Brief Overview of Important Evolution of our Planet Earth

Brief Overview of important evolution of our Planet Earth…..given by the Star People from the Andromeda Galaxy M31.


The reason ULURU as an asteroid was sent to Earth, was to destroy the Dinosaurs who were destroying Earth’s atmosphere.  The Dinosaurs had been created by the “Cold blooded star people.” – known as the Reptillian, Dinoids Draco etc. who had taken over our planet Earth from its early inception.


There were many star wars.


900,000 years ago An Agreement was made by the United Planetary Nations,  with the REPTOID RACES to handover Our Planet – The Earth planet  was originally planned and created by the Angelic Realms in ANDROMEDA M31 to replace a planet that had been attacked and destroyed.  This is Evidenced by the Asteroid Belt in our Solar system.


50,000 Star People from the PLEIADES, also known as the seven sisters within the Taurus Constellation, volunteered to come to Earth and establish a point of Light in a very dark corner of our MILKY WAY and establish a raised consciousness society on our planet Earth.


Our beautiful, technically advanced Mother Ship REXEGENA was attacked by the REPTOID/Draco star people and only 90 star people survived.  They tried to establish the planned new society and accepted help from some of the Reptillians who were very upset of the turn of events.


The existing up-standing “animal man” who had been created by the Draco people as slaves were Genetically used by the surviving Pleiadians to create what our Human Race went on to evolve to who we are now, with a Blessing from the Source of Creation.  The age old disagreement as to whether MAN was created by God or evolved from animal – are both correct.


700,000 years ago the Angelic (angle-ic) Hierarchy from Andromeda wanted to overview the new Human Race as it was gradually spreading around the world from the “Animal Man” Inter-breeding with the up-lifted HU-man (Light man) …..Evidence in Archaeology is evidenced by the many varieties of Homo Sapiens.


A GRAND PLAN was decided upon by the Hierarchy from Andromeda to set up platforms to overview each CHILD being born onto this planet earth. They were given a SOUL (a little like a computer chip that is held within the Hypothalamus which links from the Pineal gland to the Pituitary gland in an arc of Light straight to their heart. (refer to the Ancient eye of Egypt and the Eye of Shiva or God)


Each Soul consciousness is linked in a Divine way to their OVERSOUL or GOD SELF from the SOURCE OF ALL CREATION.  It is easily observed by Benevolent Star people who monitor the evolution of their creation upon our planet Earth.  Understand that these Star People are far advanced in technology than what exists on our planet at this time.  They have only ever wanted to assist our evolution.  


The Universal Law gives them the right to assist but not take over. For that reason we need to remember to ASK first for assistance at all times and they – the Benevolent Beings, will come straight away.


The new humans – 700,000 years ago,  were gradually evolving around our planet Earth.  The benevolent star people were teaching ceremonies, song and dance to the indigenous people – to honour their CREATOR and to take care of their planet Earth.


The Australian Indigenous People are the oldest living human race on Earth.  They say they began in Australia and were the first people.  They do originally connect to Human Light Beings first created on Earth.


300,000 years ago the Blue Star People from VENUS volunteered to come and establish advanced ways of living and creating centres of honouring the Creator and using advanced ways of building and using earth materials into technology.  The Earth was still in a layer of consciousness that communication with benevolent star people was easy and took place with telepathy or “mind to mind.”


It has been recorded in the Book of Jubilees that the Gods mated with Humans.  This did take place over that period of time and was the Cosmic Origins of the Jewish Race and other similar races. They went on to evolve into the Race of Atlan.  The Atlanteans.  They had advanced abilities and knowledge.  They played with their ability of genetic engineering and began to create all the strange shapes of animal and man together.  The images have been recorded in Greek mythology.


Some Atlantean scientists did experiment with creating another moon surrounding Earth to make it another easy place for star people to land on their way to visit Earth.  They were warned against it – but it took place and sadly broke loose crashing into the planet Earth.


The Hierarchy from Andromeda had to immediately have the disruptive atmosphere on Earth held within its own atmosphere.  The Atmosphere Grid was tightened to contain that disruption to Earth only and not the solar system.  It is slowly being loosened and opened now through star gates.


ATLANTIS FELL..  After the earth nearly died, dropping from 4th Dimension to 3rd Dimension The Ancient Egyptians held a lot of the knowledge of the starpeople.  The Egyptian Royalty were not actually starpeople, but they genetically held the genes of the star people with elongated heads and the shaped body of the star people.


They understood the Pyramids. The Pyramids were built long before the earth nearly died.  The Ancient Egyptians built over them. 


The Pyramids were points of Light that held the connection of the earth’s energy in direct alignment with the “Torah” or the “core” of suns linking with the center of creation of all. – The Absolute –


After the fall of Atlantis there was a shift in the alignment.  After that the Pyramids were a little off key – for the key was holding the earth’s alignment – Heralding the Golden Age.  The Golden Age existed on Earth a number of times before. There have been advanced civilizations upon earth a few times before the existing civilization.  We are now on our way back to a Golden Age where all will be peace, harmony and goodwill upon our earth.


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