind. The pyramids were not built by the Reptoid peoples; they had taken over the pyramids without permission.


The pyramids were not quite as they are now; they operated in a different frequency

This settlement was planned to be where the pyramids of the now are. At that time there were also pyramids, but not quite as they are now because they operated in a different frequency. A different frequency. They actually were as the pyramids are now, but in a different frequency, that had all been established. The settlement had been agreed to, this is where it was going to take place.

Eagarinna:The Reptilian people had come to earth a long time before, and they had taken over the pyramids. The pyramids had been used previously by light beings, who had come to the earth, and the pyramids had been established to be used as points of light to feed into the planet and create the crystal grid.

On the journey to Mu, we were not aware of any Reptoids nor Draco peoples on board. There was some dissension on the ship on its journey towards the planet Mu, and it concerned us. It concerned my husband Alqharinga who was the commander in chief, and his other commanders were concerned. They didn’t understand why there should be dissension, when all should have been coming from like mind. But they were of different races and so allowances were made, and believed to be cultural differences. But they well hid who they really were. It was only later that we discovered that they were not of our races. They hid their identity behind another image. We recognised that there were differences, and there was a problem. It did not occur to us that there could be such deception.

The starpeople that were on the ship that lost their lives also played a role. They brought the ship to this point, which as I have said, brought light, and love, and compassion on its journey to this corner of the galaxy. When the ship exploded, it did actually melt and become pieces of that memory on the earth, which helped to spread out that light, and change of consciousness. This happened with many people down throughout the ages because they chose to collect the pieces of the mothership, although they call it a stone that has come from the stars, a green stone that has come from the stars.

Eagarinna: The starpeople – the survivors – knew that they would live their lives here, and end their lives here. They were not able to return home, so they knew that they would eventually lose their lives in that body on the planet Mu.

The Environment

Eagarinna: There was great difficulty in breathing with all of us. This was a very real problem. It was far too hot, it was humid, the air was thick and heavy to us.

The sun that radiated the planet earth was far too hot for us, and not what we were used to. We had to take shelter where we could. We were unable to take the rays of the sun. It took quite some time for the survivors to fully recover from their trauma;they were in total shock. Some actually seemed to, for a while, lose their minds, ithat they could not think at all. They were zombie like in some ways. There were others that could think but still suffered very greatly, although they tried to help their brothers and sisters.

While there were supplies and equipment placed near the pyramids, the survivors had some doubt as to whether they could safely return to that place, and that was left. We had been partially attacked, and that was taken as danger, and that if we ventured further around the planet earth, we could be destroyed. We were very vulnerable, we no longer had the technology that we had on the mothership, and even the smaller scout ship, because some of the functioning was not operating as it was supposed to.

The primary focus was raw survival:

Eagarinna: We had to recover our wits immediately and to count as many as we could, as to who had survived, and to gather them together, because we felt that there would be strength in us all staying together. There were some who chose to take a different path, and they went in a different direction.

They chose to settle elsewhere. There was actually another settlement established, slightly north to the bay that we where we had settled. They were of a different race, which is why they didn’t readily connect with us. There were some of their race that did stay with us.

That settlement, eventually it did wither, and they did not survive. That was later. They suffered because there were fewer of them, and because in a gathering of like minds there is more strength and power. We had more power because we stayed together. Those beings of a different race, slightly north of us, we went to talk with them, I was one that went along with the others, and we tried to encourage them to join us. But they chose to stay.

There was another ship, like a scout ship, that seemed to survive.

Eagarinna: There was one that seemed to survive, in some way, it was like a scout ship. The others had survived from our ships, and they made their way to rescue them. Understand that we still had abilities to connect and know, on this planet, of our own people from a distance. We were still able to communicate and contact. We still had the ability to remote view. This was a way of us knowing we would be safe if we stayed where we were, for we knew that the reptilian races had all left and decided to leave us alone because they believed that we would not survive. They were also worried that there might be repercussions, so they left.

However, there were some Reptoids who stayed to help.

