Cosmic Consciousness Conference – 2020 – 13th January

Valerie Barrow – Channelling ALCHERINGA the Ancient Creator Ancestor also known as The Golden One.

Event took place on 13th January, 2020.  (9) Avatar’s number. At ULURU the heart centre of Australia.

Notes for Valerie’s ‘Channeling’ better described as a Benevolent Being  ‘Alcheringa’ from the stars, borrowing her body, an instrument, to enter this dimension and not only speak a message from the Cosmos but also to assist with raising the consciousness within the conference room and maybe further.

A few weeks prior to this event – Valerie had been asked to write a short Bio for the MC Barry Eaton who was to introduce Valerie Barrow onto the stage. Valerie worked on her existing Bio from her new book “Starlady” and having a little trouble reducing enough words, she left it until the next morning.

Next morning she opened her computer to find that “Upstairs” or the Starpeople – had added a passport size image which she laughed when she saw it as an Androgynous image of herself and Alcheringa, the Light Being, joined together in the Cosmos.

He with black skin, long beard and bright Light beaming through his eyes and face. He had always advised he resided above Uluru in the World of Light. He is known by many of the Indigenous Australians as their Ancient Creator Ancestor, or The Golden One. (Refer Oxford Dictionary – Australian edition.)

Returning to the 13th of January, 2020 at 11.45am Valerie was invited by the MC onto the stage where she was ‘set-up’ to sit on a chair.  She explained she had never climbed Uluru but saw herself sitting in spirit on top of the huge rock – singing gently and calling upon Alcheringa to come to them. Very quickly he overlighted Valerie’s body and began speaking through her voice-box.

His message given in a male sounding voice, is recorded and photographed and will be shown on You Tube.

The time allotted to Valerie on stage was 30 minutes – unfortunately, through misunderstandings, the time was running out, and the message had not finished before she was tapped on her feet to warn her that her time was almost over and she would have to leave the stage.

Valerie explains that when Alcheringa moves into her human space, she is not very aware about what is being said and always listens to the message afterwards.  And while the message is given from the Cosmos she has her eyes closed and is not aware of what is taking place on the Earth plane.  However because of the powerful area of Uluru, all this was happening when she explains, that when she felt her feet being gently hit to remind her time was up – it was like a bolt of lightning piercing her body.  Alcheringa immediately knew the time was up and he would have to leave. He respectfully excused himself and saying a few words  – left quickly. Valerie was then back from the ‘altered state of consciousness’ she had been in and was assisted off the stage.

Valerie was in shock……touching her body while she was in that raised God Energy of Divine Light had jolted through her body with pain. She felt she had been ripped in two as she was plummeted back into the layer of consciousness that existed in the room of delegates.

She literally felt that she had been discarded – cast out – she began to shake – became confused and was tearful.  Valerie is not a drama queen – far from it – she is an initiated human instrument that is in service to God. The poor lady who had tapped her feet was also affected by the powerful energy and left her in a confused state for awhile.

Every day Valerie prays to God also known as the forcefield of Creation, to clear her energy field and fill every cell of Her Earth Body and every atom of her Light Body. She prays that all people on Earth will come to understand, “Where they have come from, Why they are here, and Where they are going.” So that Universal Love, Peace and goodwill may reign upon our planet earth.

The next day Valerie was still partly in shock, confused and sad that the Message from Alcheringa had not properly finished.

From the admin point of view there were misunderstandings and in retrospect it was suggested that she would have been best carried out the channeling with Alcheringa in a private session in another room. With only 10 minutes notice she had channeled the day before in a separate room. Valerie always asks Cosmic Sai Baba first, who wishes to speak through her and was advised that Goolagaia would like to speak, who is the Black Giantess, holding the energy of the 8th Sister from the Pleiades and the story of when the first Ancestors were created. (Goolagaia’s message can be read at the end of this article.)

All of this work is very connected to Aunty Nellie’s stories and how the Australian Indigenous people point to the seven sisters in the sky and say, “That is where our ancestors came from.”

We have been given the same story, in great detail, from the star people connected to the Australian Indigenous story.

At breakfast a man who works with the ABC greeted Valerie and said how amazed he was reading her book STARLADY and that he had particularly related to the story of past lives that she and her husband John, had remembered as Knights Templar and leading to raised consciousness.

Then another lady came up to her and said she had witnessed golden Light running around her body while she was sitting in the chair on the stage. (Remember the Indigenous people call him the Golden One and you can see the golden energy on various parts of Valerie’s body on YouTube while Alcheringa was overlighting her.)

Another came to her and said she was prompted to draw a picture of a starperson she had seen clairvoyantly on the stage – along with green light flowing down over The Rock Uluru And another androgynous image.

(Don’t forget the green diamond ring made by star people given to Valerie by Cosmic Sai Baba)

Drawing by Diane Baldwin – Stellar Emergence – 0417982632
Thank you Diane…..with love and Blessings

Chris Parnell, who is an interfaith minister, had seen a similar female image standing against the wall as if waiting– and was a separate conversation from the above one.

Others seem to come one after the other – but separately – stating things like they had never witnessed this kind of channeling before or how good they felt just watching and feeling the message as it was being given.

The Organizers of the Conference were also upset – they were not present when Valerie was on the stage and apologized profusely and sincerely, with love for Valerie for her presentation to be ended before the full Message had been given.

Valerie became less confused and began to feel comforted and loved with hugs coming from so many people.

She did ask upstairs why this event had happened and knew it was for a reason.

One day later, the reason was given to her as she and her husband John were travelling the short distance from their hotel to Yalara airport on their way home to the Southern Highlands in New South Wales.

When Valerie first came onto the stage and was greeted by the audience she had shown them the IMAGE of Alcheringa – overlaying her own image. Advising how it had just appeared on her computer by itself. She would not have a clue how to create it herself.

Valerie also explained that Andromeda Val had appeared to her (not a vision) 3 years before,in a hologram of Light, standing beside her bed and introducing herself as Valerie’s ‘future self’ 6 ,000 years ahead and how she was part of the Adonis Race in the Galaxy Andromeda M 31. The race had been created, of which she was part, and that genetic material had been used from the race of Humans on Earth in our earth time now. (A long story) She looked very human and about 7ft tall, really happy to visit Valerie – the race had been created so that they could communicate with Earth humans and they, meaning earth humans, would not be afraid.

The reason she mentioned it to the audience, was that she had asked Cosmic Sai Baba (Lord of the Universe) if Andromeda Val would come and present herself to all the delegates when at the Cosmic Consciousness Conference 10th, 11th, 12th January 2020. Like she had beside her bed…………A reply came, “We are considering it.”

What happened was that the FULL energy of Alcheringa, the Golden One, was present in the Conference room. While he was giving the MESSAGE about the sacredness of ULURU and how the huge rock known as Uluru had finally finished its reason for coming, as an asteroid, Angels were working the room and lifting the layer of consciousness to where Andromeda Val could be seen by everyone.

It didn’t happen because his message and work with the delegates in the room was interrupted.

Valerie has been asked by Alcheringa to tell of this so people will understand why Andromeda Val was not seen by everyone – and that care needs be taken when these kind of messages are not lightly given by ‘upstairs.‘

Alcheringa’s message continued from Moss Vale: 4.13 Wednesday 22nd January 2020

Valerie singing and seeing herself sitting upon the Rock Uluru in her spirit– calling out to Alcheringa to make his presence.