Eagarinna: Some Reptoids, a few, came to help us. They could not understand why we were attacked. We forgave them because they were very concerned and upset about what had taken place. They wanted to learn more from us, and they knew that if they could they wanted to help us survive. There were not many, I think about six. I say I think because there were some who came but had to leave again. They were actually sought out by their own kind. So they had been seen as deserting, which of course they had. This was frowned upon by the reptilian races.

Genetic Engineering: The Hairy Up-standing Ape

In order to survive on Mu – the sensitive, light-skinned starpeople had to make adaptations, especially for their offspring. There were Reptoids who befriended them, helped them and even showed them how to do genetic engineering:

Eagarinna: Genetic engineering of eggs – this was actually information given to the star people by the reptilians because they were very clever at genetics and had a lot of knowledge and understanding of the process in the planets atmosphere. There was a feeling of gratefulness that they were willing to help. There was certainly no judgement, for we knew that they had only been carrying out orders, and they were truly sorry. We recognised this in them, and we accepted them for that. So we accepted their help.

At first, there were a number of the female survivors who volunteered. They felt they had permission from the Source to take into them a genetically modified egg, their own egg, using some adjustments so that the new little one would be able to breathe better, to have hair so that the head would be covered, and they would not burn so easily. The skin also to be a little tougher than what the star people was, so they could live in the planet’s atmosphere without suffering.

The new creature was more like the genetic material it was taken from rather than the egg that was used from the star mothers. This actually upset us all greatly. We still viewed the new little beings with love and compassion, and they were assisted and taken into the fold. It was seen also that there would be problems with their survival. Then it was done the other way around, the fertilized eggs were transplanted into upstanding ape like creatures, the females. The children born from those were much stronger and able to survive.

They had inherited some of the psychic abilities of the star people, and their heads were larger. They had loving and compassionate qualities that were taught to them by the star people. That was also connecting to the Leonine genetic material that existed in the ape-like creature. But there was an element of brutish energy that still was inherited in them. This was encouraged to be mastered. This is why the children were imbued with crystalline energy that was given to them from the robot.

We continued with these births – with star-people eggs genetically engineered – and placed in the females of the up-standing apes. There were some abnormalities, which we tried to correct. There were more adjustments until a time can when we considered that, with the engineering and changes, enough had taken place. It was then decided that mating should be encouraged between the new little ape like creatures that had grown into young adults.

They started to grow to a point where they could mate with each other, but we realised that if they interbred there would be problems with the genetics that existed. We discouraged them to mate with certain ones if they were too closely related. This was understood because we always imbued love and compassion to them. This energy infiltrated them, and they gave that back to us. As such they were ready to accept our direction and our teaching.

We had our successes and our failures. It was from trial and error that we found a race that could survive with the genetic material from the star people. As they grew, they were encouraged to interbreed, taking note that they could not interbreed with brothers and sisters. As they grew in number, there came a point later where some were taken and placed further from the settlement, and eventually further and further away.

Eventually they went out and multiplied with the other ape-like creatures that had been left to their own devices. The plan was that they would interbreed with them and the star people’s genes would infiltrate into the ape like creatures that existed around the earth.




The Book of Love by a Medium

The Book of Love by a Medium written by Valerie Barrow – tells of her experiences with Spirit Creator Ancestor Alcheringa and how through holding a sacred Alcheringa Stone, she received the message that Uluru is an asteroid. I am since advised that the indigenous people of central Australia say Uluru has come from the stars. Maybe with a little more research our scientists will discover that the area of the impact crater is caused from Uluru and perhaps another part of it has caused a Gi-normous impact crater – and why I was prompted to write about it on my website under “The Story of Uluru.??” I believe this recent wonderful discovery found by scientists is still only part of the impact crater … yet to be discovered.

You can read more about Eagarinna and the Mission of the Mothership Rexegena in the book authored by Valerie Barrow: Alcheringa: When the first ancestors were created. Read more about this book here

Alcheringa, when the first ancestors were created

Book Cover: Alcheringa, when the first ancestors were created