I am here My Dear, thank you for calling upon me.  I would like to continue with the message that I gave on 13th January at Uluru – I want people to understand that my energy is only coming into your upper part of the body and  just your consciousness – which is different from what I was doing when we were working together on the stage at Uluru. When I had completely taken over your body and the Golden energy had to flow right throughout the room full of delegates.  You have explained that in your experience now, because I have been prompting you –I have been prompting you ever since. It was unfortunate that the connection was broken for Andromeda Val was there – waiting – and she would have shown herself the same as she did beside your bed.  Just briefly enough for people to know and understand that the Adonis Race was very real and is very real and is ready to communicate with the humans upon your planet earth for they look very similar and are very similar in many ways, except they do have raised consciousness.
And so they would be able to explain and to assist in many ways and they are available now.  And also I would like people that are listening to the rest of this communication that is taking place now that we are available and we want to help.  The planet is in danger but I do not want to make it sound like it is a frightening experience – it will never end – However the consciousness will never end is what I mean.
But the planet is in danger of reducing it’s atmosphere and the planet itself because of what man is doing to it.  Certainly changes have happened many times upon this earth, but this time it is heading for the Golden Age and that is very special.  With raised consciousness many will be aware  I er… don’t think there is any need for me to continue – I have said what I have come to say and Andromeda Val sends her love and blessings.  There is no judgement about what has happened, so please understand that.
All will learn from it, and it will be good that there is more understanding about the different layers of consciousness that people can raise to – so I say thank you, thank you, thank you for welcoming me and Andromeda Val also says thank you.  God bless all of you and God Bless all those who are listening to this message.

Some of the article’s listed here are what Alcheringa – the Ancient Ancestor of the Australian Indigenous people has referred to.

“The Story of the asteroid Uluru and it’s impact crater”:

“Special message from Cosmic Sai Baba received on Christmas Day”:

“Brief overview of important evolution of our planet Earth”:


GOOLAGAIA – The Black Giantess is well known to the Indigenous people.

She sleeps with crystal inside Mt Woolumbin (North East Coast of N.S.W.)

When the sun hits the mountain first thing in the morning, she travels over to Uluru.

She advises she holds the energy on Earth of the Eighth Sister from the Pleiades.

Meeting on 12th January 2020 held at Uluru, N.T.  Australia.

We called upon Goolagaia, with love and respect, to make her presence with us.


I am here, yes, I have been waiting, thank you for calling upon me. I have a message and I welcome you to country.   I have many blessings to give to you all.
You know that they were the creators of the first humans a long time ago.  And I have been holding that energy ever since.
Valerie understands the story and she can share it with you. 
I would like you all to help the Indigenous people to understand the important role that they have played down through the ages.  For they are belonging here – they have that love and that knowing of who they are – but not all are happy about it and there is good reason also.
So, there is a need for the (how can I say) the white man to understand more about them.
And what the Indigenous people are.  Who they are and why they are here, having held the stories for so long.
I am asking you to think of them and please help people to understand.  For – they have been loving people and always looking after Mother Earth.  Which does not belong to anyone, but it needs care and looking after.
And of course, there is the crystal.   The crystal – yes – is known and was used in healing always, in very ancient times and it still is. And the importance of the frequency of crystal – (she sighed) -the crystal- you think about it -it is a blessing and it is the energy that will unite all on this planet and lead you into the Golden Age where people will care for one another, always welcome one another.
And so, I would like you to ask you please, to speak of the indigenous people.  They have been waiting and it is time now – and I must go -I must go -I must go.

2 minute 51 second recording of Goolagaia as channelled by Valerie Barrow

On a personal note Valerie was overjoyed in listening and watching the Indigenous Australian welcome to country ceremonies performed on 26th January, 2020 AUSTRALIA DAY with all people – particularly our Indigenous people, in Australia being recognized and united from the past, into the present and future.  

The Fires are part of our Light from the sun. The Indigenous ceremonies honour the spirit of the earth, the water, the air and the fire. The fires not only destroy the unwanted — as creative healing light, it assists everything to grow. The Light/healing fire can release the pain and loss people have suffered emotionally over the evolution of our planet and open the door to change. 

Note: John Wynford Grey Barrow’s ancestor… George  Grey and how in the early days he made great efforts to understand the Indigenous people – even studying their languages in his book ‘Journals of Two Expeditions of Discovery in North-West and Western Australia (Vols 1 & 2 complete) Written 1837 to 1840

In chapter 9  Native Language… Radical Unity of the Australian Language Throughout the Continent and then gives tables of examples on page 352 and the variation of dialects and their similarity. We believe it shows that they really were One Nation to begin with when created by the Star People.